UPDATE NEWS About My AMG GT Black Series!

It won't be a long wait now until the arrival of my AMG GT Black Series in the Shmeemobiles! In the meatime, let's meet up with my friend @Rana65556 and check out his extraordinary Magmabeam JET that he's just collected!

There's no secret that I am very excited for the beastly Mercedes to arrive; both from my enjoyment of the AMG GT Rs that I've owned to date, and my SLS AMG Black Series, so bringing them together with the GT Black Series in the garage is a big thing to look forward to. For today though, it's a run out with the GT R Roadster to get it side by side with Rana's GT BS.

After driving over, there's no mistaking the Magmabeam paintwork as Rana arrives, and a great opportunity to actually see the differences between the GT R and GT Black Series when they are parked alongside one another. We then jump onboard for a short run out before swapping around for my first drive in a RHD GT BS as well.

Originally I had thought my car would land at the end of 2020 but with numerous delays and the global parts supply chain struggling it pushed back into 2021. The delay has continued until now, and perhaps a bit frustrating along the way but it only heightens the anticipation for what I know will be an astonishing car to drive. However, the good news is that it really isn't very far afield now, it'll be landing in approximately one month and I cannot wait!

If you haven't already checked out @Rana65556 , be sure to find more about his collection of the JETs!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:44 Garage Parking
03:08 Depart
09:21 GT BS Arrives
11:35 Onboard Ride
15:27 My Drive
17:57 Where's My GT BS
21:20 GT R Roadster Depart
22:32 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    The wait is nearly over for my AMG GT Black Series to arrive! However, to build the suspense, join me to check out my friend @rana65556's latest JET, in bright Magmabeam orange!

  • Cine crede Iubeste

    Cine crede Iubeste

    Måned siden

    Hi shmee, but the sound inside is fake, made by speakers?

  • Jake Evans

    Jake Evans

    Måned siden

    do you want a spare rear wing off the AMG GT black series?

  • Shawn Mcfarland

    Shawn Mcfarland

    Måned siden

    Blessed Life Indeed, Shmee...Priceless

  • Matthias Gehringer

    Matthias Gehringer

    Måned siden

    @Rana65556 Soon you need a airport hangar for all your cars ;)

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got Ride in and Drive Ranas Absolutely Gorgeous and Incredible Mercedes AMG GT Black Series and I'm glad yours is coming soon

  • Darryl Walsh
    Darryl Walsh23 dager siden

    I didn't say they weren't cool I just said they weren't very attractive the friends are very two large of openings but each individual has their taste

  • Darryl Walsh
    Darryl Walsh23 dager siden

    Shmee I don't think the Mercedes cars are very attractive especially in the front end glad I know to each is own but I know there are a lot of money that could go elsewhere to another hypercar

  • Bolek989
    Bolek98924 dager siden

    Tim, what happened to your Sls?

  • sam Harvey
    sam Harvey26 dager siden

    Flat plane crank on these compared to the normal cross plane crack in the regular AMG GT that changes the engine note alot

  • SP
    SP29 dager siden

    Is Rana Punjabi? He has a Punjabi accent

  • Domenic Leser
    Domenic LeserMåned siden

    A friend of mine has an amazing C63 in storage. He does not drive it though. He waits for the value to go up to sell it with a nice profit. I secretly hate him for doing that to cars.

  • Sal
    SalMåned siden

    Some great car spotting. Can’t wait to see your yellow edition when it finally arrives. I also really enjoyed your last video on the current EV situation in London.

  • Josef Schuh
    Josef SchuhMåned siden

    schmee eternally lives in a parking nightmare. i wonder what keeps him in his flat. if i made my living off of cars, even if i had a separate garage off site... i wouldnt be able to stand leaving my cars in a complex parking lot...

  • onkouth
    onkouthMåned siden

    18:02 What is this fool doing!

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul MitchellMåned siden

    Personally i'm more amazed to see so many empty parking spaces ........

  • Barry Boyd
    Barry BoydMåned siden

    Magmabeam is a great colour. I think that would be my choice.

  • silvershot07
    silvershot07Måned siden

    That magmabeam is killer!

  • Charles Kamau
    Charles KamauMåned siden

    I just started watching you but i have a quick question. How many cars do you have

  • amusing game clips
    amusing game clipsMåned siden

    12:46 shmee you missed the 812 Superfast

  • SYNACK21
    SYNACK21Måned siden

    Great vid!! Ironic you say normal car for GTR AMG lol thought that was funny!! AMazing cars!! AMG is my fav!! I have a 2014 C63 507

  • Chathura Rathnayake
    Chathura RathnayakeMåned siden

    much love from Sri Lanka 🙏🇱🇰 Shmee150 🙏

  • Robin Sjöberg
    Robin SjöbergMåned siden

    can you turn the sound off inside the car ?

  • Cine crede Iubeste
    Cine crede IubesteMåned siden

    Min 14.34 i don't understand, the sound inside is fake? Made by speakers??

  • Kacper Snicket
    Kacper SnicketMåned siden

    That jumper with the yellow seatbelt make a fallout vault jumpsuit lol

  • Jan Van Mulders
    Jan Van MuldersMåned siden

    Wish I had the money to just buy one of your cars...’

  • Naber
    NaberMåned siden

    designated shitting black series

  • cars for ever
    cars for everMåned siden


  • Steven Lee
    Steven LeeMåned siden

    U missed the red 812 as u first drove off with Rana

  • Sean
    SeanMåned siden

    Shmee has a good taste in cars

  • Swedoretardo
    SwedoretardoMåned siden

    Thanks for your Swedish flag homage! :)

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno SousaMåned siden


  • Tony Coby
    Tony CobyMåned siden

    Sorry but it is ugly ( sad)

  • Nathan Korte
    Nathan KorteMåned siden

    I personally not much of a fan of the Black Series. Prefer the look of the Pro a lot more and it sounds better and cheaper.

  • JSF 7
    JSF 7Måned siden

    Personal opinions and all that but I always think it is a great shame to see spoilers on the AMG GT. Ironically the spoiler spoils the car and that amazing slanted back

  • Som Som
    Som SomMåned siden

    9:25 Thank Me In The After Life

  • Probe Raum
    Probe RaumMåned siden

    I would love to have your problems, my friend!

  • Davido RenaCello
    Davido RenaCelloMåned siden

    Woooooww, you got a lot of NICE CARS sir 👍👍👍

  • AbyssWalker240
    AbyssWalker240Måned siden

    how tf can you stand stop start in a sports car. its horrible, it takes like 10 years for the engine to turn back on after releasing the brake. and in the car I drove that had it, the stop start would re-enable after every time you start the car

  • RRSmurf
    RRSmurfMåned siden

    Seeing the Black Series in a real world setting sells it better to me. That colour is spectacular too! If the exhaust note can be even remotely improved, then I'll love everything about it.

  • Bangers81
    Bangers81Måned siden

    Looks aweful to be honest, looks like mansory have got hold of a pro and ruined it

  • Colin soo
    Colin sooMåned siden

    Shmee: you have alot of car says the guy who own the whole line up of amg gts' xd

  • Chris huang
    Chris huangMåned siden

    Shmee u r so cool👍

  • cashandcarry72
    cashandcarry72Måned siden

    That was a proper gentleman’s version of dukes of hazard

  • Allenncrystal King
    Allenncrystal KingMåned siden

    Can't wait to see shmee's GT Black done

  • Gwyn-Rick Kyle (Rick)
    Gwyn-Rick Kyle (Rick)Måned siden

    Please change your spec to the magnabeam. Looks stunning

  • James Townson
    James TownsonMåned siden

    Tim in the clip of your driving at the start you look like you’re wearing a thunderbirds outfit 😂😂

  • Prashant Kudle
    Prashant KudleMåned siden

    When Audi is coming????

  • Tj Caldwell
    Tj CaldwellMåned siden

    That orange GT Black series is absolutely gorgeous

  • 123 456
    123 456Måned siden

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    Jasper KleineMåned siden

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  • Morten Laursen
    Morten LaursenMåned siden

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  • Mark S
    Mark SMåned siden

    I saw a car just like yours at the Nürburgring on May 13th, it even had the same reg.

  • Ben. Jammin'
    Ben. Jammin'Måned siden

    Can’t wait to see your Black Series in Solarbeam Yellow

  • grant haley
    grant haleyMåned siden

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    J.D. RiosMåned siden

    Wait a minute... Mr. Burton has watched The Dukes of Hazzard?!? :thumbsup:

  • Jay S
    Jay SMåned siden

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  • Manuel Almeida - The Circle of Life
    Manuel Almeida - The Circle of LifeMåned siden

    I got to see some videos with MANSORY cars but then I saw your scheme and I never saw a video of you look like a priest on your knees praying to have many views and tastes but it is not at my expense My My MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY BULLSHIT 👎🏼

  • Nicholas Ferraro
    Nicholas FerraroMåned siden

    11:30 sounds like a vacuum cleaner

  • Godspeeds Spacebender
    Godspeeds SpacebenderMåned siden

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  • Kayode Modupe-Ojo
    Kayode Modupe-OjoMåned siden

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  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew ThomasMåned siden

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  • António Batista
    António BatistaMåned siden

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  • ian
    ianMåned siden

    Seeing Tim in that blue jumper with the yellow seatbelts of the roadster I can’t help but thinking he’s digging the Virgil Tracey from Thunderbirds look

  • roberto Forte
    roberto ForteMåned siden

    Puoi avere soldi da buttare mio caro non offenderti ma di stile non ne hai il pullover fa veramente pieta fatti consigliare Saluti

  • Timo (TimothyPlays)
    Timo (TimothyPlays)Måned siden

    Now Tim should buy a C 63 BS and paint it Magmabeam. =)

  • Moxtrox
    MoxtroxMåned siden

    Can't you just use the holes in the bucket seats for the airscarf? I'm sure someone could make a 3D printed duct and some brackets.

  • Fitti
    FittiMåned siden

    Range svr louder than it.... I'm sad

  • Blade1310
    Blade1310Måned siden

    Shmee goes full on Thunderbirds mode around 03:10 onwards! For those too young to remember, ask your grandparents. For those who just can't remember take a look at Virgil Tracy - www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/54073

  • Jarif Abid
    Jarif AbidMåned siden

    Wait did is that honda nsx or acura nsx? 19:33

  • Senshi Bat
    Senshi BatMåned siden

    Well done. we used to have a rubberized clear plastic door edge guard. Going down the door so one could open in close.

  • Hans Müller
    Hans MüllerMåned siden

    If yours is here we need another Ring-Wing-Ting :D

  • politicians and doctors are LIARS
    politicians and doctors are LIARSMåned siden

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    Chris RuggMåned siden

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    Ratnakirti PaudelMåned siden

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  • Ratnakirti Paudel
    Ratnakirti PaudelMåned siden

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    Sam BarrattMåned siden

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    Anton HansenMåned siden

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    Matthew DanielsMåned siden

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  • RRSmurf


    Måned siden

    He doesn't find them comfortable at all.

  • Tore Hansen
    Tore HansenMåned siden

    Tim looks like a swedish royality in a great car, with blue sweather and yellow seat belts. Cool video.

  • ike o
    ike oMåned siden

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  • Mr S
    Mr SMåned siden

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  • Rise Fast
    Rise FastMåned siden


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    Michael GakangaMåned siden

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    Hentwan_ rsvMåned siden

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    DAVID FITCHETTMåned siden

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