THIS is the New Ferrari SF90 Stradale! MY FIRST DRIVE

This is the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and everything you could want to know about it! Join me for an in depth discovery inside and out, as well as my first drive in Ferrari's first series production hybrid. It's an astonishing blend of performance and technology, so let's go through it in detail!

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale takes it's name from the 90th Anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari, and Stradale meaning road; as this is Ferrari's first series production hybrid road car. Learning from the LaFerrari, the SF90 combines a 4.0l TT V8 with 3 electric motors for a total power output of 1,000hp and 800Nm through a clever system that enables full eDrive motion, reverses using the front wheel drive, and seamlessly switches from ICE to EV without effort.

Visually, it's a dramatic looking machine, with a distinct design and lots of subtle aero features with this specific example sporting the traditional Rosso Corsa paintwork and with a contrast Nero roof, finished with the Cuoio tan interior. The driver has a touch-control steering wheel and curved 16" display along with the new gear selector reminiscent of a gated manual Ferrari of old.

After a tour at the gates of Fiorano, it's firstly up into the hills near Maranello to experience 1,000hp on the road and to run through the various settings and modes, before heading back down. Despite the weather then turning to torrential rainfall, there's just enough time to squeeze in a few laps on the famous circuit, where the SF90 is the record holding Ferrari road car to date.

I have been very much looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and this was a dream opportunity to take the time to fully understand it. The car offers insane performance in something that's surprisingly usable and different to the general market that would sacrifice a lot of this usability in order to offer such rapid acceleration and capability on track. It's a special car without doubt, and incredible that Ferrari are able to offer it at such price point; with the UK cars starting from £374,000 on the road, and realistically mid-£400,000s with specification.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:47 Walkaround
05:12 First Drive
14:38 Interior
20:07 Electric Driving
21:44 Fiorano
28:43 SF90 Thoughts
31:58 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15019 dager siden

    I've been very much looking forward to experiencing the Ferrari SF90 Stradale in full, and the wait has very much been worthwhile! After a run to the hills near Maranello, it's back to Fiorano for some laps to get a feel for what this 1,000hp supercar offers. Turns out that it's really rather impressive!

  • John F. Jr

    John F. Jr

    3 dager siden

    I so appreciate your joy when you're driving. You're doing what you were born to do. And that is fabulous! Oh, this car is a beast. Engine sounds so good.

  • Frank RenewablesCheap

    Frank RenewablesCheap

    12 dager siden

    @Amarjit Singh Dhesi That's nuts, but if you accomplish that with a high C rate small pack, your range might be low, so we'll see.

  • Frank RenewablesCheap

    Frank RenewablesCheap

    15 dager siden

    The most insane performance I can imagine right now is the Rimac Nevera. The one reviewer said "I feel like I was violated by physics". 1914hp.

  • Neil Meleo

    Neil Meleo

    18 dager siden

    That Corvette is sweet! I really like those rear tail lights. Almost made them look Ferrari but totally Vette' 😂😎

  • findlayD30


    18 dager siden

    Anyone else notice the tow hook? Did it break down.

  • John Sat
    John Sat2 dager siden

    The interior looks like a spaceship all the buttons

  • David Huntley
    David Huntley2 dager siden

    15 whole miles in electric mode, outstanding technology, should get me half way to work if I can every afford one of these beautiful looking cars!!

  • Sung Kim
    Sung Kim3 dager siden

    That thing is butt ugly.

  • John Fullmer
    John Fullmer4 dager siden

    You have a great job and or career

  • LWS
    LWS5 dager siden

    Wait that’s a cup holder??👀

  • canelo
    canelo6 dager siden

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  • Rick’s Garage
    Rick’s Garage6 dager siden

    Great video. What cameras are you using in this video please?

  • Blub Blubston
    Blub Blubston6 dager siden

    It's nice But for some reason ever since the 458 came out most mid engined v8 ferraris look too similar to each other Just a thought

  • cyigen85
    cyigen857 dager siden

    My tesla is faster

  • Lee In Motion
    Lee In Motion8 dager siden

    I always want to experience a Ferrari in anger. lol Great review and love the car.

  • gracesy lee
    gracesy lee9 dager siden

    This would kill the 765lt, i hate that mclaren so much it beat many of my favourite cars

  • Stefano B
    Stefano B10 dager siden

    excellent car with 250 kg too much

  • Mark Norton
    Mark Norton10 dager siden

    So, I saw you at Caffeine and Machine where you arrived in a McLaren Senna. Which do you prefer?

    CHIN MANSHUN Moe10 dager siden

    Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the king of the Ferrari Manufacturer Company forever!

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley12 dager siden


  • Hasan Genc
    Hasan Genc12 dager siden

    Rimacincels hating on this car in 3,2,1...

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    Pedro Henriques14 dager siden

    Nice review as always. That Pista's noise though... OMG

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    Mike14 dager siden

    Too much weird styling going on imo

  • Linken Designs TV
    Linken Designs TV14 dager siden

    I Definetly would have crashed this car lmaoo that sound of the engine makes you want to step on it even more

  • Γιάννης Γανωτής
    Γιάννης Γανωτής14 dager siden

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    TheNonRelaxingEnd15 dager siden

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  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith15 dager siden

    US dealers will add another 500K to the MSRP....smh😵‍💫

  • James Allison
    James Allison15 dager siden

    It should be a lot faster 😠

  • Robert Michaels
    Robert Michaels15 dager siden

    Wow. It’s beautiful. But those rear hips/tail lights look like a Corvettes. And.......need I say more.😒

  • Mr H
    Mr H15 dager siden

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    Hasan Genc

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    Michael Rajkumar

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  • Sonny Santino

    Sonny Santino

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  • Sonny Santino

    Sonny Santino

    13 dager siden

    @Amarjit Singh Dhesi yes lets..and then you'll see that Rimac is 21st century and Ferrari a technology which goes back many decades...former glory....sad

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    D G16 dager siden

    What's this car's maximum combined torque? I guess 800nm is "only" its ICE's figure. The LaFerrari has 900nm, if I'm not mistaken...

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  • Vidyuqxvrindx VXV
    Vidyuqxvrindx VXV17 dager siden

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    Max Pain17 dager siden

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  • Sushmita Barua
    Sushmita Barua17 dager siden

    Great review Tim. BTW I am not this lady I am this lady’s son. My name is rishit barua. My dream to buy a senna and this sf90 stradale

  • Roger Rolex 69
    Roger Rolex 6917 dager siden

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  • RGMS
    RGMS17 dager siden

    What nice Ferrari! Can this car keep1000hp figure if the battery dies or is below certain levels? I’m curious to know if this HP is available all the time or only if the battery is fully charged or above 80% for example

  • Matthew Dzurek
    Matthew Dzurek17 dager siden


  • Brandon Burr
    Brandon Burr17 dager siden

    Not a bad sounding hybrid Ferrari. Your right Tim, nothing can top a naturally aspirated Ferrari v12. I'm rather surprised how well this Ferrari drove in a downpour on a racetrack. Guessing the same can't be said for some other Ferraris were it would be considerably more of a handful. A testament to how far engineers have some today. It's not to late to add a sf90 to your stable Tim!

  • christschool
    christschool17 dager siden

    Too many functions are touch key for my taste. This car is too fast for all that touch technology. You don't need to take your eyes off the road when driving this car which you'll have to do with touch screens.

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    tuomok7017 dager siden

    These cars are just too loud. Idont like.

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    Gen1 C8RS

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