THIS is the New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm! FIRST DRIVE

This is the new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm and everything you want to know about it! Join me for an in depth discovery inside and out, as well as my first drive in the limited edition, track version of Alfa's Giulia. The GTAm is something special, so let's find out all about it!

When Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia Quadrifoglio a few years ago, it immediately signaled fresh beginnings for the company with a very capable, enjoyable, sporty and exciting model to bring things back into action. In fact it was for that first drive that I last visited Balocco, Alfa's proving grounds in Northern Italy where this time around it's for the massively more bonkers, GTAm.

This is a car that doesn't appear to make any sense; particularly in stripped out GTAm form, but that's only until you get behind the wheel. It's a limited build of only 500 cars, split between GTA and GTAm depending on customer orders. The 2.9l twin turbo V6 now makes 540hp (up 30hp) and 600Nm of torque but it's more about the focus on aero, weight savings, and track performance, despite being based on a 4-door saloon/sedan model.

Visually it's wide and aggressive, available in 3 different colours: GTA Red, Trophy White and Montreal Green (the colours of the Italian flag), and equipped with lots of lovely carbon fibre. In full GTAm guise there's a gigantic adjustable spoiler on the boot lid and an extendable front lip to match. On the interior, the GTAm spec removes the rear seats in favour of a fixed cage and harnesses, with plexi side and rear windows to match. All models are supplied with a matching Goodwool car cover and Bell helmet, with the GTAm also including an Alpinestars racesuit included in the price.

The GTA does however carry quite the price tag, coming in at €177,000 for the regular model before a €5,000 markup for the GTAm. For that you do get a performance machine with carbon panels including the bonnet and arches, but it's a fair old increase over double the already very capable Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Let's take a full look around the new car, including an opportunity to slide it around a bit on the Balocco test track, as well as out on the roads, to really take in what the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is all about!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:47 Walkaround
04:20 Track Test
13:30 GTA vs GTAm
16:28 Road Drive
22:00 Full Details
27:23 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15028 dager siden

    I've been looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this one; the new and absolutely crazy Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm! It's limited, track focused, makes almost no sense... yet also captures the attention of all petrolheads as something totally unique. What do you think about it?

  • Hansruedi Schelbert

    Hansruedi Schelbert

    12 dager siden

    Maarten van Dor

  • Mark Ferri

    Mark Ferri

    23 dager siden

    I think it's great, but I see Alfa didn't take my advice and UPGRADE that hideous plastic engine cover trim panel! It looks like something out of a power rangers cartoon - cheap and cheesy! For that price point, they need to really upgrade to something fancier of a light alloy. And as far as HP, just do what you must to up that bad boy to an even 600 and you'll be speaking my language! Again....

  • Matt Wood

    Matt Wood

    23 dager siden

    L ñ Kk

  • Stan '

    Stan '

    23 dager siden

    Just go ahead and buy it!!

  • Doomi


    26 dager siden

    Pretty Cool Racecar. The Future Shmeemobile? ;)

  • ماجد المحمداوي
    ماجد المحمداوي10 timer siden


  • Raijin Kyle Flores
    Raijin Kyle FloresDag siden

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  • Nikola Naumoski
    Nikola Naumoski4 dager siden

    Are the seats adjustable up and down?

  • guitarsword1
    guitarsword16 dager siden

    I want one. When u bought the ugly nose Bimmer, I couldn’t believe u didn’t order this instead.

  • Damned Peas
    Damned Peas7 dager siden

    If you don't buy one, I'll unsubscribe. For real.

  • lilarmyman
    lilarmyman7 dager siden

    Damn what a car lol n1

    BOH BOH8 dager siden

    The police in italy have this

  • Cezary Obniski
    Cezary Obniski8 dager siden

    At some point I thought I will count all the "cool" and "insane" words used in this video, but nah.. I do not have so much time.

  • Sergey Belyshev
    Sergey Belyshev8 dager siden


    ANDER12 dager siden

    Bellissima, meglio di qualsiasi tedesca ma intanto la gente compra le tedesche . Datele ai carabinieri.

  • Ali khan
    Ali khan15 dager siden

    Hey shmee are you getting one?

  • Mar ioagus
    Mar ioagus15 dager siden

    Now back to races

  • Joe Lombardi
    Joe Lombardi16 dager siden

    The looks to me are just ok...To be honest, when I first saw the thumb nail to this video showing the front of the car I thought to myself, "wow they're bringing back the 2005 Pontiac Grand Am?" Alas, not to be.

  • Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    5 dager siden

    Looks literally nothing like that car. Lol

  • James Wigley
    James Wigley16 dager siden

    Question of the day. Would you rather go for a drive in that than your new M3

  • Micah Trostle
    Micah Trostle18 dager siden

    I have a ti sport but I want this car so bad

  • BrodashMx
    BrodashMx18 dager siden

    just a perfect looking car, no need to change anything. congrats to Alfa Romeo.

  • Richard Reich
    Richard Reich18 dager siden

    Absolutely yummy

    GL0WING HUMAN TRICH0ME18 dager siden

    Oh the 🍀...❣️

  • Scott Ballantine
    Scott Ballantine19 dager siden

    Sounds great Tim... The price is high, but as you say, limited model which will become a collectors piece...

  • Und34d
    Und34d19 dager siden

    The sheer pleasure of driving. Loved it!

  • Roger Chadwick
    Roger Chadwick20 dager siden

    Oh I wish I could keep our 4c and get this too.....alas....So I will just have too 'make do' with the 4c....First World problems uh?

  • JOe merlino
    JOe merlino20 dager siden

    Honestly it looks extremely similar to the Lancer Evo when it dropped with the rear wing and front splitter.

  • JOe merlino

    JOe merlino

    20 dager siden

    The hood,the wing,the stance,the front end design...very similar.

  • JOe merlino
    JOe merlino20 dager siden

    I'm going to guess that the United States won't be getting this from Alfa

  • Gianluca
    Gianluca21 dag siden

    € 180.000 yes sure

  • Dean Kamaruddin
    Dean Kamaruddin21 dag siden

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    Sergio Ro21 dag siden

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    Sergio Ro21 dag siden

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    Axel Cortez21 dag siden

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  • Definitely Maybe
    Definitely Maybe21 dag siden

    Istant classic,pure art ❤

  • bronyraur1982
    bronyraur198222 dager siden

    The "verde Visconti" is beautiful

  • bronyraur1982
    bronyraur198222 dager siden


  • mick Parker
    mick Parker22 dager siden

    You defiantly love yourself.

  • DonAbarth
    DonAbarth22 dager siden

    How much will they be?

  • Chris Ewing
    Chris Ewing23 dager siden

    That green is beautiful. Are they making 500 of each the gta and gtam? Either way it’s pretty rare to have a vehicle so track focused but somewhat practical on road at the same time ( not bone jarring ride , room for some luggage). Exclusivity usually has a higher price. Would love to see this added to the shmeemobiles.

  • Sapphie TG Free Edits
    Sapphie TG Free Edits23 dager siden

    bmw copy?

  • LaMaiala diTuMa
    LaMaiala diTuMa23 dager siden

    Get one Shmee! Or an 8C

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    Sabatino Andreucci23 dager siden

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    Such a beautiful car, holy shit

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    Gustavo Fortes23 dager siden

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    Lovemore Mangirazi23 dager siden

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    Is Hunt24 dager siden

    Alfa Romeo + Aprilia = Italian Heaven.

  • iKaBanana
    iKaBanana24 dager siden

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  • andrew james
    andrew james24 dager siden

    so.........why did they make this a four door??? whats the point in the rear doors if you cant sit in the back???

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green24 dager siden

    frankly speaking looks like bmw M3

  • Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    5 dager siden

    Literally nothing like it, other than dimensions.

  • V G
    V G24 dager siden

    Best part of the video was taking abit of time to show the old alfa 105s to your viewers

  • __
    __24 dager siden

    With this car, I now understand why the GT-R NISMO costs that much. It's great to see car manufactures creating these emotional cars nearing the end of an engine era. I am also curious and also worried about how Alfa (and Ferrari for that matter) would make the future EV cars emotional. Drive the engines while you can everyone!!

  • Fearless Yuza
    Fearless Yuza24 dager siden

    🐍 🇮🇹 🚀

  • Mario De Cristofaro
    Mario De Cristofaro25 dager siden

    Quadrifoglio not quadrifolio

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    Daan de Jong25 dager siden

    9:45 You know that its good when it makes a grown man giggle like a child.

  • Felix v. Holthe
    Felix v. Holthe25 dager siden

    So guys, this or a Jaguar Project 8? vote below

  • Felix v. Holthe

    Felix v. Holthe

    25 dager siden

    Jaguar Project 8

  • Felix v. Holthe

    Felix v. Holthe

    25 dager siden

    Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith25 dager siden

    Just the most soulful car manufacture of all time. Every one should own an alfa, or at least drive one. No other car give me a thrill than My Alfa 159

  • octo puss

    octo puss

    5 dager siden

    My dad used to own the Alfetta,he loves it so much before it get sold because it was so hard to get the replacement parts

  • Podkriznik
    Podkriznik25 dager siden

    I don't understand why someone would drop 180k on a 2-seat saloon when you can get a used supercar or a track oriented sports car... I understand the appeal of the non "m" variant, though.

  • Nicky Long
    Nicky Long25 dager siden

    These are 1 of very few new cars I would actually buy. Such a good looking car!

  • Chaz la
    Chaz la25 dager siden

    If only the reliability was as good as the looks!

  • Matt Widdowson
    Matt Widdowson25 dager siden

    I love everything about it apart from the rear arches just look like a stuck on adter thought

  • Brooklyn J
    Brooklyn J25 dager siden

    Now that looks like a bad guy car in f&f

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams25 dager siden

    Hi Guys! I'm Shmee! And I'm about to shred my shorts driving an incredibly expensive car at incredible speeds, all while living an unattainable once-in-a-lifetime lifestyle!!! CHEERS!!

  • Mars Wong
    Mars Wong25 dager siden

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    Kriss Olson25 dager siden

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    IAN DEVO25 dager siden

    i would pay 79k at most not worth 200k they will depreciate crazy

  • Alen Goričanec
    Alen Goričanec25 dager siden

    You can't buy soul or smile,but you can buy Alfa Romeo,car whit soul who will give you a smile

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    Raul Gabriel25 dager siden

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    wass de craic25 dager siden

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  • DrSteve J
    DrSteve J25 dager siden

    Unless its been outsourced to Porsche for reliability concerns it remains an unreliable money pit with outdated technology.

  • DrSteve J

    DrSteve J

    5 dager siden

    @Thomas Ferraro Jr. Because I’m a car guy meaning I buy and follow the car industry. For a car with such promising potential it turned out to be ranked as terrible in reliability and technology. I guess that leaves the seats.

  • Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    5 dager siden

    @DrSteve J Oh and by the way, I actually drive a 911 GTS. Car is incredible, but my Alfa had something special and I miss it. Will definitely get another one.

  • Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    5 dager siden

    @DrSteve J Guess my personal experience has no weight. Interesting. I had a 4cylinder Ti and a Quadrifoglio. Barely an issue. Here's an idea since you've obviously majored in patronizing..simple don't buy one. Why are you watching a video about a car you think is unreliable and sucks? I just don't get it. Just to tell us all how bad it is? Haha

  • DrSteve J

    DrSteve J

    5 dager siden

    @Thomas Ferraro Jr. Yes and it’s currently ranked as one of the least reliable cars in the segment. A giant money pit.

  • Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    5 dager siden

    @DrSteve J Yeah, I hear you. I owned one. It's not that bad, just not the focus of thr car and experience. I'm sure they'll remedy this with the next model. This current design was actually released almost 6 years ago.

    FEDERRICO STRAZZERA25 dager siden

    Shmee go and try the Maserati Mc20

  • Shift4g
    Shift4g25 dager siden

    Unpopular opinion: It would look less tacked on if those CF bits were body color.

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    محمد ضياء الحق26 dager siden

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  • Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Thomas Ferraro Jr.

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  • Miguel Vargas
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  • Hello_ im_right
    Hello_ im_right26 dager siden

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    Edward Van.26 dager siden

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    Alan Greenhalgh

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    S H26 dager siden

    I have a collection of models of this car! Love it ❤️……To be honest, the GTAM should have been designed as a two-door coupe, because the back two doors are really redundant!

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson26 dager siden

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    MitsuFQ40026 dager siden

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    104thDIVTimberwolf26 dager siden

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    Elias Van Goethem

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  • Dave


    24 dager siden

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    Din96x26 dager siden

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    Xpeng Fangirl26 dager siden

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  • Xpeng Fangirl

    Xpeng Fangirl

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