THIS is the New 208mph 2021 Bentley GT Speed! FIRST DRIVE

The brand new Bentley GT Speed turns out to be quite the surprise! Not only is it the luxurious Bentley grand tourer, but a veritable weapon on the tarmac of the Silverstone circuit. While not the location you'd expect for a first drive, it very quickly becomes apparant why Bentley brought the GT Speed here!

When you think of a Bentley Continental GT, you think of a luxury grand tourer, not exactly lightweight thanks to the high quality of materials, and a car you'd cruise in down the motorway for endless miles. With the GT Speed, you might think that will make it slightly more powerful and perhaps a touch more dynamic... wrong! The newest generation of Continental GT to wear the Speed designation turns out to be quite the capable machine around the tarmac of an F1 circuit.

Powered by the 6.0l twin turbo W12 making 650hp and 900Nm, it's capable of the 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint in 3.6s and on to a top speed of 208mph (335km/h) - impressive numbers however you look at it. However what they don't tell you, is that despite being 2,300kg it can still absolutely get a move on around track. For the GT Speed, Bentley have introduced numerous new elements of technology; from an electronic limited slip diff on the rear axle, to rear wheel steering and a new advanced ESC with numerous opportunities to have some fun... which is exactly what I did!

After a quick walkaround in the pit lane, let's get out on track to see what the new Bentley GT Speed is all about, having quickly gone from "Why are we at Silverstone?" to, "Oh, I get it now!".

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:47 Walkaround
03:19 Track Drive
14:22 Extra Details
16:06 Interior
20:03 Engine Bay
22:02 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    Never did I think that a Bentley would be able to do this! The new 2021 GT Speed not only goes 208mph, but thanks to a host of tech introductions, also happens to be quite the track surprise. What do you think of it?!

  • Brian E. Buxton

    Brian E. Buxton

    13 dager siden

    Love it. Own a Speed Edition GT

  • dr99


    15 dager siden

    Seriously when are you finally upgrading your cameras? the video quality is embarrassingly bad in 1080p like it’s 2012

  • Stanley Buchan

    Stanley Buchan

    19 dager siden

    Not bad for a VW!

  • reece J

    reece J

    Måned siden

    8:21 when he said “firm on the anchors” slowing down into a corner 😂😂😂

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got drive that Absolutely Gorgeous and Incredible 2021 Bentley Continental GT Speed at Silverstone GP and I think it looks and sounds absolutely incredible

  • Ted Clayton
    Ted Clayton19 dager siden

    hello from new york city.

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    김형우22 dager siden

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    steve james26 dager siden

    wow u notice how he hardly moves about in the seat. s550 mustang owners take note lol..those pos things u bounce all over the place

  • Darren Wall
    Darren Wall26 dager siden

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    patrick schaefer27 dager siden

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  • reece J
    reece JMåned siden

    @Shmee150 8:21 when he said “firm on the anchors” slowing down into a corner 😂😂😂

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    blah blahMåned siden

    say, are his nipples pierced or?

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    Mohamad HidayatMåned siden

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    njf sandifordMåned siden

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  • Andreas Weber
    Andreas WeberMåned siden

    And I really loath that stupid Audi ‘Ding-Dong’ every time you do something in a new Bentley. It sprinkles some kind of cheapness all over Bentley.

  • Andreas Weber
    Andreas WeberMåned siden

    Unfortunately this car will always hold its title as a footballer’s car due to it’s predecessor . Very, very good car though and for sure the better choice comparing to the Panamera or A7. Thanks to VW they share the same platform.

  • Caesarillion Aurelius
    Caesarillion AureliusMåned siden

    Wow, Shmee, you scared me a little throwing the Bentley around the way you did. Amazing! Thanks for the show, Thailand Paul

  • Hav2win
    Hav2winMåned siden

    Someone take the keys away from Shmee, he's drunk on fun. So jealous. You're living the dream my friend. Too much money and too many years left to enjoy it.

  • The Ascended Tech Ninja
    The Ascended Tech NinjaMåned siden

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    Sophia RomaMåned siden

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    SteveRuncimanMåned siden

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  • Barry Boyd
    Barry BoydMåned siden

    I am not an Alcantara fan and especially not in the Bentley where it looks like cheap cloth to me. Well, it is actually a type of cloth. I would have it on my roof liner and perhaps my A and B pillars but that’s it. Even in McLaren’s, I much prefer full leather interiors which looks far more refined to me. And I definitely wouldn’t have it on my steering wheel as after a year or so it all flattens down and looks like crap. Is it a fad that will go away after a few years when people see that on used cars it looks worn and natty? I guess time will tell.

  • Scot Land
    Scot LandMåned siden

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    Raphael SchoofMåned siden

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  • __Last
    __LastMåned siden

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    peter-paul kutschlojengaMåned siden

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  • Alen Green
    Alen GreenMåned siden

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