It's purple Bugatti time! Things have become even more crazy since my last visit out to see @TheStradman , now with the signature satin purple Bugatti Veyron in the garage. Let's check it out and run over to the warehouse for a garage update to see some of the supercar projects.

A stop in the beautiful state of Utah during the Where's Shmee: US Edition tour was an absolute given, to visit TheStradman and Burlacher! A lot has changed since my last trip to the state, including the arrival of Stradman's Bugatti Veyron, a new look to the Aventador, a warehouse storage, and plenty of new cars and projects to check out.

After a switch around at the garage, let's pull out the satin purple Bug to take it out for a spin. Of course the destination is to the garage now featuring an Aventador Roadster that James is in the process of chopping up himself and turning into a Liberty Walk widebody, as well as his Nissan GT-R, McLaren 12C and more.

The t-shirt I gifted Stradman is the W16 design now found in the Cheers Shop:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:43 Garage Walkaround
04:06 Shuffle
07:10 Onboard the Bug
13:45 Warehouse Tour
18:46 Back in the Bug
20:50 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee1504 måneder siden

    You didn't think I was going to do a full tour across the country and not go to visit Stradman and his Bugatti Veyron did you?! Check out the W16 designs in the Cheers store too:

  • Luigi Randazzo

    Luigi Randazzo

    4 måneder siden

    Who is stradman?

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    4 måneder siden

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  • Simba


    4 måneder siden

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  • Pablo Gleds

    Pablo Gleds

    4 måneder siden

    The nicest guys in automotive youtube together again 👍

  • john Baiulescu

    john Baiulescu

    4 måneder siden

    why you stop Car

  • Agung Zon Blade
    Agung Zon BladeMåned siden

    riding a dream car with your own role model/inspiration next to you is heaven! for strad

  • Fadil
    FadilMåned siden

    wait i thought he gave a crop top to strad 🤣🤣

  • Travis Hartley
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  • Cass & Marion Castro
    Cass & Marion CastroMåned siden

    I have done that Coast to Coast trip. Drove down Pacific Coast Highway, until I hit interstate 10. Then took interstate 10 from Santa Monica California, to Jacksonville Florida. One interstate all the way. ** definitely stop in New Orleans along the way. Although I don’t think I would take the car into the French Quarter. Streets are too narrow.

  • Haydn Smith
    Haydn Smith2 måneder siden

    Must be so hard to impress shmee. Considering what he has seen and driven

  • DevWolf
    DevWolf3 måneder siden

    Dude.... What the hell does this Stradman guy do for a living? Lambo, Bugatti Veyron, Supra, A giant Jeep, a Bentley lemo, a GT350 or 500, cant remember..... How the hell?..... I mean I see that little house, thats what I would do, small house nice cars. But all this at once? He drops thousands on changing the wraps like its pennies to him. Insurance cost per month?... Thats insane. Kid is like 10 years younger than me. Professional engineer here, and I can just barely afford a Hellcat. >.

  • Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf

    19 dager siden

    His current car collection is Lamborghini gallardo, Lamborghini aventador and aventador roadster, Lamborghini murcielago 40th anniversary edition, Lamborghini urus, Bugatti veyron, nissan gtr, jeep gladiator 6x6, ford shelby baja raptor, mclaren mp4-12c and a c8 corvette. And I think thats it

  • Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf

    19 dager siden

    He does youtube. Plus the supra , rolls royce limo (the one you said its a bentley) are sold.

  • FadedPlays
    FadedPlays3 måneder siden

    I got the privilege of being taken home from work one night in a 458 spider, the g’s when gassed are absolutely insane

    MAGGOT VOMIT3 måneder siden

    This stop was a Major Major Major............Meh.

  • hamida Ali
    hamida Ali4 måneder siden

    My dad wants to get a s3

  • mushtaq khan
    mushtaq khan4 måneder siden

    Wow he has a nice Bugatti Lamborghini,Mustang GT,and a Ford if it’s his!

  • Aman Ashraf

    Aman Ashraf

    19 dager siden

    Mustang is not his

  • first last
    first last4 måneder siden

    It would really be unique if you tried doing a widebody...

  • Tatum Packer
    Tatum Packer4 måneder siden

    That school but that was in this video was my baseball teams bus for our high school

  • Lucion Williams
    Lucion Williams4 måneder siden

    It's sad to see how there's so many comments about James and how he is on his own Channel vs when he is a guest. Here's some advice... STICK TO VIDEO GAMES IF YOU WANT TO CONTROLL THE CHARACTERS ON YOUR SCREEN!!!

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    leo hug4 måneder siden

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  • Sorry, this name cannot be used for your youtube
    Sorry, this name cannot be used for your youtube4 måneder siden

    you can afford a bugatti but you can't afford to blend a couple gallons of 100 octane with your 91 each fill?

  • Jonathan Ince
    Jonathan Ince4 måneder siden

    whilst in Utah.... get yourself over to Provo and visit Kirkham Motorsports, purveyor of the finest Shelby Cobra recreation in the world............. Just saying !

  • Owen Stanford
    Owen Stanford4 måneder siden

    The FORD Shelby GT500 is probably my favorat

    MANMADELEGEND334 måneder siden

    Oh shit my bad! I thought this was KALI MISCLE! With all these cars in front of a house! But then no shirts were off! & no one had muscle only the cars did! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 This is a joke FYI! We all know these guys & Shmee are the original don dada’s of the car scene! & actually KNOW there shit!! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽🙇🏽‍♂️

  • Mike
    Mike4 måneder siden

    That whole de-tuned thing with the 91 octane gas would bother the shit out of me. Paying so much money and not getting 100% of the car is complete bullshit.

  • Nareg Ohanian
    Nareg Ohanian4 måneder siden

    at least we saw some new roads in Utah other than the tunnel that james always passes through:P nice collab

  • DR NO
    DR NO4 måneder siden

    Can you get a new mic please?

  • Sacha Chan Yan
    Sacha Chan Yan4 måneder siden

    I have an idea for your garages. Behind every car up on the wall, you could put a visual Decibel meter and spectrum analyser. It would add a nice optical effect to every cold start in the SchmeeMuseum.

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    2 best in 1

  • Brandon Hillgoth
    Brandon Hillgoth4 måneder siden

    2:23 damn nice Rolex 🥰

  • nimsahug
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    19:04 what an awfull seam with the wrap....

  • shrëk
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    Omg he met stdarman lol

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    Caos4 måneder siden

    Omg good bugatti titanium white You trade it?

  • Chavez773
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    10:42 W

  • Omar Amaya
    Omar Amaya4 måneder siden

    wow, that titanium exhaust.. anyone know the cost of it?

  • Omar Amaya

    Omar Amaya

    4 måneder siden

    NVM, found it... $38K

  • Oscar Temores
    Oscar Temores4 måneder siden

    Must be nice to have that many cars.

  • Milana Matsuk
    Milana Matsuk4 måneder siden

    beautiful car

  • Dominik
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    Anyone else love how both of them are so humble and down to earth?

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  • Étienne Lafrenière
    Étienne Lafrenière4 måneder siden

    Did he really open his Bugatti door right into the Aventador's door? :O

  • Satwik V
    Satwik V4 måneder siden

    I just realized that James still doesn't have a license plate for the Bugatti

  • Nathaniel Butcher
    Nathaniel Butcher4 måneder siden

    Skittle army

  • Carl James Pablo
    Carl James Pablo4 måneder siden

    Can you visit DDE too? Sorry for my English. PH FAN HERE❤️

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  • Devolante
    Devolante4 måneder siden

    After the many years I have finally noticed that in the intro, the colour matches the cars your filming! This has probably been around for ages but I only just noticed Btw you are the first automotive NOprojectsr I ever subbed to 👍

  • Alex Shafer
    Alex Shafer4 måneder siden

    I love people that spend money terribly. Enjoy being broke at 50

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    Zachs Adventures4 måneder siden

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    TAHA NASIR4 måneder siden

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    Domino Knight4 måneder siden

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  • Darsh Krishna
    Darsh Krishna4 måneder siden

    I enjoyed it so much Bro You both are the ultimate automobile youtubers.😉

    TITLES4 måneder siden

    good god this guy has a loan out on his soul. Not a good thing.

  • PlaySomething!
    PlaySomething!4 måneder siden

    Rich people... 🙄 it’s such a different lifestyle than me that it’s actually hilarious to watch

  • RB
    RB4 måneder siden

    That might be the ugliest bugatti i have seen, love the content tho

  • GOLDWarrior Gaming
    GOLDWarrior Gaming4 måneder siden

    think strad mans sold the 12c to get another 458

  • Cam 111
    Cam 1114 måneder siden

    Shmee straight up balling has a daily in America how fun that must be nice video man 👍👍.

  • PsychobabbleRapp
    PsychobabbleRapp4 måneder siden

    I can't hardly stomach through the artificial over enthusiasm , common guys, there are a few adults that watch

  • Le Dav
    Le Dav4 måneder siden

    Stradman is such a nice guy as Shmee ! thanks for this great video

  • Saksham Kalra
    Saksham Kalra4 måneder siden

    20:45 James almost hit the bugatti on door 😂

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    hijab bano urdo world wide4 måneder siden

    Carwow made shmee150 famous

  • Seven Something
    Seven Something4 måneder siden

    Shmee. DM me when you get to LA. I’m living in Venice Beach now. We haven’t seen each other since I was living in North London.

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    Mohammad Abduhu4 måneder siden

    does the strad stuff delivers in pakistan?

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    Mike Heoh4 måneder siden

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    Nick Venture4 måneder siden

    Sounds like stradman layed off the Adderall today.

  • Gonzo
    Gonzo4 måneder siden

    I Definitely agree with the sentiment that James is way better toned down. I have literally. never been able to get through his videos with his over-the-top "Show" personality.

  • Opera
    Opera4 måneder siden

    Thanks, Gentlemen: oddly interesting......We love Utah also( live in HELENA Valley MT).....

  • Tristan Mcclure
    Tristan Mcclure4 måneder siden

    James said in an interview that Shmee was his biggest inspiration on NOprojects. Now look at him.

  • Magic Juice Yt
    Magic Juice Yt4 måneder siden

    I wish the stradman had this same energy in his vids he’s to energized in his vids lol

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    matt hayward4 måneder siden

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  • Aaron Hibberd
    Aaron Hibberd4 måneder siden

    Very lucky to be where you guys are. Some people think just because you make a video and put it on NOprojects is easy but it actually becomes a full time job in itself so respect.

  • TheMcNugget
    TheMcNugget4 måneder siden

    I love how the Bugatti makes the same noises as my mums VW Sharan

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    Leon Bottema4 måneder siden

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    Josh Briggs4 måneder siden

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    YuanZhi Zhao4 måneder siden

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    Tom Rathje4 måneder siden

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