The PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet

I'm trying to live with an EV, but it's really quite the struggle. Starting my day enthusiastic for the rapid development of charging infrastructure, you can witness first hand how quickly the experience turns sour with a concoction of problems for my Porsche Taycan.

It's fair to say that new charging points are being built very, very quickly and it's certainly getting much easier to find locations in general here in the UK. However, the take up of EVs in the first place is probably growing even faster than that, and as such the availability of charging points is not improving in the slightest. Beyond that, you are then faced with the lucky dip whether you'll get a good charging experience of something won't work as it should.

Starting out with a very optimistic outlook on the whole thing, having obviously been away from the Taycan for more or less 4 months, the first step is to head out of London to get a full charge. To be fair, that's ironic in the first place, but the city centre is lacking significant numbers of fast chargers so it's actually overall quicker in theory to get out of town to do an empty to full charge. First stop is a new Ionity charger at Beaconsfield Services on the M40, not too far away, and with 4 charging points freshly installed.

However, things quickly turn for the worse as two machines are out of order or not yet activated, and there's a queue to access the other two. After waiting that out and eventually getting connected the speed is strong and the battery is filling up until it all goes wrong and repeatedly disconnects, preventing the Taycan from taking much more than half charge.

My go to response is therefore to head to the next nearest charger; a BP Pulse located only a few miles away to have another go... to no great success. Unfortunately I'm again getting errors for reasons unknown to me, but really changing my mood from one of trying to show how this process works well to having a horrible experience trying to get any battery into my EV.

I believe it can work, and I cannot wait until I have my own home charger in the near future, but without one it's virtually impossible to manage this process and my patience is being really tested despite my desire to make it work for me.

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Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:26 Taycan Update
03:50 Charging Network Woes
11:31 First Go
13:42 Second Go
14:24 Patience
15:32 Third Go
17:55 Stopped
20:38 Next Stop
22:40 Fourth Go
26:15 Fail
27:02 Going Home
29:05 Charging Experience
33:33 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    The EV experience is certainly one that requires patience, but safe to say this day did not exactly help my desire to keep trying. From no local chargers, to queues, error messages, awkward connections, and generally failing... it's not easy. I'm going to persist, but would you, or would you give up now?

  • Matthew Wiemken

    Matthew Wiemken

    Dag siden

    just get a Tesla

  • QMK B

    QMK B

    10 dager siden

    Hydrogen will beat electric

  • Eileen Donnelly

    Eileen Donnelly

    19 dager siden

    If u can't charge at home, then EV is a total non starter. The experience is best when used like a mobile phone, you charge it overnight. Parking and waiting is only if exceeding the car range and not a substitute for charging at home.

  • Zod Sinclair

    Zod Sinclair

    19 dager siden

    Car Looks cool, Would be wicked to have a Solar panel Carbon Fiber Style Hood, that you could use to just leave the car when there is SUN & get it Charged that way over 1/2 hr to full passively in the next few yrs, would be Awesome.

  • Fredrik Z1

    Fredrik Z1

    20 dager siden

    I’ve had almost exactly the same experience when I had to rely on normal non-Tesla chargers. This is in essence a Tesla commercial. I prefer long trips with the Tesla, I’ve never been to a Tesla supercharger that has been remotely close to full. By planning my travels solely on Tesla superchargers I can almost guarantee this will never happen.

  • Cathryn Mataga
    Cathryn Mataga14 timer siden

    I think I'm sticking with 'dinosaur juice' for now.

  • Andrew Mackenzie
    Andrew Mackenzie23 timer siden

    Brutal to watch... So how on earth are we going to get more charging points quickly enough? How will the grid delivery infrastructure be upgraded in time....? New substations, new cabling under roads etc. And of course the generating capacity (which is relatively easy....)

  • Greg
    GregDag siden

    the guy who did the honey badger video charges his car

  • David Viner
    David VinerDag siden

    Full electric only by 2035? How many of you think that's going to work?

  • Steve 74
    Steve 742 dager siden

    Question will we ever get to a point when the electrical grid just simply won't be able to cope with charging demand, we seem to be hungry for this technology which is fantastic but without a future plan we could start to see power outages.

  • Klauz Strumpfenheikel
    Klauz Strumpfenheikel2 dager siden

    Artificial way of talking.

  • Tommy Guo Guangxu
    Tommy Guo Guangxu2 dager siden

    Thank you very much for this video!

  • William A-D
    William A-D3 dager siden

    They let you in the petrol station while they was refuelling? Is it because of the ev charger because the usually don’t

  • david dilettante
    david dilettante3 dager siden

    Very informative and amusing.Takes me 4 minutes to fill tank on my Merc which then gives a range of 700 miles.

  • Kevan Chippindall-Higgin
    Kevan Chippindall-Higgin3 dager siden

    I have no sympathy whatsoever. Anybody who gives the absurdity of battery powered cars the tiniest amount of thought will know that without many hundred billions of investment. Nobody knows where the money is coming from, how road fuel duty and VAT is to be replaced. Nobody has calculated how much space will be needed for cars charging for hours. Nobody has calculated how much extra power will need to be generated to provide these things and what that will cost. This video ran for 34 minutes and must have been edited. He took much of the day to achieve nothing. He arrived home with the same charge as when he left. What utter nonsense. What is needed is hydrogen fuel cells. They can be filled in 10 minutes, just like petrol, can be taxed and the existing infrastructure used. Even if the range is half that of a petrol engine, that is an acceptable trade off. Hanging around for hours trying to charge is completely nuts and, what is more, having to travel to a motorway service station to find a charger, getting wet and only quite luckily getting home is even crazier. Yes, these things are fine for those with their own garages or off street parking but if you live in terraced housing and rely on street parking, the situation gets worse. If you cannot hook up to a charger, with limited range, you might be unable to get to work and back. The whole thing has not been thought through and has been born on the hysterical, ill informed nonsense that CO2 is a pollutant. Currently at 0.004% of the earth's atmosphere and mankind generating just 3% of that, if CO2 levels were halved, life on earth would stop. Be careful for what you wish for.

  • slopedarmor
    slopedarmor4 dager siden

    try living with a tesla and see if its any better

  • Cédric Mialaret
    Cédric Mialaret5 dager siden

    If your experience sucks with a Taycan, I can't imagine how terrible the experience of the average EV owner is.

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman5 dager siden

    The miseries of attempting to use non-Tesla charging infrastructure.

  • bri forks
    bri forks6 dager siden

    Nice to see an honest ev review with no agenda.Lucky you gave more than one car,That would drive me nuts.I wonder if people include wasted miles like that in efficiency comparisons with other forms of power plant.

  • ProfessorFATE
    ProfessorFATE6 dager siden

    Get a Tesla, it all just works......

  • Hyperezil
    Hyperezil7 dager siden

    You forgot to close the flap at the BP station, it really set my OCD off hahahaha. It's interesting I've been looking at one of these and the video sums up the reason why I am staying away from EV's just now, there just doesn't seem to be the infrastructure available here in the UK at the moment which is a shame because these car's just drive so well. Makes me think that there is massive business opportunities in private charging stations.

  • tvbridge
    tvbridge7 dager siden

    "There is a rich man who's nights are filled with worries....& a poor man who nights are restful sleep."-Proverbs

  • Golf “The Golf Pilot” Pilot
    Golf “The Golf Pilot” Pilot8 dager siden

    I've been driving Tesla EVs for 5 years now and have never experienced anything even remotely close to what you experienced in this video

  • LISA hentschel
    LISA hentschel8 dager siden

    After driving my humble nissan leaf for 130000 miles,i had less bad luck than you in one day.i rarely have to wait for a charger and i have only one car for mycommute.i can rely on the existing infrastructure.

  • vcliburn
    vcliburn8 dager siden

    Shmee150...why didn't you charge the car more than 54%? Given all the time and bother it took for you to charge the car, shouldn't you have charged it up to at least 85%, to avoid having to go through this "emergency" situation over and over again?

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson9 dager siden

    You should have gone to gridserve in Briantree you would have had no trouble at all

  • TheWhiskeyCowboy
    TheWhiskeyCowboy9 dager siden

    When at the fastest speeds you get an 80% charge in half an hour, no. And more, no, when you get far less on a full charge than a comparable "gas" vehicle. I see these being fine daily commuter solutions if you live in a city, but other than that, no.

  • Youth Soccer Goalkeeping Channel
    Youth Soccer Goalkeeping Channel9 dager siden

    I think a gas powered 911 would be lots more fun!

  • rattlehead890
    rattlehead8909 dager siden

    Buy a TESLA! haha

  • martin barlow
    martin barlow9 dager siden

    Been driving EVs 5 years, 100k mi never ran out. Was slow to do 400mi trips in a Leaf. Now heaven in a Tesla M3 dual motor. 300mi range at Mway speeds. Residuals are amazing. Unlike slow ICE 💩 as 2030 approaches.

  • TheLizardKing1967
    TheLizardKing196710 dager siden

    "My NEW Shmee mobile is a 94' Celica with over 342,000 miles on the odometer". - Scotty Kilmer.

  • D1SASTERarea
    D1SASTERarea10 dager siden

    This unfortunately is the reality with EV's right now, but you had a particularly bad day. However I'm sticking with EV's because the benefit outweigh the niggles...and it will get better over time

  • Robert Dewar
    Robert Dewar10 dager siden

    According to a stat in the newspaper, most EV owners revert to petrol after a few months. I can see why.

  • QMK B
    QMK B10 dager siden

    Such a hassle with EVs

  • Neil Lowe
    Neil Lowe10 dager siden

    It's probably not much different for when the first cars were about. There wasn't suddenly an abundance of petrol stations from the outset

  • Steve P1
    Steve P110 dager siden

    Annnddd... I’m still buying a hybrid next. No range anxiety, best of both worlds until they get it all figured out. Thanks, Shmee. Great honest video.

  • Sway
    Sway10 dager siden

    Is this secretly a Tesla ad? 😂

  • Stephen Levett
    Stephen Levett10 dager siden

    That's why I bought a second hand Tesla just over a year ago. Pull up and just plug in at the supercharger.

  • K Brickell
    K Brickell10 dager siden

    Electric Vehicles are a con, petrol and diesel are better and less pouting. EVs are coal powered from the power station

  • George Smart (M1GEO)
    George Smart (M1GEO)11 dager siden

    The charging error that you report at 18:00 is common. Out of Spec Motoring have been complaining about it for a long while!

  • George Smart (M1GEO)

    George Smart (M1GEO)

    10 dager siden

    @Shmee150 if you search "Out of Spec Motoring Porsche Taycan" you'll find it. There's a few. But the early one he is working with Porsche and EA to debug the protocol and they're doing diagnostics on each of his charging sessions! It's a real shame that these issues exist. As a Tesla driver, it's brutal to watch.

  • Shmee150


    10 dager siden

    Really interesting! Thank you

  • Geddon Me ansome
    Geddon Me ansome11 dager siden

    What a joke, its petrol for me.

  • Andrew Van Day
    Andrew Van Day12 dager siden

    After 6 min I think I"ve got the gist of it. Don"t buy an EV unless you can charge it at home. No need to watch the rest.

  • shockwave1
    shockwave112 dager siden

    And this right here is the best advertisement for Tesla. Because it just works. Wanna get through the whole of Europe? No problem. I personally never had any issues with my EV in Germany. No matter where I was, charging always worked. But if you wanna be on the safe side, a Tesla is just a no brainer. Especially in the UK. In Germany it doesn´t really matter that much because the infrastructure generally works quite well.

  • Marvhead
    Marvhead12 dager siden

    Why do the out of order chargers wait for you to plug them in before letting you know they're out of order? What a faff.

  • Nick Bowes
    Nick Bowes12 dager siden

    an EV doesn't make sense, but a EV, broken down and recused by a petrol powered patrol van, priceless

  • Graham Lockwood
    Graham Lockwood12 dager siden

    I have never been a fan of Porsche cars but am interested in electric cars although do not have one and many people claim that the Porsche is the best EV out there at the moment. The experience shown in this video does make me wonder though. Having to drive so close to the charger that you are in danger of damaging the front of your very expensive car or not being able to get the charger plug to reach your car may be considered as a flaw in the charger’s cable length but also surely in the design of the car? If the socket on the car was at the very front of the car (or if reversing into the bay, the very back of it) there wouldn’t be this problem, so nil points to Porsche there. The fact that four consecutive attempts to charge result in an error code coming up seems to indicate that there is a problem with the car’s on board computer communicating with the charger so another Porsche fail possibly (unless the fault is with the chargers but the Zoe that was using the charger seemed to charge up OK?). I am not about to buy an EV any time yet but I am thinking that even if I was and could afford the Porsche (which I can’t) it probably wouldn’t make the short list. It would be nice to know whether the other cars in those bays did charge up without issue so the Zoe and the Tesla, how did they manage it and the Porsche didn’t. Not a great advert for Porsche is it? It certainly has done nothing to change my opinion of Porsche generally and now Porsche’s EV cars more specifically.

  • phillip hayes
    phillip hayes13 dager siden

    after watching this video I am more convinced that hydrogen fuel cell cars are the way to go, a few manufacturers are already producing them and look pretty good, whatever route we go the infrastructure still needs to be put in place, I'm not convinced battery cars are the way to go

  • Paul Chinn
    Paul Chinn13 dager siden

    Seems like a real pain in the ass. I am starting to dislike the EV's more and more as i learn more about them.

  • Evan M
    Evan M13 dager siden

    And this, among many other reasons, is why I do not own an EV and probably will not for a very long time.

  • Nick Twaddell
    Nick Twaddell14 dager siden

    Ugh, I've had a few road trips definitely take longer because I had to wait for someone to finish with the fast charger.

  • Thomas “Devou1s” Andersen
    Thomas “Devou1s” Andersen14 dager siden

    I hardly dare to ask, but what did the splitter cost to replace?

    MARK BARLOW14 dager siden

    You showed us why not to get a Taycan in the UK and what a crap service station that was 🙄. And you saying 40p for the BP charger is expensive Ionity are even more expensive aren’t they 🙂

  • Jonathan Wright
    Jonathan Wright15 dager siden

    Anyone who would buy an EV car has to be crazy. What's the POINT? These owners are deluding themselves.

  • Amesh De Silva
    Amesh De Silva15 dager siden


  • R H
    R H15 dager siden

    The EV car industry put the cart before the horse.

  • ThorfinnurPetur
    ThorfinnurPetur15 dager siden

    It goes to show that plugin in at home is the best way to go. That would be a totally different experience for you.

  • jon8xty1
    jon8xty115 dager siden

    There are many big problems to an EV. Firstly is the number of chargers if you cannot charge at home. When as you say the number of EVs increase massively will the waiting times to charge mean a long wait time to get to the charger and then charge up. The production of electricity is at the moment only just coping so will we need more power stations? Then there is the problem of the pollutants when making the battery pack followed by how are they to be safely disposed of. I have decided to wait whilst the EV users like yourself (guinea pigs) to decide when to take the plunge. It looks like a long time!

  • Mark de Haas
    Mark de Haas16 dager siden

    Shmee, I can see it in your eyes that you are trying to like the new EV offerings. Good luck with the UK mandates. I see the best supercars using the T.50 paradigm of a mild 48v hybrid that fills the torque valleys. This gives the best of BEV and the best of ICE and a glorious exhaust note! Also AMG Mercedes high efficiency 4 cylinder and V-6 offer hope to a more practical supercar experience!

  • Titus
    Titus16 dager siden

    why do people even buy electric cars, how can they be that stupid ?

  • xicofaria
    xicofaria16 dager siden

    VW EV ecosystem software is absolute rubbish! It wouldn't happen wirh a Korean.

  • Randy Kumpf
    Randy Kumpf16 dager siden

    You should not feel guilty for the inadequate equipment. You had to try two chargers and then wait, probably nobody feel guilty about that! That is a big car! Are parking spaces smaller over there? Greetings from Canada and your latest Canadian subscriber!

  • David Watson
    David Watson16 dager siden

    Good video shows real life also a good advertisement for going for a Tesla and there own dedicated charging network . My opinion is that range needs to reach 300 summer miles before i will switch

  • glenn oc
    glenn oc17 dager siden

    Did you get the TVR in the end?

  • Daniel Pin
    Daniel Pin17 dager siden

    In the end everybody will pay up. 1 minute of charge will cost 10 dollars

  • Justice C
    Justice C17 dager siden


  • James Long
    James Long17 dager siden

    Shmee, time for a model S?

  • geffel
    geffel17 dager siden

    I've been driving EVs for six years with no major problems. If you can afford a Taycan you can afford to buy a place where you can install a charger.

  • Mark's Cars
    Mark's Cars17 dager siden

    Our new M340i xDrive arrives later this month. I have absolutely zero interest in buying a car which demands so much bloody faff and hassle. And can somebody please explain why the Govt have both increased the grant threshold and lowered the grant amount at a time when they want us to change to EVs? I guess perhaps I’ll HAVE to switch eventually. But I’ll do it only with a gun to my head.

  • Silvia Antlady
    Silvia Antlady18 dager siden

    There are way too many comments here to read so apologies if someone already suggested this: A "Juice Booster" (if available in the UK). Car testers from a different country are waxing lyrical about the Juice Booster as it allows you to plug it into any outlet - even the regular ones (albeit it will need a long time to charge to 100%). Maybe that is something you can use in your underground garage?

  • Christian Pedersen
    Christian Pedersen18 dager siden

    Watching this and other Taycan charging experiences, I guess the key take-away is that unless you can homecharge, don't. Imagine having your significant other give you the eye while you are screwing around with charging a temperamental car with a temperamental charging network. If you like to watch Taycan related pain and suffering, go here for a full dose:

  • Kornél Hartung
    Kornél Hartung18 dager siden

    the bodywork was pretty low quality. what a panel gap, it hurt my eyes

  • Jim Omega
    Jim Omega18 dager siden

    Very eloquently put and explained in an interesting 34 mins ! Me buy an EV? Fuck that for a game of soldiers!

  • Trebor Heminway
    Trebor Heminway18 dager siden

    while you're not wrong about needing better charging infrastructure, You should have asked the other people charging if they were also having trouble.It could be your car and not the charger.

  • Nuno M. Pedro Silva
    Nuno M. Pedro Silva18 dager siden

    Very good video! Unless you have the possibility of charging at home overnight... stay away from EVs

  • Older Man
    Older Man18 dager siden

    Convinced me gasoline is still the way.

  • valdur mägi
    valdur mägi18 dager siden

    Electric cars are a medieval antiquity, but we already have a shortage of electricity in the world, and if these machines are added, the crisis will become even greater. For a while, these electric carts are only owned by rich people. Because ordinary petrol or diesel cars can no longer be produced and you can no longer buy them, because the law does not allow it. In other words, we are back in the early 20th century, when only the rich had cars.

  • Ray Blackburn
    Ray Blackburn18 dager siden

    Too much money not enough brains. Guys like this are why the Chinese are battery swapping. Your car needs a software update, clearly Porsche is not ready for prime time. Gas cars didn't do to well when gas stations were few and far between. Remember "The Waltons"? Where Ike would sell them gas out of a 55 gallon drum. He didn't always have gas. Why do people think gas vehicles started out with a 120,000 gas stations on every corner. What happen when not enough gas stations were available? There is no solution I can think of, how did gas car survive?

  • Markus
    Markus18 dager siden

    Get a Tesla, this is ridicolous. I like EVs and would love to have the audi etron or taycan but right now Tesla is the only EV you can own if you are not an enthisiast and want to drive far.

  • Russell Dossett
    Russell Dossett18 dager siden

    Is it your car or is it all EV’s? I nearly brought a EV ended up getting a 335d fast and diesel no hassle filling up and very quick don’t think I could deal with all that time just to much time if you need to use the car daily.I also don’t have three phase change at home 95% don’t and it’s more than I expected to change up in money and time.

  • Sunsailor
    Sunsailor18 dager siden

    Yes, this is the future...😂🤣

  • Charles Alden
    Charles Alden18 dager siden

    It’s really simple, if you do not have a fast charger at home, do not buy an EV as it’s simply not worth the trouble. Get a hybrid instead. Which is why it boggles my mind that all of these governments want no car on the road unless it’s an EV in less than 10 years. The infrastructure and battery technologies are simply no where they should be at this point to accomplish that goal. Th being said, until an EV gets at least 600 miles per charger, I’m not interested.

  • flexairz


    18 dager siden

    And can recharge in 10 minutes..

  • Fred Fisher
    Fred Fisher19 dager siden

    Include time and miles and frustration spent looking for and using a charging station and the cost of owning this car goes way, way up. Buying a Taycan to do short trips is a total waste of the car and the money. Beautiful car, but I’ll leave this to the early adopters to suffer through. Are the current EV’s the equivalent of Betamax, 8 Tracks, Cassettes and CD’s?

  • Christian Marquez
    Christian Marquez19 dager siden

    Battery Swap!

  • flexairz


    18 dager siden

    Not practical. Every ev man. has its own style battery pack. So no.

  • Bienvenu Motorsports
    Bienvenu Motorsports19 dager siden

    Should have bought a Tesla ;) :D

  • john doe
    john doe19 dager siden

    so moral of the story, if you a getaway driver do not use an electric vehical.

  • Starship Driver
    Starship Driver19 dager siden

    This is why Tesla superchargers are so great. Just plug in and check the charge from the app when you’re having food.

  • flexairz


    18 dager siden

    While in the meantime all other real car drivers are at their destination hours ago.

  • Karl
    Karl19 dager siden

    When you get your Tesla Plaid (or any other Tesla) it would be interesting to see a comparison of how your charging experience is with that vehicle.

  • timshaw211
    timshaw21119 dager siden

    Ev range anger not good and charger not working not for me thank.

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson19 dager siden

    Bet you wished you had kept your V12 Lusso now....I kept mine...and values slowly increasing....think I will wait before going down this route, maybe a very long time

  • Brett Murray
    Brett Murray19 dager siden

    A main reason I bought a Tesla. They invest in infrastructure as opposed to just selling you a car.

  • Bmovinz
    Bmovinz19 dager siden

    Now you just need a real experience with a Tesla roadster 👍🏾

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun19 dager siden

    I wish manufacturers would agree to a battery standard so we can have battery pack swapping stations. In theory, a battery pack swap would probably be faster than a fill up.

  • mrman17
    mrman1719 dager siden

    As others have said, you don't have to apologise - you're reporting on real-life issues that you're facing with an EV. People should not get angry with you because of it, they shouldn't keep making excuses for them.

  • Mr Fixit
    Mr Fixit19 dager siden

    Will be even worse when this is linked to a vaccine passport.

  • Fred Scratchet
    Fred Scratchet19 dager siden

    Sorry just not worth all the hassle. Dodging round from charger to charger wasting hours of time.

  • 78vintages
    78vintages19 dager siden

    MY next company car is a hybrid, no way I could go full EV, got to pay £650 myself for the home charging point.

  • Erik Pip
    Erik Pip20 dager siden

    *laughs in tesla* i've never had a problem charging

  • flexairz


    18 dager siden

    Laughs in a real car, refuels in 10 minutes. Drives off again for another 500 miles and feeding plants/ nature with co2.

  • pebre79
    pebre7920 dager siden

    Nice. I hope they work out the kinks. Early versions always have wrinkles. For those interested, other brands don’t have these charging and range issues.

  • nick carvell
    nick carvell20 dager siden

    Absolutely fascinating video. I think it will get worse before it gets better. Tesla charging network is much better. I am considering an EV, but only because I will charge 98% of the time at home. I use a wheelchair so imagine charging at a charge point will be nigh on impossible on my own.

  • iscadean
    iscadean20 dager siden

    Why would you buy a car without having a dedicated charger available. Dumb.

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy20 dager siden

    Not the sharpest knife in the draw. He only had to drive forward into the parking space to get in and out.

  • Stefan Leggott
    Stefan Leggott20 dager siden

    Basically it's shit. Sorry Porsche. You make fantastic cars other than electric ones

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas20 dager siden

    A perfect example of why the rechargeable battery model of electric vehicle is fundamentally flawed. The answer and the only viable future has got to be hydrogen fuel cells. This also solves the problem of people who live in flats, terraced houses etc who cannot charge at home.

  • Scoopy Doopy
    Scoopy Doopy20 dager siden

    I am an EV enthusiast running a Tesla model X for the last four years and I very much appreciate the open mindedness and honesty with which you are approaching your EV journey. There are definitely infrastructure issues and even here in Norway I am not sure I would whole heartedly recommend an EV to someone who does not have the ability to charge at home. That said, Tesla have done really well with their supercharging network with large charging sites and excellent availability. Within twenty minutes of where I live there are three sites giving a total of 76 fast charging stalls.