The MANSORY F8XX is the MOST EXTREME F8 Tributo!

This is the brand new Mansory F8XX! The base F8 Tributo becomes a whole new level of extreme with the full Mansory conversion including bodywork, interior, power, sound and the most insane paint colour too. Let's check it out and take a first drive!

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is already quite the supercar, but Mansory are famed for turning all of the dials up and the appropriately named F8XX does exactly this. Finished in the stunning Catania Green; a deep multi-layered candy shade, it contrasts with both the gold accents and the exposed forged carbon fibre. The Ferrari 3.9l TT V8 now makes 880hp and 960Nm (up from 720hp and 770Nm) and carries the soundtrack to match such a radical design.

Finished entirely in house, Mansory are famed for their cars that certainly grab your attention and this does exactly that in every way. The interior is also finished to the highest standard with bespoke details and touches throughout, even as far as the Tricolore on the key itself.

After taking a look around Mansory's new introduction in the showroom, it's time to pull it out for a first drive to experience how raw and mad this car is.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:47 F8 XX Walkaround
04:13 Showroom Shuffle
06:23 First Drive
13:44 Sound Check
14:21 Interior Details
17:07 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15024 dager siden

    It doesn't get much more extreme than the Mansory F8XX! This is an F8 Tributo on steroids; more visual drama, more power, more sound, and the most extraordinary paintwork. What's your view, too much or just right?

  • Ethan DeBoer

    Ethan DeBoer

    23 dager siden

    I'm getting Lamborghini Murcielago vibes out of the side skirts, agree?

  • Dhruv Goyal

    Dhruv Goyal

    24 dager siden

    @shmee150 hey Tim what's better solarbeam yellow or this green???

  • Raptile07


    24 dager siden

    @Mindaugas Kliukas 💯

  • Raptile07


    24 dager siden

    @Shmee150 This is by far the most beautiful Ferrari and one of the most beautiful cars on the planet 😍😍😍 An absolute dream car. If I had the money I would buy it on the spot. The only thing that I would change would be the huge F8XX label. I would either leave it out completely or have it made small right behind the front wheels in the corner below. Just a beautiful car. Edit: If it is somehow possible to take this Ferrari for a test drive on the autobahn, then it would be really awesome if you could do it. I can't get enough of this car. Instead of the green paintwork, a Bordeaux red metallic paintwork would also look very good 😍 How much does it costs?

  • Sananda


    24 dager siden

    Can't say this often about a Mansory. That is a goodlooking car.

  • Sung Kim
    Sung Kim3 dager siden

    Ugly color.

  • hongniao10


    2 dager siden

    disagree on the color, but agreed that the carbon fiber weave makes it look as though there is bird sheet all over it! should have used traditional carbon fiber weave imho. cheers!

  • Dimitris Oikonomou
    Dimitris Oikonomou3 dager siden

    Where is this place?

  • Alun Jones
    Alun Jones5 dager siden

    Wow! A Mansory that looks tasteful, rather than the tacky OTT stuff that drug dealers and over-paid celebrities buy.

  • Lee In Motion
    Lee In Motion8 dager siden

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley9 dager siden


  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan9 dager siden

    At first I was thinking, "okay, the carbon fibre looks pretty good against that green paint" until it came out into the sunlight. My opinions changed pretty quick after that. If it was regular carbon rather than forged, it would look really good

  • hongniao10


    2 dager siden

    exactly...that carbon fiber spec makes it appear as though there is pigeon sheet all over it in the sunlight! smh how it distracts from the nice green paint! cheers!

  • Lara Been
    Lara Been10 dager siden

    I llllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvv yyyýyyyyoooooouuuu ashmayl 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • rahim balima
    rahim balima13 dager siden

    Cool ♥♥♥

  • Steven Page
    Steven Page13 dager siden

    I love that color!!! 🤙

  • Bill Wanambisi
    Bill Wanambisi14 dager siden

    cheereers hahaha

  • Tim Dennis
    Tim Dennis15 dager siden

    Wow! Mind blowing color combo.

  • Chris R. Nielsen
    Chris R. Nielsen15 dager siden

    IMHO - I'd spec a flat black carbon rather than that flakey-looking gray.

  • hongniao10


    2 dager siden

    exactly...that carbon fiber spec makes it appear as though a flock of pigeons shat all over it!!! really distracts from the nice green paint! smh...cheers!

  • AlkaVirus
    AlkaVirus17 dager siden

    looks insanely good

  • Chahat Singh
    Chahat Singh17 dager siden

    It is just missing an X

    BOH BOH18 dager siden


  • blaine sellars
    blaine sellars18 dager siden

    I love that car

    BOH BOH18 dager siden

    🤯🤯🤯🤯 *WOW* 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Tiga Li
    Tiga Li18 dager siden

    Mansory has no capability of producing fxx series. They are just using that name

  • Chris Price
    Chris Price18 dager siden

    Wow that car looks so good I'm lost for words wonderful video shmee cheers to you tim

  • HD Tech & Photography
    HD Tech & Photography19 dager siden

    Just remove that L wings and its best looking for me

  • HD Tech & Photography
    HD Tech & Photography19 dager siden

    This type of carbon fiber is far better than traditional checks style

  • Enfant Terrible
    Enfant Terrible19 dager siden

    Is the leather quality still that bad with mansory?

  • Sherif Kadir
    Sherif Kadir19 dager siden

    That green! And I usually hate green on cars. However this gorgeous shade befits the extreme styling and character of this model.

  • Ron Barrett
    Ron Barrett20 dager siden

    Soooo beautiful and yes the colors are awesome 👌. Not quite sure though about the carbon fiber material design. Perhaps a traditional weave design would have made the appearance flow better overall. 🤔

  • Arash K
    Arash K20 dager siden

    The forged carbon and the colour actually works so good on so many levels.. Mansory get a lot of hate for what they do but they just showcase how far a customer can go using their show cars.

  • Gavin Halm
    Gavin Halm20 dager siden

    Hey look, it's a Ferrari that looks like a Lamborghini!

  • Docs Lambo
    Docs Lambo20 dager siden

    How does Ferrari not complain about Mansory removing all their badges given the stink they made about a certain DJ putting a mouse on one?

  • Mirai141
    Mirai14120 dager siden

    This might be the first time I’ve ever looked at a Mansory car without wanting to be violently ill

  • Andy Walravens
    Andy Walravens20 dager siden

    Mansory is great in making cars ugly 😂👍

    KNOW HOPE21 dag siden

    With 880hp this beauty should sound like a Ferrari 458 on steroids but it doesnt because Ferrari opted for turbofans and not electric augmentation. Why oh why did they do that, especially since electric gives instant torque.

  • Rachnmat
    Rachnmat21 dag siden

    I am amazed that any human being can find this more attractive than a standard car

  • Allen Saunders

    Allen Saunders

    20 dager siden

    I can say I'm amazed you don't. Mansory got this one right. I love cars like this, reimagined cars etc. ups the unique factor. Sometimes factory are boring or just don't take best advantage of what they could do. Because they have to appeal to alot of people at a certain price point

  • Laurens Woltermann
    Laurens Woltermann21 dag siden

    Mansory... never ever disappointed me. I miss the 'extreme' factor on this one. But the colors and carbon do make up for it :)

  • martijn
    martijn21 dag siden

    i feel this car in black with silver stripes and normal silver wheels would look much better since its already so extreme looking, though i must say this is one of the few projects by Mansory I actually think came out well. though the forged carbon with the gloss clearcoat is still gross.

  • Mountain Jam
    Mountain Jam21 dag siden

    Way to busy.

  • Ritvik Khurana
    Ritvik Khurana21 dag siden

    The interior is horrendous, car looks great tho.

  • FitNinja 7000
    FitNinja 700021 dag siden

    Damn that's the best looking Ferrari I've ever seen in my life

  • Nguyễn Alex
    Nguyễn Alex21 dag siden

    I have a F8 tributo with 1016 industries full body kit, but honestly mansory is so stunning with this beast

  • Kadeem Smith
    Kadeem Smith21 dag siden

    With performance to back up this crazy design too?? This actually isn’t that bad

  • Thorn Matthew
    Thorn Matthew21 dag siden

    I love love the color but dislike this recent trend of marbled like carbon fiber. Anyone else dislike that?

  • Miguel Den Boer
    Miguel Den Boer21 dag siden

    The first car mansory havent f*cked. I would put a different wing on it, remove some small tacky bits near the headlights and i would like to own it

  • 06Trdrew
    06Trdrew22 dager siden

    Sounds like a Miata with an exhaust

  • Mohammed Amhadouch
    Mohammed Amhadouch22 dager siden

    EXTREEEEME......LY Ugly. Are they allergic to keeping things looking attractive without going hot wheels style ??

  • Anthony Jarvis
    Anthony Jarvis22 dager siden

    this is disgusting, the f8 is ugly to start with then add this crappy kit and you get something that only a fool with zero taste would be seen dead in!

  • Musab Asif Shamsi 9330
    Musab Asif Shamsi 933022 dager siden

    its sooooooo aggressive

  • Circahh H
    Circahh H22 dager siden

    ugly af

    81 SUPPORT SUPPORT 8122 dager siden

    Aero level - Ultimate XX

  • Connor Tatz
    Connor Tatz22 dager siden

    Wish they would do normal carbon fiber but this car is cool I actually like what they did with it compared to their other cars

  • Russell Hays
    Russell Hays22 dager siden

    Do people really like Mansory ? or have they become an inside joke ?

  • najmi ismail
    najmi ismail22 dager siden

    arsenal player aubameyang has one in black

  • Alexander Kurtz
    Alexander Kurtz22 dager siden

    Wow a car from mansory That doesnt look like shit

    MOTOR SHOW CARS NEW22 dager siden


  • Colin Paton
    Colin Paton22 dager siden

    No, no, no!

  • Krish
    Krish22 dager siden

    The forged carbon just didn't suit it as much, unless it's the sort of thing that looks wayy better irl

  • timmo3351
    timmo335122 dager siden

    I’d love to know what manufacturers think of the Mansory version of their cars.

  • zak mns
    zak mns22 dager siden

    It's the first time i really like an aftermarket car body

  • Jay S
    Jay S22 dager siden

    The Green Goblin 💚

  • Simon (Si W)
    Simon (Si W)22 dager siden

    Dear God that carbon is hideous 🤮Actually like the green and interior but the rest is typical Mansory more money, no taste

  • Zander 63
    Zander 6323 dager siden

    Not really a fan of green but that's a nice paint 😍💚

  • OKLM rems
    OKLM rems23 dager siden

    Mansory is getting worse and worse, i wonder how much their designer are paid...

  • Me.Grazzhoppah
    Me.Grazzhoppah23 dager siden

    Love the exterior but I don’t like the interior color at all, everything is beige and some hints of white?! Cmon Mansory, a absolutely wild exterior with incredible boring interior.

  • Ethan DeBoer
    Ethan DeBoer23 dager siden

    I'm getting Lamborghini Murcielago vibes out of the side skirts, agree?

  • Slick Mike
    Slick Mike23 dager siden

    a child could draw this with enough time

  • Jaya2211 Jayanthi
    Jaya2211 Jayanthi23 dager siden

    I love that green colour and the carbon, it really match to this Mansory car.

  • MagicSkeleton
    MagicSkeleton23 dager siden

    Never said this about a Mansory before, but I like it! [edit] I spoke too soon: that carbon in the sunshine looks hideous. Otherwise, I still like it.

  • Kevin Niemi
    Kevin Niemi23 dager siden

    I agree, the extremism of this car is wonderful, the paint astounding, and I really like your reviews - kudos Schmee.

  • liam
    liam23 dager siden

    Everyone talking about this livery, it's literally the green and gold of Australia. They've stollen it from Brabham F1 and the subsequent Brabham bt62 livery.

  • Slick Mike
    Slick Mike23 dager siden

    The Ferrari Hyundai

  • Dariune
    Dariune23 dager siden

    Man Sorry, we riced your car again

  • อนุวัฒน์ อาจหาญ
    อนุวัฒน์ อาจหาญ23 dager siden


  • ratbag98
    ratbag9823 dager siden

    Used to have one of those on the farm. Oh no, that was an 8850. Also, chopped carbon needs to die. It looks like a 90s kitchen worktop .

  • Lucas
    Lucas23 dager siden

    Bit of a train wreck imo

    CPM_RICHYEFW_ BMW23 dager siden

    4:31 my dream car the ford gt

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater23 dager siden

    Mansory should’ve left the Ferrari shields on the car cause @ the end of the day it’s STILL A Ferrari. Mansory just improved on the F8 they didn’t build it from factory. So imo they shouldn’t do away with ALL of the Ferrari badges.

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater23 dager siden

    FINALLY another vehicle that Masonry didn’t F UP. Except that interior is 🤮. Lol.........😳. Gotta be honest but I’m NOT a fan of the forged carbon. I think that gloss or satin would LOOK WAY BETTER🤔👌🏻.

  • TwinPower eZ
    TwinPower eZ23 dager siden

    looks a lot like germany

  • Ricky Henderson
    Ricky Henderson23 dager siden

    Welcome to the world of true Kandy paint 😎.

  • Mr Guymandude

    Mr Guymandude

    22 dager siden

    Would it be Kandy Apple... Green? As soon as the car was in the sun I thought about candy apple red hot rods back in the day. Scrolled to your comment at the same time. Thx

  • Kayode Modupe-Ojo
    Kayode Modupe-Ojo23 dager siden

    Absolute nonsense

  • Jose R
    Jose R23 dager siden

    I feel like a Ferrari needs to be Red

  • Asphalt Demon

    Asphalt Demon

    23 dager siden

    I feel you're just as boring XD

  • mike 697
    mike 69723 dager siden

    Beautiful beautiful car💯🤩🤩

  • Kenbujutsu (Kenbujutsu)
    Kenbujutsu (Kenbujutsu)23 dager siden

    Another ugly Mansory, shocked!

  • clayton jucke
    clayton jucke23 dager siden

    For my taste - the forged carbon fiber on the exterior looks gaudy...cheapens an otherwise stellar looking vehicle. Standard carbon fiber would have looked so much better (Mansory continue to try too hard to be different). Another excellent video review Shmee!

  • Anthony Cunningham
    Anthony Cunningham23 dager siden

    I appreciate the amount of preparation you do for these videos! Thanks again for the great content Tim!!!

  • Jimmy, Making it work
    Jimmy, Making it work23 dager siden

    This looks like something the guy in the Southern Comfort commercials would drive.

  • Alden Haul
    Alden Haul23 dager siden

    Custom factory request of Porsche Gaurds red , with carbon fiber trim , as well as black leather interior Now there ya go

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan Frederiksen23 dager siden

    Meh, emperor's new robes

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips23 dager siden

    Mansory literally ALWAYS misses 😂

  • PyroMotteFullHD
    PyroMotteFullHD23 dager siden

    Nice car!

  • Sara W64
    Sara W6423 dager siden

    Mansory doing its usual tasteful thing

  • bigbird540
    bigbird54023 dager siden

    A big green mess

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One23 dager siden

    Dream car 😍

  • Cam 111
    Cam 11123 dager siden

    Why are my black marbel kitchen surfaces glued to the car..

  • Mickk
    Mickk23 dager siden

    Huracan Super Trofeu EVO 2?

  • oxygenC63
    oxygenC6323 dager siden

    Wow, what an epic look! What a green! That is fantastic!

  • enricogolfen
    enricogolfen23 dager siden

    My controversial opinion is that I actually really like the kit

  • Trader RB
    Trader RB23 dager siden

    Dog's dinner. Cool paint though.

  • Samson’s Right
    Samson’s Right23 dager siden

    Does anyone know how much it’d be for the entire kit if you were to send an F8 to Mansory?

  • Samson’s Right
    Samson’s Right23 dager siden

    I think I’d rather have the super tight carbon weave instead of the forged, after seeing it under the sun though.. Could’ve possibly changed my opinion. Mind-blowing! That interior, toppp notch incredible too!

  • lilly wheeler
    lilly wheeler23 dager siden

    Tim, tell Mansory to sell to RBDLA and not be sell outs

  • Sly Mother Trucker
    Sly Mother Trucker23 dager siden

    Now that is special..............................