NOT AGAIN! You Won’t BELIEVE My AMG GT R Roadster's Problem

What are the chances?! My AMG GT R Roadster has exactly the same problem as my Shelby GT500 a few months ago... it's been delivered with the transport blocks. Let's get it fixed and then take a visit to @Seen Through Glass HQ to check out Sam's garage!

I collected the AMG GT R Roadster late last year, after the car had actually been at the dealership for a number of months while I had been in Germany. As a result there was a bit of back and forth and confusion about when I could collect it and quite simply, somewhere along the way that turned out to cause it to have a small step of the PDI process skipped out. However, no dramas, nothing is broken, it just wasn't quite right!

Having driven the car around town and on the motorway, I hadn't really noticed anything untoward, but as soon as I had it on a country lane with bumpier tarmac, it was very obvious something was wrong as the suspension banged and clattered. After pulling over, it was a very quick peer through the wheels to see some flashes of yellow from the transport blocks still in place.

These are typically used when a new car leaves the factory and has a long journey to the delivery destination to ensure that it doesn't hit the ground or get damaged on the move. Fortunately they are fairly easy to pull out as a result, and do not require any dramatic work or huge effort to do so. In order to have this put right, a thanks to Algy from Vulcan Classics at Duke of London for assisting with the tools and work.

Conveniently located nearby is the HQ of my friend Sam from SeenThroughGlass, and having never been to visit on camera it was about time we took a look around his amazing setup for cars, memorabilia and his podcast studio for Behind The Glass. If you aren't already following Sam, you can find his channels at:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:40 Departure
03:15 Arrive at Duke of London
04:50 Wheels Off
05:25 The Fix
06:36 Wheels On
07:36 STG HQ
12:28 STG Podcast Area
15:33 Back on the Road
18:39 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    How crazy is it that this happened twice in the last couple of months?!

  • StepBro


    Måned siden

    Why didn't you take it back to the dealer to give them a bollocking!?

  • Martin


    Måned siden

    @Sahajesh Patel "A good kicking and some freebies" I think you just created this Summer's hit T-shirt motto! It's got a nice ring to it.

  • Sahajesh Patel

    Sahajesh Patel

    Måned siden

    @Martin A good kicking and some freebies 👍🏼

  • Martin


    Måned siden

    @Sahajesh Patel Be smarter than that Saha! A good negotiator could arrange from that dealer a couple of cost free services because of that.....but then again, a good kicking is extremely satisfying providing you are on the giving, not receiving side (joking!)

  • Martin


    Måned siden

    @CA EA It's probably a case of apprentice Johnny coming back from lunch that consisted of two bags of crisps, two pints and a hit or two on a spliff in the carpark and then just forgetting to remove them. btw Johnny is now in a band that does hard, angry punk versions of Abba songs, they're getting quite a following......he wasn't happy being a motor mechanic apprentice.....but when the band's van breaks down, as it so often does , everyone relies on Johnny to get it started and to keep it going.

  • Dewaldt Fourie
    Dewaldt Fourie10 dager siden

    Those are 200 years old

  • Brad H
    Brad H14 dager siden

    unbelievable....what great customer service from the dealership....

  • Alan Jenkinson
    Alan Jenkinson15 dager siden

    Why in earth didn’t you take this up with the mercedes stealership?

  • Small Town
    Small Town20 dager siden

    boffington boff and the boffington boffs of boffington.

  • rivaterrier
    rivaterrier23 dager siden

    Nice touch that they colour match the suspension packing pieces to the seatbelts.

  • Tim Cameron
    Tim Cameron23 dager siden

    So muppets work at the AMG dealership - even bright yellow colour doesn't register - unbelievable.

  • sarra gount
    sarra gount25 dager siden


  • Wes S
    Wes S29 dager siden

    My 2018 GTI was delivered to my wife with blocks in one side only, on a holiday weekend. By the time I drove it I think permanent damage had occurred. The dealer replaced a strut bearing and on a second trip the strut but the clunk remains. According to the dealer, VW says this is "normal." So, this is my first---and last--- VW product.

  • flashgamer
    flashgamerMåned siden

    if it happens on an Electric motor

  • galis genuwin
    galis genuwinMåned siden

    You know what.. I have massive respect for you and Sam for going independant and doing your own thing...its good to see other people being happy and doing well.

  • G M
    G MMåned siden

    Sam reminds me of Brian from Kansas!

  • John Techwriter
    John TechwriterMåned siden

    Why didn’t you confront the dealer about this oversight? Instead you take the car to a tuner shop and remove the blocks yourself, thus absolving the dealer from whatever happens next. If the car experiences a major malfunction, the dealer will have this video as evidence of the car being worked on by a non-MB shop. Good luck with future warranty claims! For a so-called auto journalist, you are green as grass when it comes to purchasing a car and dealing with issues.

  • Hassan Javed
    Hassan JavedMåned siden

    Crazy oh ok mr de ja vu Amg not happy

  • Sean
    SeanMåned siden

    Don’t know why you would protect such an unprofessional sorry dealership. If they are that miserable with millionaires cars like you how bad are they screwing normal people? Call them out so others can be warned...

  • Goodman 4525
    Goodman 4525Måned siden

    I'm impressed how a little piece of plastic can endure that much car going down on it without exploding

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray RiveraMåned siden

    It’s good to see you guys together

  • Vincent Wilkes
    Vincent WilkesMåned siden

    Next time, please get the shmee off the windscreen~

  • Genni Glassglow
    Genni GlassglowMåned siden

    💎💎💸💸💸🌸🌸💎💎💎🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸💸💸💸💎💎 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vootyMåned siden

    Makes me wonder how many people drive around with them in there not knowing!?!? Lol

  • Cristiano Dazzler
    Cristiano DazzlerMåned siden

    Sorry but not to be rude I’m finding it little bit hard to believe Mercedes dealer didn’t remove transport blocks at PDI. Covid is no excuse apologies however standards are standards this is top end marquee car ..I mean blocks are luminous yellow you can’t miss them it badly effects the suspension set ride quality so much surely you’d pick up on this in hrs days weeks and not months ? Why didn’t you return car and complain to dealer unusual practice these days ? I would have in a flash..especially taking the price tag into account’ve not mentioned this at any point I recall in your content ..Sir ? 😂

  • Aristotelis Tokanidis
    Aristotelis TokanidisMåned siden

    Man the 4th be with you

  • yasio bolo
    yasio boloMåned siden

    I'm surprised you wouldn't take it back to the dealership so they can fix their mistake. Makes you wonder what else they missed on their "PDI"

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Måned siden

    Truly, a first world problem. Wish I was in a position to have the same issue. Enjoy the heck out of it, Tim!

  • John Spanos
    John SpanosMåned siden

    You removed with remarkable technique and outstanding panache. You are now thoroughly certified by AMG as suspension technician. LoL 😂 cheers 🥂

  • M2 Kev
    M2 KevMåned siden

    That is dreadful service from the main dealer that sold the car! ☹️

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    Måned siden


  • Martin Boulden
    Martin BouldenMåned siden

    I think this is shocking on the dealerships part.

  • Kinson Lau
    Kinson LauMåned siden

    the person who responsible for the PDI definitely didn't do his/her job properly

  • Simon Low
    Simon LowMåned siden

    I think you got a problematic car

  • Phil Wright
    Phil WrightMåned siden

    I'd love to know what the dealership have said. Shoddy

  • Sven Landshut
    Sven LandshutMåned siden

    Where did Schmee got the money from to afford these cars. ? Anybody an idea?

  • Harry Neild
    Harry NeildMåned siden

    Sam: Gets a display area for his cars Tim: Hold my beer

  • bobbyshankit
    bobbyshankitMåned siden

    Makes you wonder what else they don't check when doing the PDI, i bet they checked how fast it went though !! hope the halfwit who signed it off has a proper talking too for doing half a job, total whopper of a bloke

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddyMåned siden

    Makes me wonder how many people drive around with them in there not knowing!?!? Lol

  • Gothy Chris
    Gothy ChrisMåned siden

    That is shocking PDI prep!!

  • Sweet Dream
    Sweet DreamMåned siden

    Where do you live Shmee150 and we can meet you

  • gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy

    Måned siden

    Mercedes & BMW= The biggest pieces of crap on the road. If you have money to flush down the toilet on these two car brands (while looking sporty doing it) God bless.

  • superfast30
    superfast30Måned siden

    Truly, a first world problem. Wish I was in a position to have the same issue. Enjoy the heck out of it, Tim!

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron SmithMåned siden

    At 5.40 when you remove the transport blocks, you should do a design on them and do a little giveaway 😉 love the videos and your constant grind! ❤ P.s they look like pacman

  • First Name Second Name
    First Name Second NameMåned siden

    I’d heard PAC-Man was trying to make a come back but I didn’t think being smuggled in exotic Mercedes Cars would be the best way to get attention…. I guess I was wrong 😁🤪🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hans Honstatzky
    Hans HonstatzkyMåned siden

    Nice car

  • harrybambrough
    harrybambroughMåned siden

    Not enough twiggy content

  • spadgm
    spadgmMåned siden

    I almost forgot you owned this! What a stunning car!

  • auwz66
    auwz66Måned siden

    4:55 when the mechanic is removing the wheel without a removal pin (or two) makes my teeth itch... then he bounces the wheel off the disc for good measure.

  • Brendan D'brass
    Brendan D'brassMåned siden

    I forgot you even have this car

  • Nigel K
    Nigel KMåned siden

    Better hope the body attachments aren't damaged if you drove it. What a shower.

  • Graham Hall
    Graham HallMåned siden

    Mercs used to be over enginered now theyre made by acountants

  • bssni touir
    bssni touirMåned siden

    Takes to Merc Dealer: That'll be $5000 for service. See you back here in two months for more!

  • ThePom91
    ThePom91Måned siden

    Wow Shmee getting his hands dirty?

  • LekkerDops
    LekkerDopsMåned siden

    Name and Shame the dealer! Very dangerous what they did, and charged a grand for delivery? Expensive car wash...typical

  • bssni touir

    bssni touir

    Måned siden

    great content as always

  • Gary Sykes
    Gary SykesMåned siden

    That’s quite appalling that they were not removed at PDI...makes you wonder how many car’s don’t get checked

  • Michael
    MichaelMåned siden

    Mercedes & BMW= The biggest pieces of crap on the road. If you have money to flush down the toilet on these two car brands (while looking sporty doing it) God bless.

  • Artur
    ArturMåned siden

    Yeah PDI..... quick glance over by a jobs worth and it’s done. It’s a real shame that attention to detail and care for the job in hand is rare these days.

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouyMåned siden

    Takes to Merc Dealer: That'll be $5000 for service. See you back here in two months for more!

  • Marko Polo
    Marko PoloMåned siden

    How embarrssing of Mercedes!

  • portraitsoflondon1
    portraitsoflondon1Måned siden

    Why not just take it to the Mercedes dealer?

  • yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    Måned siden

    Didn't you JUST go thru this with the GT500?

  • MrSlash00r
    MrSlash00rMåned siden

    I had that happen on a new car once and I didn't discover it until I went on a track day! TBH .. the handling may have been improved due to the reduced suspension travel! lol

  • J R
    J RMåned siden

    Shmee we miss the SLS amg…

  • Graeme Glen
    Graeme GlenMåned siden

    Every new AMG comes with a book about a plucky Spanish boy called MANUEL. You should read it.

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqmMåned siden

    I'm surprised you wouldn't take it back to the dealership so they can fix their mistake. Makes you wonder what else they missed on their "PDI"

  • Spy D
    Spy DMåned siden

    we need more amg gt r content

  • rideFANCY
    rideFANCYMåned siden

    wow, I better check my 2009 nissan for some suspension blocker

  • ProfPolish
    ProfPolishMåned siden

    After it happened on the GT 500 I thought that you had encountered a rare and strange thing that must never happen, but this now makes me think it must be a semi common thing

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad AliMåned siden

    great content as always

  • Gryph Lane
    Gryph LaneMåned siden

    Its driver?

  • Mr LV
    Mr LVMåned siden


  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno SousaMåned siden


  • Kab Long
    Kab LongMåned siden

    That should have been removed during pre delivery inspection

  • RAVI
    RAVIMåned siden

    7:27 Bruh 😂

  • Matt Fraser
    Matt FraserMåned siden

    Didn't you JUST go thru this with the GT500?

  • Jaden Palmer
    Jaden PalmerMåned siden

    Is it just me that didn’t know he took delivery of this car 😂

  • cw205mi16
    cw205mi16Måned siden

    Such a great looking car but the two tone wheels are ‘orrible, really let it down

  • john g
    john gMåned siden

    Well done Merc,whats a pre inspection cost???

  • Mohammed Salah
    Mohammed SalahMåned siden

    thanks for sharing

  • Larry Hatch
    Larry HatchMåned siden

    Laughed at the Pontiac with an AMG badge. There's a rash of those fake AMG badges in the US especially as the things cost $12 a set on eBay. I wanted to tick off my friend with a real AMG so put two badges on my Chrysler 300 (which was a Daimler-Chrysler product): AMG Black Series with V12 Bi-Turbo below it. Now every fool on the block comes up and wants to race me. My Hemi is tuned a bit so I actually have a shot.

  • Bulat Shakirov
    Bulat ShakirovMåned siden

    Eric Davidich is right about Mercedes!

  • shiznuts
    shiznutsMåned siden

    Loved the bit with Sam! It's always a delight seeing either of you OG's (especially STG/Sam and/or MrJWW James) cross paths!

  • tasos venieris
    tasos venierisMåned siden

    The styler froelany sparhazeint🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 the problems en dued mees the stupet drives en vuer no thigelfoul the cars en ofcros the grazy englishs peoples en dued crashs the evething say

  • Yannick Finkenbrink
    Yannick FinkenbrinkMåned siden

    It's like full sticker Rolex, shouldn't happen, but happens

  • Oyo Wvk
    Oyo WvkMåned siden

    Hi Tim, first of all I want you to know that I am the only one from from Sri Lanka who's been watching your channel since 2019 along with the only other two who I've subscribed to - (Harrys Garage and RBR,) who really give 61 year old petrol-heads like me clear, unabaised, detailed information about the new vehicles on the market. I'm really disappointed that Mercedes did not do a proper pre-delivery inspection of the car before giving it to you. The reason being that I am a Mercedes fan since 1971 when dad (a automobile engineer who worked in Dagenhem for Ford in the the 60's and bought his first car, a 3 speed Ford Prefect and drove it with mum and me overland back to Sri Lanka , and not to be bored in his years as a pensioner, bought a 1952 DB190 that was a restauration project over the next 4 years with me, a 11 year old, as his helper, handing over diverse tools to him that he needed when he was restoring this maroon with a cream top dream car. Just so you know, for me, although all cars that you have are beautiful pieces of work,this AMG Cabrio is MY favourite! I've watched the delivery video 7 times already. Keep up the incredible, sadly, not daily, new posts. Lots of greetings from sunny Sri Lanka to you and your girlfriend, Stay Healthy. Keith.

  • SC OTS
    SC OTSMåned siden

    Since when Shmee bought the AMG GTR Roadster?

  • Custardad
    CustardadMåned siden

    04:58 it drove me nuts. Hurts me badly.

  • Decennium #185
    Decennium #185Måned siden

    Was it PDI in the UK? That would answer the question “why”? British mechanics dealing with Germany engineering. British mechanics can’t even keep up with British engineered cars let alone something as “foreign” as German.

  • Decennium #185
    Decennium #185Måned siden

    It’s the equivalent of leaving the steel retaining rod in place on a washer or dryer, lmao

  • Jamie B
    Jamie BMåned siden

    When’re we going to see the new shmooseum

  • Alain
    AlainMåned siden

    So when something like this happens, do you bill the transport company for the service done to get this off?

  • Disruptedable
    DisruptedableMåned siden

    Just a little viewer observation. When you record in the garage, the background ventilation is rather annoying and loud. Just my opinion 🤷‍♂️ Besides that, Thank you for all the great content 😊👏

  • Richard Powell
    Richard PowellMåned siden


  • Mud Plugging
    Mud PluggingMåned siden

    I had a similar problem with my washing machine.

  • Andrew James
    Andrew JamesMåned siden

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  • Funkhelm Friedel
    Funkhelm FriedelMåned siden

    I don't believe you

  • Postman Pat
    Postman PatMåned siden

    I hope the shear embarrassment of this video towards the dealership will make them ensure they envoke the predelivery inspection as they must charge their customer for?

  • peter simunovich
    peter simunovichMåned siden

    I'm sure you'll speak on it soon, but do you plan on chasing an allocation for the 812 competizione? @shmee150

  • novartic
    novarticMåned siden

    Tim the mechanic, what’s your charge rate 😂

  • Andy Howitt
    Andy HowittMåned siden

    Can we please just get all the cars together jeezus I’ve lost track.

  • Dark Project
    Dark ProjectMåned siden

    Tim and Sam are literally the perfect pair lol

  • Sage the owl Fatfeathery
    Sage the owl FatfeatheryMåned siden

    I’d be having a fairly interesting conversation with the principal of the supplying dealership, were this to happen to me…….

  • blackal53
    blackal53Måned siden

    The potential consequence of leaving those in - is huge. That's an item that should be on a checksheet, and signed off individually.

  • Daily Driven Commander
    Daily Driven CommanderMåned siden

    They may have left them in there thinking you would have it sent on a truck to get ppf wrapped before actually driving it,but forgot to tell you they left them in. Honest mistake I'm sure

  • Peter Kirton
    Peter KirtonMåned siden

    Is that a standard colour Tim. I like it

  • dimsoneill
    dimsoneillMåned siden

    I think the GT is just trembling in fear at getting wrapped purple and yellow mate!😆

  • christer karlsson
    christer karlssonMåned siden