NEW TechArt GT Street R! EXCLUSIVE Prototype 992 Turbo S Test Drive

This mad machine is the prototype of the new TechArt GT Street R! Join me at TechArt's HQ in Germany for an exclusive drive in the upcoming model based on the Porsche 911 992 Turbo S and a full look at the workshop to see how it's manufactured.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S is always a very capable car, particularly in the latest 992 variant, and makes for the perfect base for TechArt to build their latest GT Street R. The full package includes a significant power hike, radical aerodynamics and bodywork, along with a totally bespoke interior.

Visually, it's a dramatic appearance with new bodywork from the bonnet with 992 GT3 inspired openings, to wider arches and louvres over the arches. The wheels have removable aero rings and centre-locks, while the car wears a gigantic multi-layered wing at the rear, including intake scoops akin to the 993 GT2.

The GT Street R takes power to 800hp (from 650hp in the series Turbo S), and torque goes from 800Nm to 950Nm, all through the 4 wheel drive system and 8spd PDK gearbox. The GT Street R also features a new exhaust system and will have an entirely bespoke interior that we can learn a little about during the visit to also check out the carbon fibre manufacturing facility as well as the saddlery where the interiors are created. Let's take it for a drive and see what it's all about!

Special thanks to TechArt for the opportunity to discover the GT Street R and a first drive in this very special prototype, even heading out and driving through Weissach!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:45 GT Street R Walkaround
05:15 First Drive
13:20 Carbon Fibre Manufacturing
15:49 Saddlery
18:04 Showroom Tour
21:36 GT Street R Details
24:17 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    TechArt have taken the 992 Turbo S and made something crazy! This is the prototype for the new GT Street R and we can take it out for an exclusive first drive. What do you think, how crazy is this?!

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    Cars & Paint NEW

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  • Cars & Paint NEW

    Cars & Paint NEW

    Måned siden

    The Paint Is Wacky

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    Atharv Dwivedi

    Måned siden

    Inexplainably crazy and beautiful

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad Techart let you check out and drive the Prototype Techart GT Street R and I think it looks great looks absolutely incredible even with Camo

  • xx maxprolegendxx
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    Jdm Guy

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    Jdm Guy29 dager siden

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  • Demise, Devised

    Demise, Devised

    29 dager siden

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