New BRABUS G 900 ROCKET EDITION! This Beast Does 0-60mph in 3.3 Seconds

This is the new Brabus G 900 Rocket Edition! Brabus are only making 25 of the monstrous G Wagon featuring the 900hp 4.5l Biturbo V8, along with carbon fibre widestar body package and a whole new interior. Join me for a first look and a drive on the drag strip - you'll be surprised!

After launching the Brabus Rocket 900 on the AMG GT 4-door last year, the ethos and insanity has now transferred into the G63 from AMG. You could call it the supercar of off-roaders thanks to the incredible power and torque, but also finished with such a high level interior as has come to be known from Brabus.

The engine has been rebuilt from the standard 4.0l Biturbo V8 to 4.5 litres, and taking power to 900hp (from 585hp) in the process and torque up to 1,250Nm (from 850Nm) - although it's limited to protect the gearbox and other components.

For the biggest surprise though, it's the run down the drag strip and the ludicrous acceleration achieved by the Brabus G 900 Rocket; completing the 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint in a mere 3.4s... a figure that makes very little sense considering the size and weight of the car. However, that's the Brabus way, doing it in style!

After a full look at the new car, it's an opportunity to give it a run and get a feel for what it's about. And what a car it is!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    Go big or go home! It's the supercar of off-roaders from Brabus in the form of the G 900 Rocket. Styled off the GT 4-door Rocket, with a ludicrous 900hp, just look at how fast this thing can move down the runway... I never expected it to clock the times it does! What do you think of the new Rocket?

  • Romeo Baz

    Romeo Baz

    21 dag siden

    @Carsten Tonnies deal)))

  • Carsten Tonnies

    Carsten Tonnies

    21 dag siden

    @Romeo Baz you and me both mate

  • Romeo Baz

    Romeo Baz

    22 dager siden

    @Carsten Tonnies I need a lucky ticket in my hand

  • Carsten Tonnies

    Carsten Tonnies

    22 dager siden

    Wow that thing moves like NOTHING else I've seen!!! A Rocket is definitely what it is

  • Carsten Tonnies

    Carsten Tonnies

    22 dager siden

    @Romeo Baz just under $500k $480.000 to be exact. If you have to ask, you cant afford it

  • R10Football
    R10Football4 dager siden

    How height of them?

  • Дмитрий Сигизмундыч
    Дмитрий Сигизмундыч5 dager siden

    And where is the Russian language?

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi7 dager siden

    is this what Germans drive around in?

  • kosti narain
    kosti narain8 dager siden

    The older one was cooler..looked better and it got a V12

  • Fridde von Frankenstein
    Fridde von Frankenstein9 dager siden

    Goddamn, future forest rangers will be FAST Oo

  • rhythm451
    rhythm45110 dager siden

    Rich Couple: Ya so we just got our new G-900 Rocket edition, do you like it. Forgotten Son: It looks badass, are you going off-roading with it soon. Rich Wife: 🤨.. sweetheart I think he just cursed at us. Rich Man: now I remember why we sent him away in the first place.

  • Eric Peltier
    Eric Peltier10 dager siden

    I have a high tolerance for Silly. The spoiler exceeds my limits.

  • Onetri Beadle
    Onetri Beadle11 dager siden


  • Dan B
    Dan B11 dager siden

    Halfords edition? 🤭

    HAMZA PERFECT12 dager siden

    looks like a toy car

  • Hima P
    Hima P15 dager siden

    Brabus is becoming more and more Mansory

  • Sucharith Battina
    Sucharith Battina16 dager siden

    Superb video.

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall17 dager siden

    OH YES PLEASE ALL DAY LONG, thank you for bringing us this, thank you Brabus for making this.

  • Yaramir Sharifov
    Yaramir Sharifov17 dager siden

    you pissed off

  • Ian Brender
    Ian Brender18 dager siden

    A triumph of money over taste!

  • lee molyneux
    lee molyneux18 dager siden

    Why does shmee always sound like he has just been for a run? Maybe cars just get him very excited? Having a crisis

  • Anzar Ali
    Anzar Ali19 dager siden

    In all due fairness Brabus need to start building space rockets to fly they customers to space... #✌

  • zynxx
    zynxx20 dager siden

    i love this mans hype every time he makes a video

  • Jan van de Boerka
    Jan van de Boerka20 dager siden


  • interaeronav
    interaeronav21 dag siden

    Why doesn’t he just grow a beard

  • terrortorn
    terrortorn22 dager siden

    OFF Road..... you'd do thousands of £ of damage to this thing if you took it down a gravel drive.

  • 74thstreet
    74thstreet23 dager siden

    Shmee I love your videos I’m living driving experiences vicariously through you and videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Stanislaw Faron
    Stanislaw Faron24 dager siden


  • David Njuguna
    David Njuguna25 dager siden

    Shut up and drive jeeeez!

  • Thomas Hill
    Thomas Hill25 dager siden

    Utterly pointless and stupid

  • rgarri6396
    rgarri639625 dager siden

    This is a g trash wagon! Have we lost our minds buying a 900hp box.

  • J Khan
    J Khan25 dager siden

    Looks like a reverse colours of the Ateam van ???

  • Sebastian Frowein
    Sebastian Frowein27 dager siden

    Tell me your a pimp without telling me you’re a pimp

  • Paul White
    Paul White28 dager siden

    Presenter is Claire Balding!! Best videos out there

  • Dan Fazylov
    Dan FazylovMåned siden

    Powerful, expensive, but not practical, less comfortable than the original version. On top of that it looks awful. Original classy design of g63 amg is much better.

  • Ambo A.
    Ambo A.Måned siden

    The driver of the black g wearing a helmet, it's gercollector.

  • Mads Krabbe Fotografi
    Mads Krabbe FotografiMåned siden

    Looks like shit - way to much plastic body styling bits

  • Alen Ibričić
    Alen IbričićMåned siden

    Shmee please make a test about Brabus Rocket 900 GT 4-door

  • SSCustoms
    SSCustomsMåned siden

    2020 and newer has the 9 speed...more power the less gears you want... always searching for gears in daily driving...which means kiddos in the back puking and a necks snapped on the regular...its my daily and love the psi boost and exhaust note but had to remove my transmission tune as its always searching to crack up the text i just tried to send

  • SSCustoms
    SSCustomsMåned siden

    my wifes 1400hp escalade is 3 seconds all day... but the g is the baddest suv on the planet

  • SSCustoms
    SSCustomsMåned siden

    come to dallas and see 1 of 12 warriors edition with platinum white interior wrapped in matte silver metallic with wiestec turbos with double tune with fabspeed cutout exhaust and carbon wheels with upgraded brembro brake'll outrun bulls and horses....

  • Temitope Osuolale-Ajayi
    Temitope Osuolale-AjayiMåned siden

    I think my mouth was wide opened all through the 21 minutes video on this beast of a machine... Jeez! So how much does it cost? Putting it on my wishlist... lol

  • Luscious3174
    Luscious3174Måned siden

    Deceptive marketing - they cannot call it rocket edition unless they hard mount four sidewinders to the roof and a Mach speed indicator in the dash LOL

  • Louisville Louisville
    Louisville LouisvilleMåned siden

    Everything about it is ugly but I think that front bumper is the worst front bumper I've ever seen

  • Jerome Hempe
    Jerome HempeMåned siden

    After banging my head against the wall for, oh, an hour, this guy looked pretty good!

  • TheHayabusa09
    TheHayabusa09Måned siden


  • Suki Lah
    Suki LahMåned siden

    Can you test drive the Aston Maartin DBX truck please Thank you

  • Ciprian R
    Ciprian RMåned siden

    Asta putea fi un ARO :))

  • Orhan Zyberi
    Orhan ZyberiMåned siden

    Shmee150 i saw you did something wrong never put to drive mode while you still going reverse its very bad for the gear :/

  • Joanne Marc
    Joanne MarcMåned siden

    That turning circle looked terrible

  • Alan pratama channel
    Alan pratama channelMåned siden

    The black one is looks so sick!

  • Achmad Bastari
    Achmad BastariMåned siden

    Bocah manja

  • Tom Shone
    Tom ShoneMåned siden

    Jeez he sounds permanently out of breath.

  • Pero Kuzmanovic
    Pero KuzmanovicMåned siden

    Einfach das Gesicht vom GerCollector geleakt😂

  • Is Hunt
    Is HuntMåned siden

    That is definitely the coolest looking G Wagon.

  • boss kelvin
    boss kelvinMåned siden

    adding one to my collection soon 😂👍🏻

  • michael ireland
    michael irelandMåned siden

    wickedly cool

  • rex lin
    rex linMåned siden

    All them fake ass vents

  • Toni Montagna
    Toni MontagnaMåned siden

    A perfect car for teatime🤣🤣

  • Coop Cooper
    Coop CooperMåned siden

    Did a asian with a unlimited ebay budget mod this g wagon. Looks cheap and trash

    ROCK JOHNSONMåned siden


  • Jeff Mackler
    Jeff MacklerMåned siden

    On the upside, they've set a new bar for 'ugly'.

  • John Mattsson
    John MattssonMåned siden

    Who the hell puts a wing on a G-wagon, it's so bad

  • john ferris
    john ferrisMåned siden

    how much ??

  • James Morrissey
    James MorrisseyMåned siden

    The wipers are so confident!

  • Tim Tom
    Tim TomMåned siden

    Shmee needs a camera guy

  • Tony K
    Tony KMåned siden

    Please tell Mercedes to make another 6x6

  • Meiza El Khayri
    Meiza El KhayriMåned siden


  • Farewell_ To_Normalcy
    Farewell_ To_NormalcyMåned siden

    I’m all about Brabus… but these look like something out of fast and furious…. The first one. Yikes. Way too much going on outside

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE302Måned siden

    Say that again... "it has 1250Nm torque that is limited to 1050Nm"... LoL... If it's limited to 1050Nm then it is NOT 1250Nm... that is some real creative advertising.

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE302Måned siden

    They are crazy Fast for an SUV... they are also goddam fugly. They actually look like they are made from Lego...! For some reason... I want one...!

  • Sabri -
    Sabri -Måned siden

    Brabus knows wery well to built amazing cars

  • Sam Wayne
    Sam WayneMåned siden

    Interior is straight from Ali-Express 💀

  • Si Edwards
    Si EdwardsMåned siden

    I've never really understood the fascination with G Wagons but I'd have one of these. Especially in the grey. It's a beast!

  • Chris Blake
    Chris BlakeMåned siden

    Other than reducing drag on your wallet, those wings are going to do absolutely nothing for a mobile brick.

  • Woody Soonattrakul
    Woody SoonattrakulMåned siden


  • Woody Soonattrakul
    Woody SoonattrakulMåned siden


  • Woody Soonattrakul
    Woody SoonattrakulMåned siden


  • Woody Soonattrakul
    Woody SoonattrakulMåned siden

    Sorry that was my friends

  • Woody Soonattrakul
    Woody SoonattrakulMåned siden

    Poopy diarrhea

  • Woody Soonattrakul
    Woody SoonattrakulMåned siden

    O I like to Germany G wagon

  • Claudinei Pereira
    Claudinei PereiraMåned siden

    Obrigado por mostrar 🙆🏿‍♂️👀🙇🏿‍♂️💰🙇🏿‍♂️🇧🇷🙇🏿‍♂️🇧🇷💰🙇🏿‍♂️🇧🇷💰

  • nadir sohail
    nadir sohailMåned siden

    Crap tbh. Too mansory. Prefer stock

  • Don 22
    Don 22Måned siden

    Love the turbo noises

  • Ashley Archer
    Ashley ArcherMåned siden

    How much cash are they two buy one

  • Jerrom Joseph
    Jerrom JosephMåned siden

    The only thing I hate is The fake vents. It's just is sooooooo ughhhh.

  • Pro DELBOY
    Pro DELBOYMåned siden

    Rich 17year olds have to drive something I suppose

  • Joe Stiffcock
    Joe StiffcockMåned siden

    that candy red interior is disgusting

  • Peace Chukwunulu
    Peace ChukwunuluMåned siden

    it would have faster on a dry road

  • The Stealth
    The StealthMåned siden

    Everything was relatively good until you opened the door and I saw that cheap, tacky, chav interior. Looks like someone was given a £50 gift voucher at Halfords, totally ruined.

  • 7ound Mckayy
    7ound MckayyMåned siden

    The exterior kinda looks bad....I don't like it but the performance and interior is good

  • Jordan Thomson
    Jordan ThomsonMåned siden


  • Steffen Cookie
    Steffen CookieMåned siden

    Gercollector 👍 😁

  • Barlyn Uribe
    Barlyn UribeMåned siden

    Not a big fan of that wing at the back

  • Glenn Bellamy
    Glenn BellamyMåned siden


  • Jeramie Bradford
    Jeramie BradfordMåned siden

    That wing though, it's a little 'fast and furious' for a Mercedes.

  • Alistair Robertson
    Alistair RobertsonMåned siden

    Absolute mess! Not a G Wagon fan to start with but that’s horrendous!

  • L.M. Beltran
    L.M. BeltranMåned siden

    It’s not a G without the wheel on the back 😔

  • Chris Kong
    Chris KongMåned siden


  • Ian Clancy
    Ian ClancyMåned siden

    I remember when Germans were all about understated, sleeper performance. AMG Hammer. E28/E34/E39 M5. 450SEL 6.9. I know Brabus isn’t OEM but it’s still embarrassing.

  • IOneTwoFarQ 1
    IOneTwoFarQ 1Måned siden

    Imagine fitting this engine in the A class. Add some wings and it might be able to fly

    ERIC LIGHTMåned siden

    A riced out G thanks

  • Tucker Strothers
    Tucker StrothersMåned siden

    How much is this usd ? & I wonder what would mansory do if it got a hold of this lol

  • John John NR
    John John NRMåned siden

    What size tires??? I know they’re 24 inches but what are the other measurements for the tires? (example: 335/35/24)