New BRABUS 800 GLE BEAST! Test Drive and Full Tour

Check out the new Brabus GLE 800! Capable, practical, functional, well equipped, and now extremely powerful thanks to the full 800 package from Brabus. The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S is dialed up to 800hp, features carbon bodywork, and a new interior, so let's explore it!

The Brabus 800 package has proven itself with various models and now comes to the mid-size SUV platform in the form the AMG GLE 63 S variant featuring the 4.0l TT V8. In normal form it makes 612hp and 850Nm but thanks to engineering work by Brabus it is now up to 800hp and 1,000Nm (limited), meaning it's capable of 0-100km/h (62mph) in 3.4s.

Visually it wears carbon bodywork including the wider arches, front apron, intake surrounds, diffuser and more, along with new wheels, a lowered ride height, better sounding exhaust, and of course the interior is also retrimmed to the finest standards. After a full tour to take in all of the details, it's a quick run out on the road before an opportunity to put the foot down on a runway to see what the Brabus GLE 800 is like.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:45 Plans
01:37 Walkaround
03:07 Interior
03:53 Engine
05:35 First Drive
10:59 Runway
12:16 Dashboard and Displays
14:44 Rear Seats
15:13 Boot/Trunk
15:58 Thoughts
17:06 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15021 dag siden

    Brabus are masters of their craft and this time around the full 800 package is brought to the AMG GLE 63 S. With the full 800hp, carbon fibre bodywork, the finest leather interior and more, let's explore it in detail and see what it's like on the road and also for a blast on the runway.

  • Timborghini Tube

    Timborghini Tube

    21 dag siden

    You should buy one so I can put it in your garage for my GTA Online Shmee character lol There's like an exact copy in GTA. It'd be perfect 🐱‍👓

  • Arian Konci

    Arian Konci

    21 dag siden

    Thank you very much Tim for the great work you made for us and for the pasion you show in explaining the content! I wish you all the best and keep up the performance, from Tirana Albania 🇦🇱..

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    Mohammad Ali

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    Crazy Hotwheels

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    Vab1ar19 dager siden

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  • anonymous0365
    anonymous036512 dager siden

    love how the number plate litterally says BOT in block caps lol

  • anonymous0365
    anonymous036512 dager siden

    can i just ask is brabus owned by Merc or is it like mansory or LB

  • Tony Bhogal
    Tony Bhogal15 dager siden

    Power aside, that is right up there as one of the most hideous conversions ever. I'll stick with my CLS63, genuinely don't see the point of a pseudo 4x4/performance SUV. Utterly pointless.

  • Jon Gib
    Jon Gib17 dager siden

    Very nice. But the red is too much

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    Jack Britton18 dager siden

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    PyroMotteFullHD19 dager siden

    Over 300.000 €... but amazing and exclusiv car.

  • 2017 triple R
    2017 triple R19 dager siden

    If I hit a lottery I would have to have a brabus rocket 900 in my garage theres something special about that car

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    South415319 dager siden

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    KitKatKiller19 dager siden

    The red accents are kak

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    Lasagna Lover6919 dager siden

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    safraan10020 dager siden

    Real nice car, It is a pity Brabus after sales service is lousy.

  • politicians and doctors are LIARS
    politicians and doctors are LIARS20 dager siden

    Performance SUVs are pointless

  • Elderin Moi
    Elderin Moi20 dager siden

    Complete opposite of understatement for those who need it (and there are a lot out there). I find it ugly. All the carbon fiber plastics reminds me of MCM bags that have been so popular. Just bad taste and people will laugh about that like they do know when they see jackets from the 70s.

  • Lee Douglas
    Lee Douglas20 dager siden

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    Millyonz 25820 dager siden

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    John P20 dager siden

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    Teko20 dager siden

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    Venkata Sushanth20 dager siden

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    M R20 dager siden

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    HQBProductions20 dager siden

    Well nobody will ever think it is restrained and understated with that gaudy red interior and hideously ugly front. Fierce but a bit pointless.😨

  • Omar Amaya
    Omar Amaya20 dager siden

    I'm fairly certain Tim has a personal rain cloud following him.

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    Sir Steven Harvey III20 dager siden

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    Stephen Beck21 dag siden

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  • TyredTony
    TyredTony21 dag siden

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    Lloyd Bellis21 dag siden

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    George Migeod21 dag siden

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    ROBZ King21 dag siden

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    Ben Story21 dag siden

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  • Peter Craig-Jones
    Peter Craig-Jones21 dag siden

    All Brabus cars would be so much more appealing if they stopped shouting Brabus so loudly. The grill logo is particularly ott

  • Karsten Pedersen

    Karsten Pedersen

    21 dag siden

    Yeah, the interior, interior is a bit much in itself, but the exterior and wheels are way to footballer for my liking. The sound is great though

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    DJJumpdancer21 dag siden

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    Samet Akın21 dag siden

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    Zero Akang21 dag siden

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    Christof Fasching21 dag siden

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  • Vaughn Mongan
    Vaughn Mongan21 dag siden

    who actually buys these though? It's like more than doubling the sticker

  • Quacky Duck
    Quacky Duck21 dag siden

    I sat watching this thinking WTF. That thing is the epitome of small dick, huge ego. I've never got SUV's. Especially powerful ones. Living in Aus I like Landcruisers and dual cab utes, they have a purpose and do it well, and on half the roads here you need one. I'd buy an Audi allroad and a proper sports car with the change.

  • OzzieTech
    OzzieTech21 dag siden

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    ꧁Ðඹηηყყ彡 ÐΘÐǤЄ_ֆpᗩɨи꧂21 dag siden

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    Isaac Thomas21 dag siden

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  • Chief G.
    Chief G.21 dag siden

    Just looks like a GLE63 with a bunch of EBay crap glued on it to me. I’m sure it’s fast though, but if you want to guarantee a plummeting resale value, bolt on a bunch of Brabus crap.

  • Fast Facts
    Fast Facts21 dag siden

    I don’t really like these kind of cars, existing cars modded by other companies, but this one is actually pretty good.

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    When are we going to see you back in driving your own cars. Going for a cruise with fellow car enthusiasts. We saw this in the USA. The content is getting a little repetitive now. IV gone back to watching old clips of you driving and road trips.#The blue crew

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  • Ian Charlton

    Ian Charlton

    16 dager siden

    @HyenaBoy I’m sure it is..... the bin lid in the middle of the grill isn’t... the wheels look gaudy, as does the interior and the current obsession with noise and backfiring is childish. I’ve run enough vehicles on two or four wheels with performance systems and fully understand the inevitable increase in volume, but not for its own sake.... Holding the car in lower gears at the top of the rev range, popping and banging, shows a total absence of mechanical sympathy...... travelling at 200+ on the autobahn is different..... I want to hear that howl ! Rev bombing the good people of Chelsea isn’t why exhaust system valves were made Still, if people didn’t abuse vehicles I wouldn’t earn a living clearing up the remains of their adventures.

  • HyenaBoy


    16 dager siden

    @Ian CharltonA lot of the aero on Brabus's cars is functional.

  • Ian Charlton

    Ian Charlton

    16 dager siden

    @HyenaBoy I agree..... Brabus, to me, has always signified barely concealed aggression...... I just wish they would stick to making them go like a stabbed rat and leave the chintzy bling to the likes of Kahn or Mansory...... 🙂

  • HyenaBoy


    17 dager siden

    Function over form. Also, most of Brabus's craftsmanship is under the bonnet.

  • Varallio
    Varallio21 dag siden

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  • Justin Dunn
    Justin Dunn21 dag siden

    Sigh.. Still can't wrap my head around the idea of sporty SUVs when they're so compromised as sporty vehicles.

  • Tom


    21 dag siden

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  • Justin Dunn

    Justin Dunn

    21 dag siden

    @rustler08 nah for sure I get what you're saying, but I just think it makes more sense for the top model of an SUV range to be more luxurious or better off road. Now they have to have these anti-roll systems coz they'd fall over otherwise, and super low suspension which means they can't really do off road. I don't know, I feel like a RS7 is less of a compromised vehicle compared to this.

  • rustler08


    21 dag siden

    If you use that mentality, you could criticize literally every car that isn't a 2-door race/track car. An RS7 still has compromises compared to a GT2 RS, as does an E63 AMG The whole point is that you don't need to be trapped in some floaty boat of an SUV, like a Suburban or Cadillac: they're not trying to be a sports car they're just more fun if you do have to drive an SUV.

  • Tom


    21 dag siden

    Nothing sporty about them. Just powerful with a lot of look at me styling

  • Shane Jackson
    Shane Jackson21 dag siden

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    Amitai Hout21 dag siden

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    Peter21 dag siden

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    20 dager siden

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    Dewi Collins21 dag siden

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  • YouTube's #1 Commenter
    YouTube's #1 Commenter21 dag siden

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  • Matt
    Matt21 dag siden

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  • PwnstarUK
    PwnstarUK21 dag siden

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    irdi basha21 dag siden

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    b west21 dag siden

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    christpher hill21 dag siden

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    Xander Aarnink21 dag siden

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