My McLaren Senna FLAT OUT at the Nurburgring!

My McLaren Senna at the Nürburgring, what an insane experience! I'm back on the Ring, this time with the ultimate Shmeemobile to put the foot down for some laps and soak up the madness of the experience. It's a different level of performance, and an incredible place to drive, I'm still trying to process it all!

For the first time, I've finally been able to bring McLaren Senna over from the UK with my AMG G63 in a trailer that I rented from Barwell Trailers. This had been the plan from over a year ago when I ordered the G63 and gave it the Topaz Skin to match the spec of the Senna, but finally after many delays with the Senna incident, winter and the virus, it's time for an epic adventure.

The first stop is of course returning to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, having recently completed many laps between my SLS Black Series, AMG GT R Pro, Ford GT, and also driving a modified Supra, modified M2 CS and Robert Mitchell's 488 Pista. This time out though, it's with a big-gun, the McLaren Senna, one of the most ultimate in road-legal track cars and one that's right at home for the famous loop in the Eifel Mountains.

My first Senna outing at the Ring came last year, however it's safe to say that with the recent laps under my belt, I now have a much better idea of which way things go and where to use some of the performance. To make things even better, the Touristenfahrten session even offers the full N24 loop including both the Grand-Prix Strecke and Nordschleife connected together, quite a rare opportunity for a longer driver.

Of course, the Senna does not disappoint, it offers blistering performance, immense acceleration, and brutal grip at any point. With the public toll road rules and a busy piece of tarmac it's not a flat out race or timed lap as it's TF, but an opportunity to experience and get a feel for what it offers, and my word that's a lot!

Awesome thumbnail pic from Ring-Race-Shoot, be sure to check out pics of your laps and GP sessions at as well!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150År siden

    The Senna was built to be drive, and the Nürburgring is the perfect place for it! Having done a lot of laps recently, this time it's the ultimate Shmeemobile to experience insane levels of performance. Which car should I bring next?!

  • Good Day

    Good Day

    20 dager siden

    البورش سبق

  • FromRoselawn74


    2 måneder siden

    U have 2 do another FLAT OUT

  • Alain-Daniel Tankwa

    Alain-Daniel Tankwa

    3 måneder siden

    I like how you noticed early you didn't need second gear as much

  • sherril campbell

    sherril campbell

    3 måneder siden

    @Andre Crowie n

  • christdragon


    3 måneder siden

    Now THIS is exactly how you drive a McLaren Senna! Too bad Jay Leno doesn't do this with his 2 McLarens. Or his Ford GT for that matter. He has a black GT with orange stripes. When Jay came to the UK and was on Top Gear he did the timed lap like all the other celebrities and was exactly average. Thanks.

  • lummy lum
    lummy lum10 timer siden

    Schmee, the smile on your face says it all - what a great experience.. But, I am wondering why you jiggle the steering wheel so much when in corners.

  • Simon Burton
    Simon Burton20 dager siden

    Why don’t these petrol heads do something useful like join the Californians fire brigade and help with the raging climate fires!

  • Nicholas K F Matte
    Nicholas K F MatteMåned siden

    Bravo Shmee!!!

  • Nick Stavropoulos
    Nick StavropoulosMåned siden

    take the Senna FLAT OUT at the Nurburgring again...soon...please. It deserves it!

  • Shafi Muhammad
    Shafi MuhammadMåned siden

    Instead of handle a dedicated camera for wing would have been soo Amazing, Beautiful technology of Mclaren

  • michael ireland
    michael irelandMåned siden

    i think volkswagon IDR ELECTRIC FASTER

  • Louis Wingate
    Louis WingateMåned siden

    Tim has just proved all those that say he cannot drive!! Good driving Tim!!!!! Impressive stuff!

  • Shane
    ShaneMåned siden

    You are living every man's dream and your smile says it all

  • Tesla Mark
    Tesla MarkMåned siden

    How much do you think it costs (fully loaded cost, gas, tires, maintenance, depreciation, etc) to drive this car per mile? $10? $100?

  • Tesla Mark
    Tesla MarkMåned siden

    Can't believe how fast that GT2 took off considering how fast "we" were going in the Senna!

  • BillnYou1
    BillnYou1Måned siden

    Incredible car and Great driving too Tim .. that was a blast.

  • BlessUrEgo
    BlessUrEgoMåned siden

    There is quite a lot of hazords and no safety equipments being used?

  • Zeissler Music
    Zeissler MusicMåned siden

    I feel the need for speed 🇩🇰

  • Adam Carter
    Adam CarterMåned siden

    I'm new to this channel and I am blown away. Awesome cars, awesome driving, brilliant locations, people and cars along the way. Just fantastic. Thank you for working so hard for us viewers.

  • SuperPogo69
    SuperPogo69Måned siden

    LOVE IT!...i wish i had your job :)

  • Blaine Trahan
    Blaine TrahanMåned siden

    To this day I still wish weather would have permitted toting this guy to the ring in an open trailer but still awesome sauce either way lol

  • Chas and Daze
    Chas and DazeMåned siden

    Great video

  • Guitarwrist
    GuitarwristMåned siden

    Mummies boy too much privellage not enough hard graft.

  • Shmee150


    Måned siden

    You have absolutely no idea. Focus your efforts on yourself and your own work, and not trying to put others down - you never know what the future might hold.

  • ccol009
    ccol009Måned siden

    -MAAAAN! That GT2 RS was giving him a run for his money! -WOW! 😳😄

  • 4200time B
    4200time BMåned siden

    Had to watch this again an in a few months ill watch again . i love the Senna ..favorite car right now ..that i would drive the snot outta with a smile as big as Shmees

  • Akanate 458
    Akanate 458Måned siden

    How does he afford all this stuff? Like surely youtube doesn’t make the amount of money he’s spending. Does he have like a separate business.

  • Kevin Rader
    Kevin RaderMåned siden

    Thank you for sharing that! Great driving. I have an aggressively tuned G37 with big sways and adjustable coil overs and it feels like it’s glued to the road but it’s crazy to think it’s complete garbage when compared to many of the cars you passed.

  • Koketso M
    Koketso MMåned siden

    Wow that GT2 RS is shifting. Nice driving by Shmee as well👍🏾

  • Alan Blasczyk
    Alan BlasczykMåned siden

    That was absolutely exhillerating !

  • Thomas Neil Owen
    Thomas Neil OwenMåned siden

    Great driving SHMEE

  • Ken Shipman
    Ken Shipman2 måneder siden

    I remember the video when you picked up the nice to see it out at the track and you really driving and having fun! =)

  • Virvum Juggernaut
    Virvum Juggernaut2 måneder siden

    As a rule, I refrain from ever succumbing to envy. However watching Shmee enjoy his Senna (around not only the famous “Green Hell” but the GP track also) forces me to admit that I’m a tad jelly! What a car! Nice work!

  • Incoming Launch
    Incoming Launch2 måneder siden

    Pretty sure this guy is living every of guys dream and I’m glad he’s sharing it with us

  • Modeste B
    Modeste B2 måneder siden

    it's a race driver!

  • Lala Land
    Lala Land2 måneder siden

    Alot of work went into glad you like it...p.s. your the ideal buyer

  • Octaviano Ortiz
    Octaviano Ortiz2 måneder siden

    "O my days" respect brother.

  • L4WNY
    L4WNY2 måneder siden

    How does this compare to the GT2rsMR ? Edit: 2 secs answered the question! 😆

  • chumleyok
    chumleyok2 måneder siden

    We want to see more blue flashing on the dashboard in the Senna for this to be classed as 'flat out'.

  • sabre22b
    sabre22b2 måneder siden

    Did that unload with that watch on? Are you quite mad?

  • The Rider
    The Rider2 måneder siden


  • Ralf Kollenberg
    Ralf Kollenberg2 måneder siden

    Flat out ?????? when, where ??? nothing special, driver have no balls

  • Bram R
    Bram R2 måneder siden

    The way that Shmee is laughing all lap(s), says enough about the Senna! WHAT A BEAST!! The Senna deserves to be driven like that! great drive!

  • shamos
    shamos2 måneder siden

    I didn't know Rolex made a person

  • rod levin
    rod levin2 måneder siden

    Sick simply sick 💪👊👍

  • Earl Lemongrab
    Earl Lemongrab2 måneder siden

    I literally got SWEATY watching this.

  • Rabbit Ruler
    Rabbit Ruler3 måneder siden

    Watching this is therapeutic :)

  • go lix
    go lix3 måneder siden

    That wheel cover on that 911 at 3:18 is litteral car porn

  • Mr.Borrany
    Mr.Borrany3 måneder siden

    Cool video, but sorry this car is really ugly😱 The GT3 in front of you is a beauty👌

  • Gavin Leyfield
    Gavin Leyfield3 måneder siden

    Wow, dude can drive. The amount of power he’s putting down on corner exit just shouldn’t be possible, the aero must be immense

  • Pedro Murillo
    Pedro Murillo3 måneder siden

    What a beautiful car and so fast

  • Cyborg Fire
    Cyborg Fire3 måneder siden

    someone took a photo of you'

  • Rob Amner
    Rob Amner3 måneder siden

    Can you imagine Sabine driving that car?

  • ForHer
    ForHer3 måneder siden

    I wouldn't be suprised if America banned this car to...

  • El Chapo del 8
    El Chapo del 83 måneder siden


  • christdragon
    christdragon3 måneder siden

    This is exactly why I subscribed! For an amateur Shmee, you were very exciting to watch. You were great out there, and very lucky to have the perfect cars for it. I could watch this again and again. It reminds me of driving my friends driving simulator. The adrenaline was palpable. I hope to see more exciting content like this. Please keep driving the Nurburgring. This is by far the best video I've seen so far from Shmee. I wonder if McLaren have seen this? You should send it to them. This would make for a great advertisement. Thank you.

  • Lambo CK
    Lambo CK3 måneder siden

    Thats not flat out 😂

  • sadc6t
    sadc6t3 måneder siden

    why the low rpm sounds like avanza

  • Steven Voskuilen
    Steven Voskuilen3 måneder siden

    Nice too see him drive it like this, but for a flat out lap you have to check out the video of Micha Charoudin!

  • Karl House
    Karl House4 måneder siden

    The Boy can drive....impressive

  • Atino 3vantigchelt
    Atino 3vantigchelt4 måneder siden

    Best vid on the platform yet

  • Ludvig Ekelund
    Ludvig Ekelund4 måneder siden

    16:49 did the window break?

  • Antonio Manoel

    Antonio Manoel

    3 måneder siden

    no, it didn't

  • dannysparkscarroll
    dannysparkscarroll4 måneder siden

    One of the best videos I've watched. Such a shame that you could get a flat out at the end.

  • Brendon Wolfel
    Brendon Wolfel4 måneder siden

    This man is living the dream

  • Mian Zain
    Mian Zain4 måneder siden

    Why im TiLting my Phone? Im not controlling Senna

  • Fast as Fuq boi
    Fast as Fuq boi4 måneder siden

    I enjoyed every second of this

  • Nathan McAuley
    Nathan McAuley4 måneder siden

    Love your videos mate but is annoys me how carefully you need to drive the cars you get to drive, god to see you open up properly

  • JR Smith
    JR Smith4 måneder siden

    Wait this guy owns both these!?! Where have i been? Subbed excellent taste James Bond

  • CarChrisMC
    CarChrisMC4 måneder siden

    When you think everybody is standing still, a GT2RS passes you! Consequence of entering his habitat! 😋🤣

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord4 måneder siden

    13:22 how was he only slightly concerned😂

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord4 måneder siden

    He was only slightly concerned about maybe scraping the carousel 😂

  • Jamie Lord

    Jamie Lord

    3 måneder siden

    @christdragon I was taking the piss. I’m saying he should’ve been more concerned because of the amount of money that car costs

  • christdragon


    3 måneder siden

    F1 and other very low racecars go around the outside for this very reason. So it was a very valid concern. I think it would be more of a problem in the Ford GT.

  • Kungpowchik3n
    Kungpowchik3n4 måneder siden

    I have that car in forza

  • Nathaniel Panich
    Nathaniel Panich4 måneder siden

    imagine being that driver of the golf on the nurburgring and just looking in ur mirrors and seeing a blue senna aggressively charging towards you

  • Nathaniel Panich
    Nathaniel Panich4 måneder siden

    all those people outside the fence watching the Senna lmao

  • Martin ONeill
    Martin ONeill4 måneder siden

    In America, you have to wear a helmet at the track. In Europe, it looks like you can just live your life and drive the track

  • nickbrandonx2
    nickbrandonx24 måneder siden

    This is why i love your content! Came back for this vid just to see a hypercar being used like it should be!

  • Jxian
    Jxian4 måneder siden

    solid driving skills there mate

  • Daniel Wiskin
    Daniel Wiskin4 måneder siden

    I'm sure shmee used to be a car enthusiast that waited around inner London for supercar week. Funny how the world works

  • Daniel Wiskin

    Daniel Wiskin

    4 måneder siden

    If is wasn't shmee then I have no idea what I watched

  • Mike Chapman
    Mike Chapman4 måneder siden

    holy shet, mad respect that was incredible driving

  • antonio pafundi
    antonio pafundi4 måneder siden

    jeez i want to this lap on spotify!

  • Tenring
    Tenring4 måneder siden

    Nice driving Shmee. That big smile of yours the whole time!. Love it!

  • Game Complilations
    Game Complilations4 måneder siden

    Shmee: taking it carefully first lap to see if confidence is there and the car is happy also Shmee: sliding away right after cones

  • Studio 209 Fitness
    Studio 209 Fitness4 måneder siden

    man i have so much respect for you driving your car that hard with a huge smile on your face! haha love it

  • Doehetvoorgentstudent
    Doehetvoorgentstudent4 måneder siden

    that gt2 really said gone

  • krishna parla
    krishna parla4 måneder siden

    18:25 do u see the crack on the windshield

  • Karthi Vlogs
    Karthi Vlogs4 måneder siden

    Shmee just saying you got Balls to go 200+ km/h inch of the truck

  • Savio Anthony
    Savio Anthony4 måneder siden

    This dude has no protection or gear on him and he is driving on the Nurburgring!

  • Doyley U.K.
    Doyley U.K.4 måneder siden

    Better way to say it is. I went as fast as I could drive If you want flat out give the car to Sabine Schmitz 😂😂😂

  • poppamies88
    poppamies885 måneder siden

    Just love the color of these 2 beasts :)

  • Vranda shelke
    Vranda shelke5 måneder siden

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  • Ebo Good
    Ebo Good5 måneder siden

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    Gianna Giavelli5 måneder siden

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  • Matt Bradley
    Matt Bradley5 måneder siden

    Chuck Norris agrees.

  • Saurat
    Saurat5 måneder siden

    I imagine the Nurburgring makes a lot of money hiring out the course to millionaires who want to race their expensive cars. But shipping the car to Germany for the gig? Aren't there similar facilities available at Brands Hatch or Silverstone?

  • Dylann11


    5 måneder siden

    He drives his cars everywhere dude. Shipped the GT to the states if you don't remember. He's got a house in Germany too

  • Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. 19
    Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. 195 måneder siden

    maclaren P.E.N.I.S!

  • Oliver S.
    Oliver S.5 måneder siden

    Great drive Shmee but the sound of this car is really not that good.

  • Stxrringo
    Stxrringo5 måneder siden


  • KT
    KT6 måneder siden

    Amazing car and very nice driving!

  • Dominic Bazinet
    Dominic Bazinet6 måneder siden

    Great video, really like it! Keep up the exceptional work.

  • Suspicious Tumbleweed
    Suspicious Tumbleweed6 måneder siden

    Imagine you're just enjoying your time on the track, and then you got overtaken by a Mclaren Senna. I would've went mental if that were me.

  • Parth khaladkar
    Parth khaladkar6 måneder siden

    Nobody: Shmee: G-Sixty-Free

  • Hilma Persson
    Hilma Persson6 måneder siden

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  • John Speed Shift
    John Speed Shift6 måneder siden

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  • Joshua Mwatsama
    Joshua Mwatsama6 måneder siden

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  • Patryk Wiechecki
    Patryk Wiechecki6 måneder siden

    Intresting would be to go from UK to Nur in senna...