My First EV Nurburgring Lap! New POLESTAR 2 Test Drive

Flat out at the Nurburgring in an EV?! It's time for my first electric laps in none other than the new Polestar 2. Join me for a full look at the new crossover car, inside and out, as well as an experience to see what it's sporty characteristics are all about on the Nordschleife.

It is time for my first ever experience in an electric car on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Available for this first full electric lap on the famous and notorious Ring in the German Eiffel is the Polestar 2. The Chinese-built four-door cross-over is the second model from the Swedish brand, which is known for being the performance department of Volvo.

The Polestar 2 is available in a wide array of variants from a standard-range single motor to a long range dual motor. The latter being the one available and parked in front of me in the colour Thunder Grey. This is one of six colours available for the Swede. The communicated range is 450 to 480 km and the Polestar 2 can hit a top speed of 205 km/h. Zero to 100 km/h goes in 4.7 seconds.

Other options available for the Polestar 2 are five different interiors with the non-leather options made of Vegan materials. The wheels are the 20 inch black polished forged alloy rims shod in Pirelli P Zero tires and flanked by an upgraded brake system, which uses golden Brembo four-piston aluminum front brake calipers. The performance package offers as well Öhlins Dual Flow Valve shock absorbers and on the inside Swedish Gold seat belts front and rear.

With this set up the Polestar is ready to take on the Nürburgring Nordschleife allowing me to have the first electric car experience during a session of Touristenfahrten. Let's head out under Tourist Drives rules - a public toll road - to get a feel for what it's like and how it compares. Ultimately, deciding if this should be the one to go for!

Awesome thumbnail pic from Rike67, be sure to check out pics of your laps and GP sessions at as well!

00:00 Intro
00:40 Walkaround
03:21 Heading out
05:50 Nurburgring
15:10 Country roads
19:21 Interior
24:34 Wrap Up

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15015 dager siden

    Many laps down now in cars with combustion engines... but what about electric?! Let's experience the new Polestar 2 on the Green Hell and see what it's like. What do you think of the cars that Polestar are making?

  • RE Rueda Motor

    RE Rueda Motor

    13 dager siden

    I must say that this brand makes very good cars. Congratulations for your video!

  • Abraxas Tulammo

    Abraxas Tulammo

    13 dager siden

    I think the i4 M50 will be more interesting.

  • Seth P.clariza

    Seth P.clariza

    15 dager siden

    Hey shmee have you heard the aurelio supercar

  • Vicious carteR

    Vicious carteR

    15 dager siden

    Waiting for you to take your Taycan to the Ring!!!

  • MaxFive


    15 dager siden

    @Eric Pisch hmm well i didnt know that. but still he has the footage already. He can look at the time there, if u know what i mean :>

  • Helix
    Helix4 dager siden

    When you said hey google to the polestar, it activated my google home 😂

  • Matías Troncoso Anich
    Matías Troncoso Anich9 dager siden

    1st EV on the ring? Didn't you take the tesla model 3 performance earlier? Or was it Misha?

  • Vytautas Gečas
    Vytautas Gečas10 dager siden

    Looks like Dacia. I laughed loud seeing this. Absolute useless thing.

  • jord “Tank” ls
    jord “Tank” ls11 dager siden

    Hi shmee I'm guys.

  • Michelle Stewart
    Michelle Stewart11 dager siden

    I am really curious as to why one of the driver alert symbols looks like a cup of coffee or tea? Other than that cool car, I agree I would definitely take this over any Tesla

  • Chillee
    Chillee12 dager siden

    GT3 drivers thinking “what the hell is that and why is it still in my rear view mirror”......

  • Pete Walton
    Pete Walton12 dager siden

    It looks like a tesla

  • Ford Guys Videos
    Ford Guys Videos 12 dager siden

    Shmee on Forza Motorsports the Nurburgring track is on the game, so I driven on it, virtually on Forza Horizon 6, and 7.

  • b west
    b west12 dager siden

    I’m not vegan, so I guess I can’t buy this.

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE11112 dager siden

    why nobody dont want to go on nurburgring with rimac!? Rosberg drives his Rimac in garage most and on his videos drives something else most for last several months

  • Citizen Park
    Citizen Park13 dager siden

    There are more owners in this comment section than on the road 😂 in California. Volvo design beautiful cars but but we all know how unreliable they become.

  • Citizen Park
    Citizen Park13 dager siden

    There are more owners in this comment section than on the road 😂 in California. Volvo design beautiful cars but but we all know how unreliable they become.

  • Pro Rider
    Pro Rider13 dager siden

    You should start a weather channel 😂

  • Luke Madafiglio
    Luke Madafiglio13 dager siden

    Looks totally awsome

  • D H
    D H14 dager siden

    One pedal driving means no brake lights going on though right?

  • ProfRCook


    13 dager siden

    The brake lights do come on, of course, in response to deceleration.

  • Megumi T
    Megumi T14 dager siden

    The Polestar 2 looks pretty nice and I quite like the bluish-grey body colour!

  • MeeareMarkus
    MeeareMarkus14 dager siden

    Uhhm, the polestar 2 is not an SUV... its just a slightly raised up small sedan.

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa14 dager siden


  • Quartermile Junkie
    Quartermile Junkie14 dager siden

    Dude, you have some driving skills! Who knew? Entertaining video. You need to do more of these

  • Kha TSMswag
    Kha TSMswag14 dager siden

    It’s like a tesla volvo hybrid

  • Simon Haubjerg
    Simon Haubjerg14 dager siden

    Nice that you liked it. Remember, you don't get all 408hp from 0-100km/h. It is limited, so you only get 200hp from 0, but when you reach 50km/h, you have 408hp from there on out. :-)

  • Simon Haubjerg

    Simon Haubjerg

    13 dager siden

    @Gary Ambrose It gradually increases from around 200hp at 0km/h, to 408hp at around 50km/h. Take a glance at your 'power gauge' when you accelerate, it isn't filled out until you reach 50km/h. :-)

  • Gary Ambrose

    Gary Ambrose

    14 dager siden

    Where did you read this information? It seems unlikely a car that weighs 2 tons+ has a zero to 100km of 4.5 seconds with just 200hp at the outset.

  • the1beard
    the1beard14 dager siden


  • Neil's Cars, Aviation & Travel
    Neil's Cars, Aviation & Travel14 dager siden

    Totally agree that this is one of the best looking electric cars out there.

  • Sly Mother Trucker
    Sly Mother Trucker14 dager siden

    When you start to see electric police cars, ambulance, fire engine and even an electric tank, then is bs the entire climate con is company driven. All you have to do is look at the WEF to see you are being screwed. - TB is only doing what he needs to do to make a buck, you won't find a single channel opposing the corona bs or climate con. The future is not bright it is controlled.............

  • the1beard
    the1beard14 dager siden

    Slow Down You're making my ears bleed

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    Nathan Askew14 dager siden

    Probably the worst car I've seen on this channel

  • THE-mad -CYLIST
    THE-mad -CYLIST15 dager siden

    SHMEE !!!!!! I would of taken a Electric golf cart around the Nurburgring , at least it would of been more funny that that ,,,,

  • Dave Shiroma
    Dave Shiroma15 dager siden

    I think you might want to mono your sound. I wear headphones a lot and when you switch from front to rear mics it get weird

  • Noah Wou
    Noah Wou15 dager siden

    Small detail, this isn’t an SUV/Crossover, it’s a slightly lifted sedan. Odd decision but a pitch to the crossover buyer

  • United Swordz EXTRA
    United Swordz EXTRA15 dager siden

    The polestar 1 is a coupe

  • Harsh Jani
    Harsh Jani15 dager siden

    Love this 3 camera angel video especially with the speedo ❤️

  • w@t(h3r
    w@t(h3r15 dager siden

    Tim, what's your thoughts about rimac nevera. and what will future bring with full ev hypercars?

  • Silent Supreme
    Silent Supreme15 dager siden

    Porsche tycan: am I a joke to you ?

  • Scout H
    Scout H15 dager siden

    You may not prefer it but if you were in a Model Y performance you would have overtaken that M3 and probably the GT 3. I personally prefer Tesla’s performance and their tech. Their Supercharging network is second to none so it’s a shame you don’t seem to care for the brand. Can’t wait to see you drive the new model s plaid plus.

  • MrPikkoz


    15 dager siden

    P*2 looks deceptively big and tall by the internal dimension are more similar to a model 3 with a more similar ground clearance thus i would compare the P*2 with the model 3 ,not Y.

  • Scout H

    Scout H

    15 dager siden

    @Robert Kempe Yet another keyboard warrior who cannot help themselves. Tim mentioned Tesla actually, so my response was to his comment about preferring Tesla’s. Not that I owe your ignorant comment any response.

  • Robert Kempe

    Robert Kempe

    15 dager siden

    Yet another fanboy that cannot accept mentioning other EV brands than Tesla.....

  • richard mcnee
    richard mcnee15 dager siden

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  • David Kelley
    David Kelley15 dager siden

    I very much love Polestar. Really love the style of the Polestar 1.

  • Aaron Kirkaldy
    Aaron Kirkaldy15 dager siden

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  • Andrew Storm
    Andrew Storm15 dager siden

    How did you get to Germany?

  • Jon Olav Abeland
    Jon Olav Abeland15 dager siden

    I have had this car a couple of months and I love it. A dream to drive, more than enough power and it looks good.

  • Stian Reppe
    Stian Reppe15 dager siden

    Own one in that exact spec, brilliant car, best car ever driven in snowy conditions, as a daily driver EV its among the very best out there

  • Fearghal Moore
    Fearghal Moore15 dager siden

    That was interesting to see you driving a ev on the ring. Will you be doing a lap or two with your tycan

  • BobH809
    BobH80915 dager siden

    Cheers Schmee, that was a video long waited for. There is only one person who can cover the workings of a car and drive it like you stole it on 'The Ring,' that is you. Other presenters pale in comparison. One more thing, how do you remember all those stats and different systems that the cars you show us have? I have enough trouble with my (new to me) 2016 Qashqai.

  • shaan kothari
    shaan kothari15 dager siden

    Seeing Shmee siting in the backseat of a car is once in a life time moment 😂😁

  • Phillip Collins
    Phillip Collins15 dager siden

    Don’t bother with or give publicity to cars made by the ccp ..I will never understand why the Swedes sold Volvo to them

  • Gozar 111
    Gozar 11115 dager siden

    I’m going to wait for an electric car with a long plug in cord so I don’t neeed batteries

  • Ben Gosling
    Ben Gosling15 dager siden

    I loved the Polestar hot hatch based on the V30 seen years ago on Top Gear.. This new one is nice but much more executive four door than green hell monster.

  • Jo Don Lee
    Jo Don Lee15 dager siden

    who else heard Touristenfahrten as Tourist are fartin??

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    Tony Ranvid15 dager siden

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    ShizAudi15 dager siden

    Tesla is better for EVs than for or Volvo in almost every way

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    Travis Tierney15 dager siden

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    Joshua Kidd15 dager siden

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  • Rick Bullock
    Rick Bullock15 dager siden

    Seems like a very nice car and pretty good on the power too. $63,000.00 USD isn’t cheap to me though.

  • Paul Krapp
    Paul Krapp15 dager siden

    Just had a humorous moment here at home. I said to my wife, "Tim said hey Google turn on the seat heater". At that moment my Android phone lit up and was a little confused about my request!

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    Unyielding Hierophant15 dager siden

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  • Quacky Duck
    Quacky Duck15 dager siden

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  • Josh Rosema
    Josh Rosema15 dager siden

    No engine noise is so strange. Especially as I watch your speedometer climb.

  • JDMEXforme
    JDMEXforme15 dager siden

    We need more silent motorsports. The more quiet everything is the more you'll remember what happened in the race. You'll get goosebumps seeing cars fly by.

  • PlaneSIMple


    15 dager siden

    Or it’ll probably just be boring....

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  • riffly
    riffly15 dager siden

    98% to 71% in 21 km is the equalant to a petrol car with a 80 litre fuel tank to use 21,6 liters of fuel in the same distance. Energy efficiency of electric cars is totally crap.

  • MrPikkoz


    15 dager siden

    You actually very wrong on this, the more efficient you are , the bigger are the differences of consumption based on speed , the big drop of energy over the total is due the much smaller energy quantity in the battery compared to a tank of petrol : 75kwh of energy is basically 7.5 litre of petrol whereas a petrol car has at least 50l of petrol (500kwh of energy) , meaning that even with spirited driving he consumed roughly 20kwh of energy (2 liters of petrol) try to do the same , if i had to drive my 6cyl 300hp car in the same way i would have used the the very least 4-5 liters of petrol . A nurburingh taxi sport car guzzles around 20l of petrol per lap

  • Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison

    15 dager siden

    Energy efficiency is where EV’s excel. They are about 75% efficient compared to about 20% for ICE cars (converting energy stored in the car to power the wheels)

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    +1 9 1 4 4 3 5 5 4 5 8.

  • Grant cardone

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    Her availability is on ωhatsapp.

  • Grant cardone

    Grant cardone

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    +1 9 1 4 4 3 5 5 4 5 8.

  • Grant cardone

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    Trade with my administrative Mrs Gilbert to gain over 400% ROI

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