My First AMG GT R Roadster ROAD TRIP Starts! 1,000km to Germany

The journey begins for my AMG GT R Roadster's first road trip! It's the perfect Shmeemobile for this kind of journey, and long overdue getting on the roads for a big adventure. Let's kick off heading all the way to Germany and the Autobahn!

The AMG GT R Roadster joined the Shmeemobiles towards the end of last year with the intention of being a car that could cover many miles across Europe but owing to my extended US trip, up to this point it hasn't seen much action. However, it's time now for that to change and to quickly clock in some miles on an adventure to Germany and onwards to Italy, before returning to the Nurburgring!

Day one kicks off with a long slog, starting in London with a spot of sightseeing, before heading down to the Eurotunnel for the crossing to France. Upon arrival on the continent, the weather quickly takes a turn for the worse, making for a very miserable run all the way down South before cutting across and into Germany, ultimately to arrive in the hometown of Mercedes and right beside the facility where this very AMG was assembled!

On arrival, there just so happen to be a few Paganis to check out; including the latest acquisitions by my friend @muc.collector muc.collector

There's a long journey ahead of us, and a lot of very exciting content to come, I can't wait to share it all with you!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:04 Preparation
02:26 Sightseeing London
04:13 Eurotunnel
06:00 France
10:30 Germany
13:57 Arriving at Motorworld
16:15 Pagani Stuttgart
16:44 Garage
18:00 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    It's the maiden voyage for my AMG GT R Roadster! Time to put on some miles with big plans ahead although doesn't seem like the roof will go down much with horrible weather everywhere in Europe at the moment. Unfortunately it does mean a small delay to the Shmuseum given I'm away, but some great videos to come and plenty of new things to see in the meantime. It's exciting to get back on the road, even if it means lots of declarations, documents, tests and an isolation on return. Let's go!

  • Shivan3586


    23 dager siden


  • USugo


    29 dager siden

    fun fact It seems it took you about 11hrs to cover 1000km. Let's take away 1hr for crossing the channel, etc. That makes 10hr. In a top specs EV like model 3P, Audi etron55, Porsche Taycan it takes 10-10half hrs to cover the same distance on 120km/h speed limit roads.

  • A Deplorable Dragoon

    A Deplorable Dragoon

    Måned siden

    True Brit never ever forgets to pack his weather as he goes abroad. Wife or girlfriend he may forget of; his car that is for sure - what on Earth one needs his car for on a road-trip? But his weather is his leather. Or, should we say skin. Cheers!

  • Zach J.

    Zach J.

    Måned siden

    @Everard Leitao I hope you’re right.. I thought it was a couple months away

  • Everard Leitao

    Everard Leitao

    Måned siden

    I'm guessing the GT Black series is inbound in a day or two. No wonder Shmee's leaving hints all over the place.😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  • Денислав Иванов
    Денислав Иванов19 dager siden

    Hello! Actually do you put your car on a train? Sorry for the bad english. It will be very interesting for me to understand :).

  • JeffreyThePilot
    JeffreyThePilot22 dager siden

    Shmeegul150 making his debut

  • Czesław Władysław Wielgus Marynowski
    Czesław Władysław Wielgus Marynowski23 dager siden

    whos the camera man

  • Cal360x
    Cal360x23 dager siden

    Even seagulls appreciate a nice whip

  • M N
    M N24 dager siden

    Kinda different question, how many cv - test did you guy did? and which check point. Thanks shmee

  • sarra gount
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  • Lawrence Fearon
    Lawrence Fearon27 dager siden

    This road trip is a good example of why the SL exists. 11 hours in an SL seat is comforting with hot stone massaging at 200kph on the autobahn ensconced within a hushed serenity top up or down.

  • sabre22b
    sabre22b27 dager siden

    Good film. Honest (!!!) opinions. Funny bird. Really enjoyed it, T. Good job.

  • kelvin
    kelvin28 dager siden

    Shmee: I don't know what he is doing.... Bird: sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

  • Marcell Molnar
    Marcell Molnar28 dager siden

    Hey Tim!! Just a small thought from me, i think you should let Püppi talk as well in your videos once she is with you, i dont think anybody would complain about it!! Have a nice weekend, cheers!!✌🏾✌🏾

  • kanenstuff
    kanenstuff28 dager siden

    Not good there is something wrong maybe but atleast ya in the right place to get it fixed under warranty I just got back from the Netherlands and was the typical weather happy to be back in Asia now.

  • mmm mihajl
    mmm mihajl28 dager siden

    wow shitcolour woudnt buy that

  • Carlife
    Carlife28 dager siden

    I think the AMG GT-R Roadster is my favorite AMG GT.

  • JamesRoger Performance
    JamesRoger Performance28 dager siden

    Love the content 🙏🏎💨💨💨

  • Savx_L2R2ツ
    Savx_L2R2ツ28 dager siden

    We saw you in an autoadict video on the Nurburgring

  • Phillip Chan
    Phillip Chan28 dager siden

    Off to pick up the new Black Series I presume.

  • Megumi T
    Megumi T29 dager siden

    That seagull is pretty big!

  • John Pick
    John Pick29 dager siden

    My Man, You are a man of boundless energy !!! Cheers to you !!!

  • Mike G
    Mike G29 dager siden

    Will be good to see what you get up to in Germany, for a bit of inspiration! I did exactly the same journey in April, to near Stuttgart, with my Boxster. Hoping to get some good drives planned when the rain actually stops 🌧️

  • James Wolfe
    James Wolfe29 dager siden

    Has Shmee ever introduced the camera man?

  • Anish Vinaayak
    Anish Vinaayak29 dager siden

    Puppi 150 with the amazing camera skills

  • n2akilan458
    n2akilan45829 dager siden

    You could trailer your GT Black Series from UK to Germany with the G63 when you know it’s going to be rainy.

  • Josh Rosema
    Josh Rosema29 dager siden

    That tunnel transition made me do a double take, since I glanced away during the cut.

  • Jean Wood
    Jean WoodMåned siden

    Hull to EuroPort Rotterdam , then Motorway all the way down to Austria , every year for 20 years , Memorable Motoring .

  • karl-oskar Björk
    karl-oskar BjörkMåned siden

    Ever thought about doing 1440p video quality?

  • Segz
    SegzMåned siden

    traveling with cup 2 tyres hahahaah, u brave man.

  • Maciej Drelichowski (Górna Pictures)
    Maciej Drelichowski (Górna Pictures)Måned siden

    Weather sucks this year.

  • Pole-Star
    Pole-StarMåned siden

    1500km or 1000 miles. It's all just them guessing. It was broken in the minute it was offloaded from the boat with all the guys flooring it around. Not to "play" but the faster they go the faster the boat can be unloaded. time is money. I have never done the run in process on any of my cars. From Cheap economy cars to high end sports cars. All of them have had no problems.

  • toolazytoo
    toolazytooMåned siden

    Really enjoyed this. Haven't been able to make the same journey from the South East of England to see my folks in Stuttgart since August last year. Strange how you can long for even the horrible and horribly familiar traffic around Stuttgart during these strange times.

  • RE Rueda Motor
    RE Rueda MotorMåned siden

    Great video! Congratulations!

  • VixenVirus RedeemCode&Games
    VixenVirus RedeemCode&GamesMåned siden

    Hastang gwapoha ana oiiiiiiiiiiiii............... kanus.a pa kaha ko maka palit og in.ana oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

  • Duarte Mesquita
    Duarte MesquitaMåned siden

    you need to come to algarve in portugal for the good weather

    DJJOOLZDEMåned siden

    That's the weather i've been working in for the past few weeks. Oh the joy it brings... soaked clothes everyday

  • Sad
    SadMåned siden

    that windsheild needs some rain-X

  • w@t(h3r
    w@t(h3rMåned siden

    Jump down to croatia. You won't be disappointed. Weather is good so are the roads. More and more englishman are going there every year. Just stay close to a coast.

  • sam Harvey
    sam HarveyMåned siden

    Miss driving to Europe, my first time was driving to Stelvio Pass and year after did Germany and the Nurburgring, really wanna go again.

  • Anton Markov
    Anton MarkovMåned siden

    4:28 he was looking for the seagull doors

  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz xMåned siden

    Germany and France?? Lmao you can drive for 6 hours in California and you’ll maybe hit the beach still in California


    Mercedes’ policy for rims to their amazing cars is just bizarre. They don’t make jus to such amazing machines. They should go above and beyond to come with unique rim designs as other makers do but they don’t. They simply choose to use the same 4, 5 different designs for all cars. Lame ☹️

  • Wrecktdriver
    WrecktdriverMåned siden

    It is really nice to see you in Germany! I've recognized this place because I live in the near of Böblingen. I'm very often driving passed the Motorword, it's a beautiful place. A little Tip from me, is driving down the Autobahn (A81) in the direction of Singen. There the Tarmec gets better. And if you want to drive the best roads along rhe south West of Germany, i truely recomend the "Schwarzwald Hochstraße" it ist a beautiful road along the Mountains from the Town Freudenstadt to Baden Baden. There you can enjoy the streets and may also meet other drivers which enjoy their Sportscar. That's it for now, I hope you enjoy your time in Germany and i'm sorry for broken English :)

  • Kevin Turbofreak
    Kevin TurbofreakMåned siden

    Hey, how long you stay in Böblingen? I come at sunday to the motorworld Böblingen! I hope, we see us!!👌👍😉

  • Taran Rao (KID GANGSTA!!!)
    Taran Rao (KID GANGSTA!!!)Måned siden

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  • Hassan Javed
    Hassan JavedMåned siden

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  • the1beard
    the1beardMåned siden

    Enjoy the paperwork and nonsense 😂👍

  • Scott
    ScottMåned siden

    Funny, I was also planning on driving my new MB AMG over thru the Euro tunnel and opening it up on the autobahn... the only problem is I don't own an MB AMG, I am not in the UK, I have to work, and I don't have any money... otherwise I will be right behind you. (eyes roll)

  • Beast Creatives
    Beast CreativesMåned siden

    What I like about your car is that it’s a right hand drive sir 👌🏼

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon MatthewsMåned siden

    The colour lends itself to the Mercedes & the engine sounds exquisite 😊👍

  • Rahadyan Azka Prabowo
    Rahadyan Azka PrabowoMåned siden

    It is a good drive with your new car at Autobahrn. I hope that I can have a car like you too to drive through Germany

  • Almost Serious
    Almost SeriousMåned siden

    Who is filming? Hahaaaa

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    Cars MondMåned siden

    Noisy ride?

  • MR HIX
    MR HIXMåned siden

    I’ve never heard so much moaning and complaining in my life - what a spoilt little bell end

  • Dennis Pfaff
    Dennis PfaffMåned siden

    What are the petrol costs in Euros after 1000 km?

  • Stacy Dornan
    Stacy DornanMåned siden

    Thought it was gonna be the 1st ever Birdjacking of a AMG

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.Måned siden

    I didn't realize you call it aquaplaning. Here in the U.S. we call it hydroplaning. Very interesting!

  • Iain F
    Iain FMåned siden

    #Shquad....,.hi Tim.....hopeful the splitter is just wet ingress which will need sealing again. Bad conditions but glad your back in Germany.

  • Mr.E
    Mr.EMåned siden

    All that whinging about the weather anybody would think you’re from Beverley Hills.

  • Dhruv Mittal
    Dhruv MittalMåned siden

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    Pepdog gamingMåned siden

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  • Tech Sven
    Tech SvenMåned siden

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    rennen kaminerMåned siden

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  • zehntenovember
    zehntenovemberMåned siden

    Long drive haha. I did Birmingham to Munich none stop during April (return June) and again in august. ->1330km 830 miles…

  • Blondiejoey1
    Blondiejoey1Måned siden

    Anyone else think driving in the rain is so peaceful 😂

    CAR EXOTICSMåned siden

    The bird loves the gtr roadster Tim😍

  • Jack Leight
    Jack LeightMåned siden

    I knew I'd seen you on the A26 the other week. The car look mega on the move!!!

    CAR EXOTICSMåned siden

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    TjescooMåned siden

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    Border BoyMåned siden

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    Matthew ChangMåned siden

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    YezzyMåned siden

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  • edde


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    I spoke too soon. Further in you are back to “running in”

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