My Best Driver's Car? Aston Martin GT8 vs Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Battle of my driver's cars; the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 versus Porsche 718 Cayman GT4! These are two cars that on paper are incredibly similar, but with a first opportunity to get them out on the roads back to back, it's time to directly see how they stack up!

They share many things in common, for example: manual gearboxes, naturally aspirated engines, big wings on the back, bucket seats, track focused versions of main models, almost identical acceleration times and top speeds, and much more! However, they are also fundamentally very different with the GT8's V8 up front and the GT4's mid placement of its flat-6.

Rewinding back to 2016, my original 981 Cayman GT4 departed the garage to make way for the arrival of the Vantage GT8, and hence it's very fun now to have the 718 Cayman GT4 arriving alongside. They are two cars that offer similar performance but at very different price points owing to the GT8's carbon fibre body and exclusivity from being one of 150, as opposed to the thousands of GT4s that have been and will continue to be built, as well as future derivatives to arrive.

When I decided to buy the new GT4, one of my first plans was to get them out on the road together. It's fantastic to make that happen on a great section of twisting country lanes, the exact kind of driving these two cars were built for. I would argue that in each case they are for sure great fun on track, but really come into their own for this purpose - being proper drivers' cars.

There's much more to come from behind the scenes of my garage and daily life with the Shmeemobiles, so be sure to be subscribed ready for the launch!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:54 Comparison
05:31 GT8 Drive
08:57 Feedback
10:20 GT4 Drive
13:39 Conclusions
17:43 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    It's quite the battle between these two, if you had the keys to both in front of you which would you be taking? Make sure to sub to my new channel for The Shmuseum too!

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    Shmee150 Great Video I'm glad you got to drive Aston Martin Vantage GT8 and Porsche Cayman GT4 back to back and I would take your Cayman GT4 if I could drive Manual

  • Kimmy


    Måned siden

    Supercharcher on the gt8?



    Måned siden

    GT4 for sure

  • Scottie Copasetic

    Scottie Copasetic

    Måned siden

    Looks as if the family has some nice toys of their own.

  • Jessica Laforme

    Jessica Laforme

    Måned siden

    Love porshe but that gt8 is the stuff of legends

  • Ben Vickers
    Ben Vickers13 dager siden

    Is saw the gt8 shmee mobil today in guildford! Beautiful car. Cant believe i was so excited to see my first shmee mobil live and in person. 😂😂

  • Meg_2-4
    Meg_2-422 dager siden

    GT8 vs GT500 cold start competition. We need to see these side by side.

  • Marlboro “Marlboro Car Videos” M2C
    Marlboro “Marlboro Car Videos” M2C22 dager siden


  • MrMiker91
    MrMiker91Måned siden

    The GT8 is and always will be my favorite of all the shmeemobiles 🤙🏻 the raw sound of that V8 is just heaven 😌😁

  • waleed hassan
    waleed hassanMåned siden

    A proper Aston Martin not a Mercedes hidden in sheep’s clothing !!!!!!

  • Riaan Scheepers
    Riaan ScheepersMåned siden

    GT8 just hits different

  • J DL
    J DLMåned siden

    MUM HAS A SL 63 ?

  • wiggo
    wiggoMåned siden

    Absolutely completely different the same

  • Mick Delaney
    Mick DelaneyMåned siden

    The road to GT8 was some of your best work. Can we expect another similar series on a new shmeemobile?

  • stevenw28
    stevenw28Måned siden

    funds is the keyword

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert HayesMåned siden

    Hey shmee dont forget the 911 gt 3 you got rid of because you said you were moving to much in the car

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert HayesMåned siden

    Hey shmee what ever happened to bensi ben your friend

  • Marcus Truesite
    Marcus TruesiteMåned siden

    Your gt4 spec is Fn 🔥🖖🏽

  • Marcus Truesite

    Marcus Truesite

    Måned siden

    Had to change my mind like 2x 🤣🖖🏽

  • Matt Asman
    Matt AsmanMåned siden

    Great video Shmee! Would love to see you explore after market exhausts for the GT4, that could be a game changer for the driving experience and unleashing some of that flat 6’s hidden potential!

  • chad connolly
    chad connollyMåned siden

    the Aston spec is positively hideous, who would spec a car like that? It's a crime...

  • eSysman SuperYachts
    eSysman SuperYachtsMåned siden

    Are you planning on fitting an exhaust? I’m taking delivery of a new 718 Spyder end of this month, already thinking about the exhaust.

  • Mike Capossela
    Mike CaposselaMåned siden

    Cool defender at 6:13

  • Daniel James
    Daniel JamesMåned siden

    Does anyone else see Storm Trooper when you see the GT4? 🤔

  • Willy Lamb
    Willy LambMåned siden

    15:04 If I’m not mistaken, the 981 GT4 (385 PS) actually had a slightly de-tuned 3.8L from the 991.1 Carrera S (400 PS), not from the 991.1 GT3’s 3.8L (475 PS).

  • Matthew T
    Matthew TMåned siden

    Love the GT4 but really needs Exhaust

  • Shay
    ShayMåned siden

    Two of my favorite cars from your collection. Instand like

  • mdub048
    mdub048Måned siden

    I love the GT4, but the Aston is wild. P.S. I'll take the PDK in the GT4.

  • Jessica Laforme
    Jessica LaformeMåned siden

    Now you just need the big brother (gt 12) and that would be sick

  • Karl from work
    Karl from workMåned siden

    Please wrap the orange mirrors in that same blue, just to try it, swear it'll be better

  • Mauro Veiga
    Mauro VeigaMåned siden

    DeMan motorsport 4.5L !

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno SousaMåned siden


  • bryan
    bryanMåned siden

    Drive to donnington park in the GTv8 Swap into the GTS for a few times laps.

  • Scottie Copasetic
    Scottie CopaseticMåned siden

    Really cool insights Shmee (from a guy who has access to cars w/ 1000HP). Great to see 4-500hp w/ manual gear box providing plenty of smiles & excitement on back roads. I'd own both if I could. Well done mate!

  • Antelgus George
    Antelgus GeorgeMåned siden

    you should do more videos like this with the mclaren senna and the ford gt

  • Big MT
    Big MTMåned siden

    I’m really surprised to see how close they are to each other in size. I always thought the Aston was much larger than it looks here

  • mark jones
    mark jonesMåned siden

    No challenge …. Aston Martin in a different league to the Porsche iv had both still got the Aston best car iv ever had .

  • Nancy Olivia
    Nancy OliviaMåned siden

    I don't know who needs to hear this , you've got to stop saving your money. Invest some part of it .if you really want financial freedom

  • maaasaa
    maaasaaMåned siden

    Hi Tim, curious to know, do your GT4 PCCB’s make a reasonable amount of grinding noise at the rear? The sound proofing is significantly reduced and this may be responsible?

  • Hafiz Husin
    Hafiz HusinMåned siden

    Can't wait for you to review demanmotorsport gt4.5

  • Oliver Holt
    Oliver HoltMåned siden

    Hi tim have you herd about the stradmans dad very sorry for him .

  • Jeremy Flowers
    Jeremy FlowersMåned siden

    GT8 sounds better than the GT4. Personally Not a big fan of the GT8 colour scheme though. Like the blue. Hate the orange contrast. Prefer the Porsche overall.

  • Allan Taylor
    Allan TaylorMåned siden

    I would be driving the gt8 all the time, what a car. That’s my favourite 🥰

  • Ashley Chambers
    Ashley ChambersMåned siden

    Please take those hideous orange details off that beautiful Aston

  • Paulfastbikes
    PaulfastbikesMåned siden

    Help Tim got 30k to spend I want a nice second hand sports car that's not a 911 I had a nightmare with a 996 c4 cheeeers

  • Valse Triste
    Valse TristeMåned siden

    Tim and team hi, have been enjoying the quality and quantity of content for ages and realising that you're clearly perfectionists I thought you'd probably welcome an observation from an audiophile, I just wanted to suggest you try to not compress the sound levels of the audio in the videos, they are clipping a lot (as do many, many other NOprojects channels) but it doesn't need to be the case and shouldn't cost you time or money to avoid, it would make what is almost perfect production perfect ! Continued best to all

  • Will
    WillMåned siden

    Imagine his mum & dads house,, bet it’s a massive country house type

  • Emil Bergman

    Emil Bergman

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  • c winner
    c winnerMåned siden

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  • Andrew Franco
    Andrew FrancoMåned siden

    I’d have to go with the GT8. Nothing replaces that V8 sound! Not to mention it makes for a great Christmas tree hauler 😂

  • Tuqeer Hussain
    Tuqeer HussainMåned siden

    Buy sv and 812

  • ProfPolish
    ProfPolishMåned siden

    That GT4 is very nice, I hope you have some ideas for it coming up, very much want some content!

  • Dominator
    DominatorMåned siden

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  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick HarrisMåned siden

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    C.J LaurentiMåned siden

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    Harinandan RajeevMåned siden

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    Ans AsifMåned siden

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    MGE0007Måned siden

    I have said this so so many times before. I think he has far too many cars. He should donate one of them (the AMG GTR please) to one of his many followers ( ME!!).. Thanks in advance YOU ARE THE BEST!!!??

  • Swixperience
    SwixperienceMåned siden

    So I own a 981 GT4 and test drove a 718 for a potential upgrade. Even though the latter's obviously a better car, the experience is better in the 981 in my opinion!

  • Scale Crawl NL
    Scale Crawl NLMåned siden

    A fun head-to-head video Shmee, cool it's a different location to film aswell 👍

  • Afdal Asadullah
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  • Richard Jones
    Richard JonesMåned siden

    The GT8 is one of my favourites out off all the cars you have. We need a cold start of GT8 & the GT500 when you get it imported from the U.S.A. That will be one hell of a sound.

  • NASA future Aerospace engineer
    NASA future Aerospace engineerMåned siden

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  • puia hnamte
    puia hnamteMåned siden

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  • puia hnamte
    puia hnamteMåned siden

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  • Ratnakirti Paudel
    Ratnakirti PaudelMåned siden

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