Is the New BMW M4 Better With a Manual Gearbox? Nurburgring Test Lap

This is the new BMW M4, but with a manual gearbox! I bought my new BMW M3 Competition with the auto, but it's time to find out what the manual option is like for the M3 and M4, and where better than immediately taking it to the Nürburgring Nordschleife!

However, it's not quite so simple as in the UK market it is actually only possible to order either the M3 Competition or M4 Competition, which means you can only have the 8 speed ZF automatic gearbox. The 6 speed manual is the non-Competition model and as a result is down on power by 30hp (480hp) and down on torque by 100Nm (550Nm) compared to the Competition versions. At this moment they are all rear wheel drive, but an M xDrive 4WD Competition variant will also arrive in the future.

Having just put a few hundred miles on my new M3 so far, it's still early days but thanks to BMW M this car is ready and raring to go and even more so thanks to a set of Sport Cup 2 tyres that are fitted to it. With Touristenfahrten open on the Nürburgring, we can head out under Tourist Drives rules - a public toll road - to get a feel for what it's like and how it compares. Ultimately, deciding if this should be the one to go for!

Awesome thumbnail pic from Rike67, be sure to check out pics of your laps and GP sessions at as well!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee15022 dager siden

    In the UK we can only buy the new BMW M3 and M4 as their Competition variants which means with an 8spd Auto gearbox, but in other markets there's also the Non-Competition with a manual. Where better to find out what it's like than for a quick lap at the Nurburgring!

  • u.n. owen

    u.n. owen

    18 dager siden

    @Josh Bacon Why import wagen to market not buying them when they already build their tall wagen crossovers in U.S?

  • Josh Bacon

    Josh Bacon

    20 dager siden

    @James Bondeson This is probably because an M3 wagon would have poor sales figures in the US

  • Jun Wai

    Jun Wai

    21 dag siden

    We need to save the manuals especially in modern sport cars

  • Charles Trotman

    Charles Trotman

    21 dag siden

    @xero256 No Competition has more horses. This is plain M4.

  • JerainJezza


    22 dager siden

    How was the understeer Misha talked about? Did an alignment fix it?

  • Project Sim Racing
    Project Sim Racing3 dager siden

    I drove this car around Phillip Island race track, but auto version of course. Very impressive car, even gives you a drift rating!

  • Giuseppe Maccarrone
    Giuseppe Maccarrone4 dager siden

    That old silver bimmer tho...still flying

  • PAUL F
    PAUL F8 dager siden

    Tim, you've developed into quite the driver.

  • PAUL F
    PAUL F8 dager siden

    "In anger." Not sure Tim has ever been angry.

  • Frank B
    Frank B9 dager siden

    With the inevitable move to electric vehicles, I just hope some car manufacturer comes up with a "fake manual" gear box to keep the fun of driving manual alive.

  • Marlboro “Marlboro Car Videos” M2C
    Marlboro “Marlboro Car Videos” M2C14 dager siden

    Very helpful. The M3 M4 are best in class.

  • Ugwu Ekene
    Ugwu Ekene15 dager siden


  • Chris R. Nielsen
    Chris R. Nielsen16 dager siden

    OH! I want one so bad.I love my MRoadster but this would easily move her out...

  • Martin Tsanev
    Martin Tsanev16 dager siden

    The manual gearbox should be banned. In 2021 we don't need dated tech. I've driven manuals and automatics and I will pick auto every time.

  • Slayer-33
    Slayer-3316 dager siden

    What a FUGLY grill, good lord. Reminds me of the old gen dodges, disgusting.

  • Mick Delaney
    Mick Delaney16 dager siden

    Wow Tim your skill level has increased dramatically compared to your first few videos on the green hell. Bravo

  • William Dickman
    William Dickman17 dager siden

    I just want to know why Audi and now BMW have gone away from sleek aerodynamic styling to the nose of a Peterbuilt semi-tractor truck grafted onto their cars? Fugly

  • TolitsDTerrible
    TolitsDTerrible18 dager siden

    One thing I really don't like about these current M series is the protruding rear like a butt of a baboon.

  • 75.Rishikesh Shirsath
    75.Rishikesh Shirsath19 dager siden

    Old gen M4 ,the f82 was the best, looks and performance both were crazy

  • The Guitar Guru Network
    The Guitar Guru Network19 dager siden


  • sean hershey (hershK75s)
    sean hershey (hershK75s)19 dager siden

    Misha sighting at 2:15

  • anjoLas
    anjoLas19 dager siden

    That BMW...WOW

  • Andre Sagovia
    Andre Sagovia19 dager siden

    That thing between his legs, in the middle of the seat, is for crash protection of the testicles. For those with unusually large testicles and long scrotum, the device cradles the testicles to lessen the g-force due to sudden deceleration, in an event of a crash. This sounds weird, but the the super wealthy must take extra precaution to protect their genetic material. Imaging if Prince Harry wants to buy this car. Prince Harry says to Princess Meghan "I would like to purchase this extraordinary vehicle. It has extra protection for my Royal Pearls." After rolling her eyes, Meghan says "Alright Harry. Acceptable choice."

  • Richard Warner
    Richard Warner19 dager siden

    Tim, if you had the choice , would you choose the manual in the UK ?

  • Lancair W
    Lancair W20 dager siden

    Only Shmee can make hot laps in a unfamiliar car 🚗 and name each cars year and factory color he passes 👍🏼😆

  • Shmee150


    20 dager siden

    Pretty much!

  • Josh Bacon
    Josh Bacon20 dager siden

    Why isn’t the manual gearbox going to be offered on the Competition variants, which will be the only variant available in the UK? From what I’ve heard, the 503bhp power output of the auto-only Competition variants would be too much power for the manual gearbox to handle.

  • Paul Neuwirth
    Paul Neuwirth20 dager siden


  • Justin Mclees
    Justin Mclees20 dager siden

    Impressive driving, You have enough going on with driving the car on track let alone giving an ongoing commentary of thoughts and experience.

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.20 dager siden

    This was so entertaining! Great driving Tim!!!

  • JZ Rides
    JZ Rides20 dager siden

    I tried to watch the video but couldn't because of the ugly grill.

  • svt
    svt20 dager siden

    10:05 that was a dangerous pass.

  • Orion K.
    Orion K.21 dag siden

    It's good to see that Shmee is actually a great driver unlike alot of NOprojects personalities. Someone who can push the car and do what it was made for instead of cruising around just talking about it.

  • Nik
    Nik21 dag siden

    Loving this

  • Lucky Dog Gaming
    Lucky Dog Gaming21 dag siden

    I feel like I’m playing Forza, do you have a rewind button Shmee? Lol

  • Derby Racer
    Derby Racer21 dag siden

    Before watching the video, yes, yes it is. Manual = Better

  • Amir Koçak
    Amir Koçak21 dag siden

    11:00 oh my Dream car bmw m3 f80

  • QuietStormX
    QuietStormX21 dag siden

    I always choose the Manual for FTD, Fun to Drive. Not on a race track so I don't care for any automatic... :-D

  • Rakhsi Prayogo
    Rakhsi Prayogo21 dag siden

    What it's This Color From BMW M4 Competition

  • Muhamet Dili
    Muhamet Dili21 dag siden

    Manual 4ever

  • Col A North East
    Col A North East21 dag siden

    No body likes a thing between their legs!

  • Nick Wixon (Themotorstormer)
    Nick Wixon (Themotorstormer)21 dag siden

    That was awesome to watch!

  • Web crawler
    Web crawler21 dag siden

    "That thing betweeen your legs is very, very very, very odd" -Shmee150 2021

  • Glen Booth
    Glen Booth21 dag siden

    Ya need ta go as fast as possible, that way we can't see how ugly thar thing is 🤣🤣🤮🤮

  • mansees
    mansees21 dag siden

    Does the manual transmission fix the UGLY nose ?

  • 63humanbeing
    63humanbeing21 dag siden

    Tim, why don’t you consider less of the story telling while driving, and focus more on the experience please...

  • Filipe Martins
    Filipe Martins21 dag siden

    Very good driving on the Nordschleife Shmee! But I wonder if it wouldn't be faster to use third gear on some of the corners (except Wehrseifen) you used second gear since this is a car with good torque and power... You probably are being slower because you are shifting from second to third gear... If this was an automatic car I would shut my mouth :p ;)

  • Kadeem Smith
    Kadeem Smith21 dag siden

    Nah you drove like a mad man low key🤯 I like it💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • mistic mind
    mistic mind21 dag siden

    what a boss

  • drGonzo
    drGonzo21 dag siden

    Lap times or it didnt happen

  • Haja
    Haja21 dag siden

    in a few years, everyone's going to buy those cars used and give them 700+ HP easy. ALready a great thing!

  • The Shiny Player
    The Shiny Player21 dag siden

    I've watched your videos every now and then for a very long time. But I think all these laps take the channel to another level. It's also fun to see how your driving is improving. I guess the Nordschleife is the perfect track for youtube. The content' wouldn't be the same with a shorter track! Great work Tim! 👍

  • t b
    t b21 dag siden

    This thing between your legs is very very very very odd

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob21 dag siden

    Man, I like (love) your channel.. More on the nurburgring

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob21 dag siden

    Imagine 24 h

  • njernigan
    njernigan21 dag siden

    What is the road device at 3:45? Some sort of alternative to a speed bump?

  • luciteck
    luciteck21 dag siden

    someone should repair that cracked windshield befor it spreads and be too late

  • Iain F
    Iain F22 dager siden

    #Shquad.......hi Tim, absolutely love the manual M4 😍🥰

  • Fedi Letsoalo
    Fedi Letsoalo22 dager siden

    you should bring the M5 to the Nürburgring

  • Captain_Context
    Captain_Context22 dager siden

    2:20 Would you look at that weirdo walking there. Who is that?

  • Blarg
    Blarg22 dager siden

    your laps are getting extremely entertaining as you get more and more comfortable on the ring. Good stuff Tim!

  • kevin medina

    kevin medina

    9 dager siden

    Dude, seriously. When did Tim become such a beast?

  • Oscar R-B

    Oscar R-B

    21 dag siden

    Goonns ?

  • David Eubank

    David Eubank

    21 dag siden

    I never thought I’d see blarg comment on a shmee video

  • Jack Nichol
    Jack Nichol22 dager siden

    Shmee is really good at driving/doing Nurburgring commentary at the same time now after all those previous laps

  • Dominick
    Dominick22 dager siden

    This latest M4 is unquestionably the best yet. Though some might reckon it’s not as raw as its predecessor, its greater everyday ability makes it a much better car to live with, while still being comfortable and practical, too.

  • DimaGT
    DimaGT22 dager siden

    It is so funny to see that something that was norm is now Not fitting. Driving manual is a skill. You spend most time driving manual in town of course you will have hard time on track. Spend more time on track with it. And turn off auto blip. Heel and toe. Skills. Use them.

  • lexist2112
    lexist211222 dager siden

    Tim, so why not drive the ZF transmission and review it on track? Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to test drive it Chris harris might disagree with you on the ZF.

  • Scottie Klinger
    Scottie Klinger22 dager siden

    There’s nothing like driving a legit gated manual....I learned to drive manual in an early ‘70’s Ford pickup with “3 on the tree”....I’ve driven everything from that to a 13-speed Peterbilt cab and about everything in between....I still have my ‘04 Saturn Vue SUV with a 5-speed just because it’s a stick....anyways great content as always and CHEERS from across the pond!!

  • Andrew O'Keefe
    Andrew O'Keefe22 dager siden

    30kW less, 100Nm less. That's disappointing from BMW for a manual to be honest. I was in the market (and I'm not lol) I'd want the manual, but those figures are astoundingly different.

  • Jim Laurita
    Jim Laurita22 dager siden

    Tim: Manuals give you the connection to your car that you don't get with don't have that purity, old school engaging feel Also Tim: We've got the gear shift setting which is auto-rev matching, we've got that on Oh and Tim can actually drive!! Nice

  • Isaiah Arenas
    Isaiah Arenas22 dager siden

    That looked like some fine driving 👌🏽

  • UoBirmingham Cricsoc
    UoBirmingham Cricsoc22 dager siden

    Bloody hell Schmee, some proper driving here, awesome to watch.

  • Sharvesh S
    Sharvesh S22 dager siden

    There's no wonder , that he bought his Cayman as a manual 👍

  • kieran raine
    kieran raine22 dager siden

    I actually seen a g82 4 series last night was a m440i and I have to say they did well with seperating the grill with the number plate plinth :)

  • Alex Ortner
    Alex Ortner22 dager siden

    It doesn't look any better, still ugly.

  • Doug Clarke
    Doug Clarke22 dager siden

    That was awesome Shmee! Man, us Americans are missing out! I would love to have something like the Nurbergring in my area 😆 That looks like so much fun! Great video 👍🔥

  • comeberza
    comeberza22 dager siden

    I just saw the new 4 series, and in the flesh, it works better than in video where the car looks massive, but the hips just don't work for me. The previous 4 series on the road, with the flared fenders, has such a presence, with a very planted stance. The m steering wheel looks so so thick. Tims abilities are now more that acceptable, watching hip lap the ring is really cool

  • Shaun Jervis
    Shaun Jervis22 dager siden

    herps oner.. again

    DEEPROT22 dager siden


  • moritz
    moritz22 dager siden

    wow, what a great, professional and interesting review! I really enjoyed the 3 perspectives when you got on the ring. Thank you Tim

  • Rajiv Krishnan
    Rajiv Krishnan22 dager siden

    "This thing between your legs is very, very, very odd" - Shmee150

  • Nawid Sied
    Nawid Sied22 dager siden

    I enjoyed this vid I wanna see more content like this but full send

  • Italymich
    Italymich22 dager siden

    It’s ugly any way (ex M4 F82 owner)

  • Kemil Souma
    Kemil Souma22 dager siden

    Would be nice with a rear end camera...

  • Avrn
    Avrn22 dager siden

    auto for the track manual for country/mountain roads

  • DiamondSky660
    DiamondSky66022 dager siden

    I love watching you driving the green hell 💚

  • Piumi Nadeesha
    Piumi Nadeesha22 dager siden


  • Antiochia ad Taurum
    Antiochia ad Taurum22 dager siden

    Stop pretending to be happy permanently, just get angry, let it all out bro

  • CombatEndicate
    CombatEndicate22 dager siden

    Shmee deserves more subs

  • Brendan Fitness and Money
    Brendan Fitness and Money22 dager siden

    A manual M3 remains a future dream Dad car of mine

  • JerainJezza
    JerainJezza22 dager siden

    front view camera is drunk

  • Urban Wrench
    Urban Wrench22 dager siden

    I was watching your old Nurburgring videos and wonder if you left foot brake, like a race car driver or just use a single foot like everyone else?

  • Shiio640
    Shiio64022 dager siden

    This video deserves a million views!!

  • The Action Channel
    The Action Channel22 dager siden

    Anything is more fun with a manual 🙌

  • Phil Spaghet
    Phil Spaghet22 dager siden

    Ironically the US has the manual version but the UK does not lol

  • Vinayak
    Vinayak22 dager siden

    This looks better compared to last mansory

  • Parth khaladkar
    Parth khaladkar22 dager siden

    Shmee doesn't like BMW's new Carbon fiber Weiner tray.

  • Spastex
    Spastex22 dager siden

    One thing I will say is Tim is a very good driver!

    JWB TNT SQUAD22 dager siden

    Fantastic drive 👍👍👍

  • No
    No22 dager siden

    BMW has the ugliest cars ever and there nor reliable at all as a mechanic for 22 years I tell everyone run as fast as you can away from them unless it's an older m3 from back in the day the e36 ones

  • Steve M

    Steve M

    22 dager siden

    Ok boomer.

  • Outside Duh Box
    Outside Duh Box22 dager siden

    Jesus Shmee.... I never knew you had balls of steel 😳 watching you drive like a mad man! 😈👍

  • Nicholas “CommanderZ” Heath
    Nicholas “CommanderZ” Heath22 dager siden


  • Esteban Saa
    Esteban Saa22 dager siden

    I do not like any BMW after the e46, but seeing a manual transmission on an m4 just made me watch this video from start to finish. props BMW for keeping the manuals alive.

  • Coldhill Garage
    Coldhill Garage22 dager siden

    Makes me happy to see Tim drive in anger 👌

  • Rj Nation
    Rj Nation22 dager siden

    That's cool, hope you get a go at the Polestar that Misha has Tim, Rj in Oz

  • Safdar Husain
    Safdar Husain22 dager siden

    Nice driving there @Shmee150

  • SM Fan
    SM Fan22 dager siden

    I like how you didnt talk that much after you were chasing that bmw, real consentration haha