Ferrari SF90 Stradale DELIVERY DAY! David Lee's Newest Supercar in the Garage

It's delivery day of @Ferrari Collector David Lee 's brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano! It's also my time onboard a new SF90 to check it out. Download Stereo and join me for my next live show here: on 30th Mar at 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 11pm UK.

Over the years, I've met up a number of times with Ferrari Collector David Lee and his extraordinary collection including the Ferrari hypercars of the LaFerrari, Enzo, F50, F40 and 288 GTO, as well as a lineage of the V12 GTs and more like the Ford GT Carbon Series and Pagani Huayra. However, this time around as timing would have it things fall together perfectly to see the arrival of his latest acquisition.

It's actually my first time to even see an SF90 Stradale with the optional Assetto Fiorano package the introduces significantly more track focused elements like a stiffer suspension setup, carbon ducktail spoiler, carbon wheels, carbon backed racing bucket seats and more on the interior too. It's a particularly interesting car too being Ferrari's first series production Hybrid, going significantly more in the electric direction than the LaFerrari which primarily used the motors for torque fill as opposed to a full EV driving mode as we find now.

After the car is unloaded and brought into the garage for a first look with the rest of the collection, it's a chance for me to jump onboard with David to get a bit of a feel for what it's like on the first outing in his newest Ferrari.

You can also see more of David's cars and what might arrive in the future on his pages:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:57 Garage Tour
05:34 Stereo
07:20 Truck Arrives
09:25 Spec Overview
12:34 Return to Garage
13:28 Climb Onboard
15:02 My Ride
22:02 Back in the Garage
22:34 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee1504 måneder siden

    It's delivery day of Ferrari Collector David Lee's brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano! It's also my time onboard a new SF90 to check it out. Download Stereo and join me for my next live show here: on 30th Mar at 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 11pm UK.

  • Tim McKaughan

    Tim McKaughan

    3 måneder siden

    Your knowledge of the cars is quite impressive. I'd love to see a video of you schooling a supercar salesman at a dealership. I'm quite sure you'd put them to shame.

  • Mr. Blue Ice cream rolls

    Mr. Blue Ice cream rolls

    4 måneder siden

    I have been there.

  • Aaron Fauth

    Aaron Fauth

    4 måneder siden

    Hey shmee how much was his car?

  • One Issue Voter

    One Issue Voter

    4 måneder siden

    The SF90 does NOT have "electrical" motors. Even in the UK they are "electric" motors Tim.

  • Excell Racing

    Excell Racing

    4 måneder siden

    @Shmee150 When is David going to let us Twin Turbo that beautiful GTS. Our F12 Twin Turbo needs a new friend!

  • Wayne Drew
    Wayne Drew9 dager siden

    F40 all day nothing else

    HIIIPOWER 00016 dager siden

    Absolutely absurd one guy with all these cars just sitting there, man this world is messed up

  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee21 dag siden

    Congratulations on getting your new sf90 soon shmee

  • Rene Skudstrup
    Rene Skudstrup22 dager siden

    Its a fantastic car, But my god that front end is such a Gigantic design flaw. Its sooo ugly on video/pictures. Hope it looks better en real life

  • abc 123
    abc 12322 dager siden

    *12:53** the front of the car looks like a lambo.*

  • jbaz007
    jbaz00723 dager siden

    Every time he says hi guys im shmee i almost end my own life.

  • Sonderax
    Sonderax24 dager siden

    Whos here after Tim's announced his SF90 Stradale

  • Didip Kerabat
    Didip KerabatMåned siden

    David Lee buys cars more frequently than I buy jeans. Crazy.

  • vdbdg
    vdbdgMåned siden

    Ferrari’s version of the iPhone. Will it even start in 20 years?

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman2 måneder siden

    That ivory and burgundy spec is straight class

  • Nich Hodge
    Nich Hodge2 måneder siden

    See what I like about Shmee compared to that Doug guy (some American who does a car channel and did a video on David’s SF90) is when Shmee drives or goes out in a car he shows the outside while driving and all Doug does is shows his face when driving and I want to see the scenery go by as you accelerate not a Doug’s ugly mug

  • Nich Hodge
    Nich Hodge2 måneder siden

    He’s also got my favourite car in the Pagani Huyra (the Imola version is my top favourite) in my favourite colour and my favourite shade of blue too. I love David as I’ve seen him several times on Jay Leno’s channel and think he’s a real down to earth guy as a lot of these owners of special cars can be pricks but David is cool. I love his Ferrari collection as Ferrari is my 2nd favourite car company (used to be number 1 as a kid) until Pagani overtook them just in my heart

  • Er-x
    Er-x2 måneder siden

    hadi bırakta adam arabasının tadını çıkarsın yaaa..

  • kim-Taehyung BTS V
    kim-Taehyung BTS V2 måneder siden

    until know i find LA FERRARI is the most insane car on planet.

  • When Hann Meets Cars
    When Hann Meets Cars3 måneder siden

    4:36 Pity the Porsche 356 wasn't featured in the video, it's such a cool classic car!

  • sherap ghaley
    sherap ghaley3 måneder siden

    Stradman should get that f90 stradale

  • th tan
    th tan3 måneder siden

    truly a connoisseur in Ferrari. and also rolex.

  • J.D. Rios
    J.D. Rios3 måneder siden

    Doug sent me here.

  • 진경이
    진경이3 måneder siden

    이거 얼마하죠?

  • James Witt
    James Witt3 måneder siden

    again minus the c head lamps and the grey decals this would be even better

  • Scoobert Doo
    Scoobert Doo3 måneder siden

    This is the 3rd time I’ve watched this don’t ask

  • Austin Zizzi
    Austin Zizzi3 måneder siden

    Favorite ferrar I’ve seen in a long time

  • Lime Icing
    Lime Icing3 måneder siden

    The Pista's spec is out of this world! It looks absolutely fantastic!

    Bongan SPACEBONGZ3 måneder siden

    LaFerrari over SF90

  • Darryl Curran
    Darryl Curran3 måneder siden

    Just my envious and personal opinion....I have to say, generally speaking, Ferrari owners are the most boring of supercar owners, red red red, but then we see that Pista! (and the F12 in yellow, much better!) absolutely beautiful in that burgundy and ivory and a breath of fresh air after seeing all that red (yes I know its their halo colour) so tastefully different. The SF90, that hideous silver nose and stipe DOES NOT do anything for the car. Stripes on supercars, please, pinstripe them as most need it if the colours arent right. That Ford GT and Pigani, great examples of stipes working without pinstripes, the two best cars in that collection to look at, gorgeous specs.

  • Wes Lawson
    Wes Lawson3 måneder siden

    So much daddy money in one video

  • AJ
    AJ3 måneder siden

    Nice skull on that wrist. Cars are brilliant too 🤑

  • Eyasluna
    Eyasluna3 måneder siden

    wasn't this guy banned by Ferrari?

  • dom cusano
    dom cusano3 måneder siden

    I wish he could visit celebrities that would be so cool

  • ragatwins69
    ragatwins693 måneder siden

    That is an incredible collection of Ferrari’s. Car porn at its filthiest lol

  • Dheepratim Das
    Dheepratim Das3 måneder siden

    Is he the same person from where manny khoshbin got his inspiration for car dealerships?

  • Mr. Bedtime
    Mr. Bedtime3 måneder siden

    Hi hello

  • Jlzghost
    Jlzghost3 måneder siden

    It looks like a garage in GTA V

  • khant hein
    khant hein3 måneder siden

    It looks like ultraman. :D

  • B dubb
    B dubb3 måneder siden

    They messed up the paint on the nose of the car. Must be sending em out for paint jobs. Probably china??

  • Aileen Nepomuceno
    Aileen Nepomuceno3 måneder siden

    just try to add it now on your car

  • Aileen Nepomuceno
    Aileen Nepomuceno3 måneder siden

    soon i will add v19 engine on the ferrari stradale the speed is 900 mph 10 speed in 0.0 seconds

  • Aileen Nepomuceno
    Aileen Nepomuceno3 måneder siden

    psp is a game controler

  • Aileen Nepomuceno
    Aileen Nepomuceno3 måneder siden

    psp means playstation portable

  • Aileen Nepomuceno
    Aileen Nepomuceno3 måneder siden

    the midde of the engine looks like a psp

  • Aileen Nepomuceno
    Aileen Nepomuceno3 måneder siden

    shmee please buy me lebron 18

  • Brian Isle
    Brian Isle3 måneder siden

    Just wild to see the F40 thru the LaFerrari in one garage!

  • Fox 1
    Fox 13 måneder siden

    David still acts like he bought his first Ferrari. I nearly cried with him hahaha

  • Ferhat İpek
    Ferhat İpek3 måneder siden

    Dayı biz fakir ucuz araba çek 😆

  • Glen Allsopp
    Glen Allsopp3 måneder siden

    Speedtail looks way better than all of them, imagen one of them next to the other 2

  • carsoundsonly
    carsoundsonly3 måneder siden

    Great video bro!

  • Nanus Magnus
    Nanus Magnus4 måneder siden

    The silver stripes are incredibly ugly on the red hood.

  • Ahmad shani
    Ahmad shani4 måneder siden

    Love Ferrari

  • Kevin Donis
    Kevin Donis4 måneder siden

    A Nice collection of cars for a Nice guy! 🤩👍

  • Love Girl
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  • Alexis Peñaloza
    Alexis Peñaloza4 måneder siden

    visit Don Huayra's garage again

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert4 måneder siden

    On return to garage it sounded just like a 'milk float' 8-)

  • la Putin
    la Putin4 måneder siden

    11:19 puppi spotted

  • Phineas Phreak
    Phineas Phreak4 måneder siden

    For anyone Who dont know, that whatch is retail price for USD 600.000 or more. :)

  • Voorhees Jason
    Voorhees Jason4 måneder siden

    I won one of these on GTA5 the other day 👊🏻🎃👊🏻

  • SuperC55AMG
    SuperC55AMG4 måneder siden

    In all honesty, I dont care for the SF90. The proportions look odd and both exterior / interior is so busy. The dash looks like a mountain range with all the curves, peaks, etc. The Red and Silver spec I could also do without. From the "newer" Ferraris in David's collection, from the 288 GTO until current, the SF 90 is my least favorite.

  • frenchie0800
    frenchie08004 måneder siden

    🤮. The silver on it is atrocious

  • NFA Review Channel
    NFA Review Channel4 måneder siden

    I don't understand the reason you would drive (add miles) on a SF90 in full electric mode. I would want to use the FULL potential of the car at all times. The electric motors and gas engine together in symphony to produce a glorious driving experience. All the power, all the time.

  • lamedude 333
    lamedude 3334 måneder siden

    That pista is beautiful

    SUPERCAR GALAXY4 måneder siden

    That silver ruins the lines of the car. It is a beautiful car though. Congrats

  • A Guy Named DJ
    A Guy Named DJ4 måneder siden

    Is this limited production?

  • luminor007
    luminor0074 måneder siden

    It's a Laptop on wheels

  • Annabel Paul
    Annabel Paul4 måneder siden

    Being a single parent can be tough on you. But since I found out about bitcoinsamurai and invested, I've had to relax a bit more than I would have thought

  • Chris Ewing
    Chris Ewing4 måneder siden

    Wow what a beautiful collection

  • mcdroks
    mcdroks4 måneder siden

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  • Jude Lo
    Jude Lo4 måneder siden

    His watch and car are more than my house! Congrats....

  • Jude Lo
    Jude Lo4 måneder siden

    Rich people problems!😂😂 “you received your Gt40 before me!” When you can buy anything, then the love for the game of being first!

  • malcolmar
    malcolmar4 måneder siden

    WOW! Another STUNNING collection!

  • Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
    Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd4 måneder siden

    Looks like a cross between an NSX and a corvette. Weird looking from the front.

  • ayrtongraham
    ayrtongraham4 måneder siden

    Gonna be honest I downvoted you because I’m jealous

  • Ryan Fick
    Ryan Fick4 måneder siden

    David lee lost some weight.

  • Ptraides
    Ptraides4 måneder siden

    Absolutely beautiful car, interior and exterior. That being said, all of the tech is absolutely atrocious and annoying. Not to mention it sounds mediocre at best, pretty disappointing.

  • Giga Ware
    Giga Ware4 måneder siden

    im sorry vut that silver paint is so ugly man

  • Jack DeBruler
    Jack DeBruler4 måneder siden

    Someday I will own a collection quite like this one...

  • Bruhkis G
    Bruhkis G4 måneder siden

    Love how shmee knows more about the car than the owner.

  • B Muns
    B Muns4 måneder siden

    Nice cars. Don’t think I’d want to advertise their storage location though.

  • jon wik
    jon wik4 måneder siden

    ferrari makes ugly cars now a days

  • Kevin - Club EUPHORIA -
    Kevin - Club EUPHORIA -4 måneder siden

    Did David lose quite some weight? This sick garage is a few miles from me beneath his jewelry store.

  • Mister Super Cool
    Mister Super Cool4 måneder siden

    Red is definitely the best color for the SF90

  • GReGOA
    GReGOA4 måneder siden

    Who is David Lee? And why can he afford that?

  • Brian Garrett
    Brian Garrett4 måneder siden

    Does David want to adopt a 38 y.o. son? I mean he gets to skip all the potty training nonsense...

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton4 måneder siden

    A very nice collection.

  • Dark_lord Void
    Dark_lord Void4 måneder siden

    If you 1 you need buy all generation of Ferrari 😂😂

  • Edward Valivonis
    Edward Valivonis4 måneder siden

    Meantime in London

  • H W
    H W4 måneder siden

    When you buy a Ferrari and treat it well you die and go to Ferrari heaven which is Lee's garage.

  • Crispy
    Crispy4 måneder siden

    Ferrari is trying to be a tech leader but it just ends up being intrusive and annoying. Bet that ages badly. Cool car though.

  • Aaron Levin
    Aaron Levin4 måneder siden


  • Ing. Peter Dindeský
    Ing. Peter Dindeský4 måneder siden

    Hello Tim, you have to visit great Ferrari collector Michal Korecky in Czech republic containing 3 storey garage, moving vertically like a shelf. There are around 60 Ferrari models, some of them very rare, like Ferrari 275 GTC (1966) 2pcs only in the world, Ferrari 400 Superamerica (1963), Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso (1963). He has 3 matching pairs: 275 GTC/ F12 Berlinetta, 365 GTB 4 Daytona/ 812 Superfast, 458 Italia GT2/ 488 Pista. Would be interesting to see more from his collection.👍😀

  • M H
    M H4 måneder siden

    I like the old Ferrari’s over the newest models way more.

  • Newmaidumosa
    Newmaidumosa4 måneder siden

    paddles still not on the wheel... smh!

  • ParryHotter
    ParryHotter4 måneder siden

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  • m5shiv
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  • RenzzzB
    RenzzzB4 måneder siden

    I don't know but there's something the way he talks but hey, I still support this guy.

  • luan maia
    luan maia4 måneder siden

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  • leo hug
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  • Stephen M
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  • Klistern2
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  • Cristobal 147
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