Check Out the New FERRARI 812 COMPETIZIONE! First Look

This is the brand new Ferrari 812 Competizione and a very first look to check it out! Join me at Fiorano, Ferrari's test track in Maranello, Italy, to walk around the new limited edition super-GT and go through all of the details.

Ferrari have simultaneously launched the 812 Competizione (Coupe) and 812 Competizone A (Targa convertible), limited to 999 and 599 units respectively, the Versione Speciale of the 812 Superfast and 812 GTS. Following in the footsteps of greats like the F12 TDF and 599 GTO, anticipation for this car has been very, very high but it certainly seems to be a concoction of ingredients that will no doubt impress.

With the 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 now making 830hp (up 30hp from 800hp) and revving to a gigantic 9,500rpm (from 8,900rpm), the slight decrease of torque to 692Nm (718Nm in the 812 Superfast) will quickly be forgotten as it completes the 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint in 2.8 seconds and the 0-124mph (200km/h) run takes only 7.5s while it continues on to a top speed of over 211mph (340km/h).

Visually it is seriously dramatic, with stand out cues instantly visible including the blade that runs the full width across the bonnet to the vortex generators found on the rear deck. The back of the car shows that it means business, with the diffuser running right to the outer edges and a significant lip spoiler integrated into the bodywork. It houses a completely new exhaust system, presented in a totally new way for Ferrari, but we'll have to wait a little longer to hear the final sound. Like the F12 TDF to the F12 Berlinetta, the Competizione is a significant step up from the Superfast in visual drama.

Under the skin, technology moves on yet again with 4 wheel independent steering, Slip Slide Control 7.0, and numerous elements to both up the enjoyment, but also to make it fast, super super fast. In fact the 812 Competizione has set a lap time on this very circuit of Fiorano of just 1 minute 20 seconds, knocking 1.5 seconds off the time set by the 812 Superfast.

There's a lot to take in, but join me for an exclusive full walkaround of the new supercar in detail, nowhere else than directly in Maranello, Ferrari's home town.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:01 First Walkaround
03:15 Design and Aero
06:59 Engine
09:09 Interior
12:11 Technology
14:22 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    After the F12 TDF and 599 GTO, the special version of the 812 Superfast was always going to have a lot to live up to, but the 812 Competizione does exactly what it needs to! Can you imagine what the V12 will sound like revving to 9,500rpm?! I can't wait to get behind the wheel and see what it's like, but for now even just walking around to take in all the details is special, especially at Fiorano!

  • Ryan Rossi

    Ryan Rossi

    Måned siden

    I was wondering why you were not able to start the ignition?

  • Ingress Wizard

    Ingress Wizard

    Måned siden

    Were you offered an allocation for this masterpiece??

  • Simon Durance

    Simon Durance

    Måned siden

    F12 tdf is better, back of this one is strange

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad Ferrari let you do a Full walk through of the all new Ferrari 812 Competizione i hope you can drive one someday



    Måned siden

    7:09 shmee always says "he says if i can find the catch" he says that everytime hes opening an engine bay cover of any car,what i want to know is who is this he who says that lol.......great video as usual

  • Axel La Flamme
    Axel La Flamme7 dager siden

    how can ferrari patient an aero device???? sorry no you can't have air flow over your car in this particular way? thats bs

  • Alessandro Fragnito
    Alessandro Fragnito8 dager siden

    Wayyyy cooler than the STO

  • Octaviano Ortiz
    Octaviano Ortiz10 dager siden

    Congratulations, you educate us and and give quality content 👍

  • John Rhodes
    John Rhodes15 dager siden

    Build slot for sale on autotrader.

    BOH BOH19 dager siden



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  • Alexander Haubner (Haubi)
    Alexander Haubner (Haubi)23 dager siden

    Wtf Masterpiece G. O. A. T

  • Milo Dsouza
    Milo Dsouza24 dager siden

    There's no rear window 🤨

  • natbarron
    natbarron26 dager siden

    I still think the F12 TDF takes the cake

  • natbarron
    natbarron26 dager siden

    11:25 I bet that parcel shelf is worth more than my life 😂

  • Adnan Abdillah Ghifari
    Adnan Abdillah Ghifari27 dager siden

    30HP more than the Superfast

  • Jan Louis Arce
    Jan Louis Arce27 dager siden

    0:56 competf?

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    Gilles Huioutu27 dager siden


  • Yaseen Ait Simmou
    Yaseen Ait Simmou28 dager siden

    I really like the front of the car. I think they’ve mastered it.

  • andy f
    andy f28 dager siden

    For those of you wondering he dsnt turn the engine on atall

  • JamesRoger Performance
    JamesRoger Performance28 dager siden

    Very exited for what’s to come 😍 What a beautiful and brutal machine 🏎💨💨💨💪🏻

  • Søren Algreen-Ussing
    Søren Algreen-Ussing29 dager siden

    Great informatical video !! Makes you really want to orde one like that up !!!!

  • Gavin Halm
    Gavin Halm29 dager siden

    Styling wise, I haven't been super impressed by the post-488 Pista models like the F8 or SF90 (pretty, yes, but not as pretty as the 488 Pista), but this specimen is one of the finest pieces of Italian Art to come out of Maranello in a long, long time. Estremamente buono.

  • rail malik
    rail malikMåned siden

    So beautiful voice OMG😍

  • Clutch
    ClutchMåned siden

    What a beautiful beast. It looks like a proper racing car and the V12 that revs to 9500 rpm...just incredible! Truly a stunning piece of engineering art. There is nothing else like Ferrari, no one else can make special cars like that. Fact.

  • Anel Kadić
    Anel KadićMåned siden


  • El Singon
    El SingonMåned siden

    I was reading a article that said it will be the last v12 Naturally Aspirated Engine platform .. 😔 i refuse to believe that

  • GamerGuyProductions
    GamerGuyProductionsMåned siden

    I'm convinced he has a twin. No way someone can get around this much and pump out videos this frequently

  • TubeWatcher
    TubeWatcherMåned siden

    What color is this?

    KNOW HOPEMåned siden

    Considering just how much attention is paid today to aerodynamics, its incredible that up until 25 years ago some Ferrari models had pop up lights which would be an absolute no-no today. 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds for a Grand Tourer is insane!

  • Spy D
    Spy DMåned siden

    where is the Aperta version?

  • nate love
    nate loveMåned siden

    Ferrari did what the Corvette should have been in 2020 and 2021. I can’t see why GM couldn’t have a Mid Engine Corvette and a Rear Wheel Drive Corvette. That Ugly Mid Engine Corvette won’t be around long

  • twinkle thomas
    twinkle thomasMåned siden

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    It’s ugly as all get out. The front end Looks like a snake shedding its skin.

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  • Performance Photography
    Performance PhotographyMåned siden

    0- 62 mph is equal to 0-100 kmh not 0 - 60 mph

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    Ken BeranMåned siden

    SHMEE , That is a Piece of ART , Beautiful ,,,, WHAT A C8 Should of LOOKED like , Kinda Of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, luv that COLOR !

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    Didn't even start it?

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    Im most likely trippin but I get some 599 AMR Zagato vibes


    Sminkyyyyyyy 😂

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    WizardBeardMåned siden

    Ferrari was just like you know whats a pretty car? A C7 Corvette lets just make our own lol.

  • Joe Garrett-Robinson
    Joe Garrett-RobinsonMåned siden

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    ketchup 22Måned siden

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    Tevin KiingMåned siden

    All that power and no 4WD or AWD system on the car, smh Ferrari had one thing to do to make a perfect car and they left it out.

    TOPTREKMåned siden

    Now one of the best looking cars ever. Stunning

  • David Allen Perrin III
    David Allen Perrin IIIMåned siden

    Yeah. It took me a little while to warm up to the TDF. But I eventually did and now I like it more than the F12. But this one. The 812 Competitizione is one I fell for instantly. It’s amazing!

  • Edd Starr
    Edd StarrMåned siden

    Shmee, your depth of detail, delivered in such an entertaining manner, makes you one of the most outstanding online automobile reviewers - thank you for your amazing work!

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    Madikgetla KagisoMåned siden

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    JordiMåned siden

    Man, This is one of the most beautiful cars I've seen in a long time

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    Mr JepoMåned siden

    The 812 is my favourite Ferrari but that looks like its got a Halfords bodykit on it!

  • Karen Hansen
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  • M N
    M NMåned siden

    Not sold on the tail lights! Is it round or squarish?? Round and "cap" in square? 🤔

  • Om prakash Swain

    Om prakash Swain

    21 dag siden

    My thoughts exactly. I think they are still round but new aero bits just cover it up

  • Konrad Mańko
    Konrad MańkoMåned siden

    finally f12tdf has a real successor! love it!

  • THE-mad -CYLIST
    THE-mad -CYLISTMåned siden

    SHMEE150 - ive put my order in for a FERRARI 812 COMPETIZIONE just need you guys help with the Colour choice , it will be a excellent addition to the museum , I will take you along for the build process of course , Im so excited , think ive said that 15 times this year with the 15 other cars ive ordered

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  • Virendra Patil
    Virendra PatilMåned siden

    MO vlogs and money kicks CAR COLLECTIONS 🚗🏡 Plizzz shmee sir made vlogs 🚗🏡 🚗🏡 🚗🏡

  • Virendra Patil
    Virendra PatilMåned siden

    MO vlogs and money kicks CAR COLLECTIONS 🚗🏡 Plizzz shmee sir made vlogs 🚗🏡 🚗🏡 🚗🏡

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    Christopher Dovban

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    Christopher Dovban

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