Audi RS e-tron GT to Replace My Taycan? FIRST DRIVE

This is the Audi RS e-tron GT and everything you want to know about it! After buying My Porsche Taycan, the EV world is getting more familiar, so could this be a replacement? Thanks to Juice Booster for sponsoring today's video:

The flagship Audi electric car has landed in the form of the RS e-tron GT, boasting 646hp and incredible performance figures. With an 800V architecture and 93.4kW battery as found in the Porsche Taycan, it brings the concept's styling into production with great flair and undoubtedly looks the part. However, is it just some fancy new clothing with an Audi finish on otherwise the same car, that's what we need to find out. After taking a full walkaround to go through the design, aero, and tech features, it's onto the roads for a first drive to see what it's all about.

Along the way, a stop off calls to top up the battery with Juice Booster! Thanks to Juice Technologies for sponsoring today's video, allow me to show you the process with the Juice Booster 2 Traveller Set, something I will certainly be carrying on my own future EV adventures. One of the biggest barriers to entry with electric cars is certainly to understand what it means to live with and use the car, and the fear of running out of charge. The Juice Booster 2 is the jack of all trades when it comes to charging; a lightweight charger that can withstand being driven over, is water resistant and houses many advanced technologies.

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Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:18 Walkaround
05:18 First Drive
10:35 Charging with Juice Booster
16:00 Back on the Road
20:28 Interior
26:03 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    Should the Audi RS e-tron GT be the future replacement to my Taycan? Let's find out! Thanks to Juice Booster you can get 5% off their incredible EV chargers here:

  • Tor the tame badger

    Tor the tame badger

    16 dager siden

    Tim, it is a Taycan but with another body. So no meaning changing.

  • davidhunternyc


    22 dager siden

    That interior was so complicated I need to take an Advil.

  • Epic Air Perspective

    Epic Air Perspective

    Måned siden

    Gues none of them concidering your last porsche video.. I have a EV my self. Last summer i was on a road trip, started to look for charging stations at 40% after 2 none working stations and one that didn't fit car! I finally found one after a long detour. Had like7% left 😑😪 the world aint quite EV perfect yet!

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes

    Måned siden

    The choice is yours. I'd rather get the Audi, but I still absolutely love the Porsche. If you had a Taycan 4S, I'd say yes. But since you have a Turbo S, stick with that.

  • Andre1


    Måned siden

    Yes, its the best looking EV with the quality of Audi...very cool car

  • Patrick Welfare
    Patrick Welfare7 dager siden

    Wasn’t that tony’s car in Avengers Endgame?🤔

  • Aldin Zlatarevic
    Aldin Zlatarevic17 dager siden

    Audi is a manufacturer that hardly ever fails to impress

  • igrvks
    igrvks18 dager siden

    Would look so much better slightly lower and with some other wheels with more aggressive track width.

  • x MotoHighlands x
    x MotoHighlands x19 dager siden

    Beautiful car but not a GT with the range between charges and starting at £60K for non RS models it's not a real option for normal folks.

  • Seve Sellors
    Seve Sellors20 dager siden

    Great video and nice car. Always interesting reports you learn so much. Would love you to test the 500E.

  • nhani_stark vlogs
    nhani_stark vlogs20 dager siden

    Porsche taychan is the best all rounder these audi e tron gt rs never beat taychan 😁 at all

  • Pillred
    Pillred21 dag siden

    Looking at the interior considering it costs 120 grand it doesn't look an awful lot better than my 2021 Mazda 3 and I'm being serious I would have expected a lot more considering how much it costs, my car seems to have just as many features as this (and yes I know it doesn't go as fast).

  • vryzenok
    vryzenok21 dag siden

    Nice video, but don`t like the car. No space, no place for the phone, boot small(after placing cable kit, no boot at all). If no engine at the front, why is so little space? Why not put all the battery under the floor? Thanks for the video. And charge at the side!!! Why not at the back or at the front? You explained in the last video how bad it is to have a charge at the side(on the Porsche).

  • Karol N
    Karol N22 dager siden

    Where is the rs exhaust??

  • Alan Jenkinson
    Alan Jenkinson22 dager siden

    Surely it’s a very similar car underneath? Please don’t buy it Schmee, EV’s just aren’t for you.

  • Gregory Mcclatchy
    Gregory Mcclatchy23 dager siden

    Both cars have things to recommend them. But, in the corporate rebranding world, its a bit like comparing shades of beige isn't it?

  • Wayne Sissing
    Wayne Sissing23 dager siden

    It’s amazing how a bag that carries all the various power leads and connectors takes up so much of the boot space and is compared with opening a fuel cap and putting in a nozzle pressing a lever and filling the petrol tank in under 4 minutes including payment. How many of you electric car owners can try to charge your cars at the same time in a domestic environment before you cause a local brown out or blackouts? Great looking but to limited because of range and limited capacity to charge in some locations because of load on supply. /

  • David Burgemont
    David Burgemont23 dager siden

    Please get rid of the Porsche and get this!

  • John Welsh
    John Welsh24 dager siden

    It’s a great looking car, but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of a lack of serviceable charging infrastructure 🤷‍♂️

  • nigel bradshaw
    nigel bradshaw24 dager siden

    Lovely but who can afford things like this?

  • Zack Kirkorian
    Zack Kirkorian24 dager siden

    Has anybody thought about how difficult the connection process would be for a disabled individual. I can pump my own gas but moving a cable of such size would take some extra effort for someone with limited mobility

  • John Lumb
    John Lumb24 dager siden

    I do wonder where the hell these people get their money to buy these amazing vehicles. I can afford a 20yr old heap.

  • johnny boy
    johnny boy24 dager siden

    A blue sky in England..!! What's wrong

  • nozrep
    nozrep24 dager siden

    dude. just get the the swiss army knife for your taycan. problem solved.

    XOOM CHANNEL25 dager siden

    lol should have gotten this then the taycan

  • David Fairbairn
    David Fairbairn25 dager siden

    So material.

  • Rok šerbinek
    Rok šerbinek26 dager siden

    It looks way better than the Taycan imo. As someone who loves Porsche and prefers BMW over Audi i have to say they did a fantastic job!

  • Jay Pase
    Jay Pase26 dager siden

    ❤️Tesla = just plug it in - no problem 💚

  • CA Driver
    CA Driver26 dager siden

    Taycan is so much nicer.

  • pb5x5
    pb5x527 dager siden

    Why would you swap for another electric car where you will have the same issues with charging it. Keep the one you have if want an electric car (aren't they similar underneath anyway).

  • simon shepherdson
    simon shepherdson27 dager siden

    Juice booster... extension just plug it in.... or if you want to pinch it... just unplug it, sling it over your shoulder and walk off... hmmm his much is that part to replace?

  • Adrie71
    Adrie7128 dager siden

    I love your videos Tim, but you really need to fire your sunglass stylist! 😎😉

  • Nanobot155
    Nanobot15528 dager siden

    love how this guy has 2.3m subs and still cant figure out how to record audio properly

  • Charles Trotman
    Charles Trotman28 dager siden

    Much better looking car than a Taycan but £120k+ seems a reach

  • Hon Guen Loh
    Hon Guen Loh28 dager siden

    Just an affordable version of taycan…. Lol

  • 3pan1
    3pan128 dager siden

    This idiotic Audi sound faking keeps boggling me, first that heartbeat sound on the speakers as you open the door and now this ... a German lie i (don't) take it

  • md p
    md p28 dager siden

    73% battery charge is only 167miles?? That is the EV definition of a dealbreaker! That is really unfortunate.

  • Jeremy Gobaille
    Jeremy Gobaille28 dager siden

    Fun fact : in french "étron" means "turd".

  • Graham Morley
    Graham Morley28 dager siden

    Sell the Taycan the Audi is much better! Plus it’s ridiculous putting a turbo badge on a car with no turbo!

  • Leslie Brook
    Leslie Brook29 dager siden

    Your boot is full of cables. If you need to take that lot with you on a Continental Trip you'll need a trailer for your luggage

  • T HOFF
    T HOFFMåned siden

    once you opened the trunk to that mess of cables I thought: "I don't want to deal with an electric car yet". i am sure I am not alone

  • Rahadyan Azka Prabowo
    Rahadyan Azka PrabowoMåned siden

    Yes. You seem that you look so happy to drive about it

  • Mark A
    Mark AMåned siden

    Excellent overview. I don't see an EV in my near future but this makes it look like something you can enjoy to drive.

  • Stuart Ford
    Stuart FordMåned siden

    No matter how fast EVs may be, I just dread the day I’ll have to go through that horrid and weird process of charging the bloody things. Thanks Tim for presenting this. I know it’s relevant but I remain a fan of atmospheric combustion like you. Cheers . Stu Reed

  • skierpage


    26 dager siden

    Maybe you can pay somebody to plug it in, like you have your butler plug in your smartphone. Real men enjoy sticking a fuel pump line in their cars.

  • IMDOC78
    IMDOC78Måned siden

    I’m waiting for Lexus to come out with its EV

  • nikocitroen
    nikocitroenMåned siden

    Love to see the wife deal with the juice boost, in winter, raining and throw in darkness for good measure. She would juice boost me and not in a good way!

  • Robin
    RobinMåned siden

    It's a shame they are extremely boring. :(

  • Dennis Kristensen
    Dennis KristensenMåned siden

    I don't think we really got any explanation of why the Juice booster is better than the OEM charging brick? My Tesla came with a "slow charger" for situations like this - why is this better?

  • team zissou
    team zissouMåned siden

    whaaaaaat. finally someone has explained how to charge these EV's from a domestic power source. the last episode trying to charge the Taycan put me off EV's. this episode has turned my head back to EV's. not having to go thru checking in, paying then have it unusable would drive me crazy. this system is something that i could do.

  • Bryn Griffith
    Bryn GriffithMåned siden

    they need to simplify ASAP. That aint working when all you have to do is put a nozzle into your car and go. Remember you got to pack all that shit away too

  • Sean
    SeanMåned siden

    What camera do you use, your video quality has changed over the past few months

  • LOu Dog
    LOu DogMåned siden

    All this charging - juice booster stuff - no thanks - I saw the taycan video you spending 3 hours to charge it to 50% - the charging infrastructure needs to be better and the charging time needs to improve - and why can't these things charge themselves completely while you are driving? Nice car of course but It looks like the Taycan - maybe they used the Taycan as the test dummy and put there real work into the Audi

  • Chris Quinn
    Chris QuinnMåned siden

    15 minutes to find the right cable for your juice booster (never mind the space it occupies in the trunk), plug it in, and when done, store it properly. Wait another 20 to 30 minutes of emergency charging and you are done... Simple? Time efficient? Tim is correct the barriers to entry for the VW brand (Porsche, Audi, VW) remain as long as you are talk about 250 miles or less range.

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony StrunkMåned siden

    Don’t get me wrong I like the Tycan but I’m loving the Audi version

  • davewesley11
    davewesley11Måned siden

    Your not a fan of the RS on the seats ? Tim you have cars in your garage with a logo on the seats and I've heard you say you like it before on other cars .. you have one that lights up. Don't remember you saying that's tacky

  • Bradley
    BradleyMåned siden

    What an absolute faf that would be in day to day life.. I get it’s an amazing vehicle but the infrastructure just is not there for EV’s. It’s amazing what people will try to justify when benefiting in some way or another.

  • Subscribe For No Reason
    Subscribe For No ReasonMåned siden

    Your in wales? Why the wales number plate? 😳 please meet up)!!!!

  • David Garcia
    David GarciaMåned siden

    The taycan looks way better than the Etron gt what’s wrong with you

  • Preacher Amoako
    Preacher AmoakoMåned siden

    Tim you didn't open the hood

  • shelloiluk
    shelloilukMåned siden

    Horriable stick with the porsche

  • SiamLars
    SiamLarsMåned siden

    A nice looking car, but when he started with all those cables he lost me.. EV's have the same problem now as they did over a hundred years ago. The batteries are too heavy, the range too short and the charging takes way too long!

  • l2etranger
    l2etrangerMåned siden

    15:35 That’s the motivation to get people to go through this charging installation. This will be quite a session to train for all those steps, and especially repacking the kit back and into car once charged up. I’ll be curious to see how the hatchback version would compete with the Cross Turismo when it’s available.

  • Matthew Stanton
    Matthew StantonMåned siden

    Don't understand why they don't just call it the e tron RS

  • Matthew Stanton
    Matthew StantonMåned siden

    Should be getting a test drive very soon might be replacing my I Pace but the taycan turismo is looking a lot more practical and slightly faster (I think)

  • Jens Christian Schmidt
    Jens Christian SchmidtMåned siden

    Thank you Tim for making even product placement entertaining. I found my self looking at the Juice Booster website even tho I drive an ICE car...

  • darkdaw77
    darkdaw77Måned siden

    Model S Plaid will crush this thing

  • david claeys
    david claeysMåned siden

    This is Just Bs our country 12 billion euro. To reduce world temp we only 11 mil ppl starting price 143000 euro electric cars are Bs even the Nissan leaf 32000 euro its Bs and they charge of gas plants or Nuke plants

  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff HallMåned siden

    What a pain in the tail, taking all that crap with you. Not ready for that, but good info Timmy

  • C-WUN
    C-WUNMåned siden

    I like EVs. I like that you get exceptional performance, normally reserved for performance vehicles, in daily drivers. However, let's not kid ourselves that this is anything other than a Taycan with an Audi badge. I know there are differences but nothing that makes a real difference. The juice booster looks a good product but it's a shame it takes up such a large proportion of the boot space.

  • Ralph Edu-Ansah
    Ralph Edu-AnsahMåned siden

    Man we really appreciate your consistency and hard work but I won't be the only one who agrees you need a long rest. I can hear the effects of overbearing workload in Your voice

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon MatthewsMåned siden

    This will be a game changer as it is an iconic design & Audi have raised the bar again! Looks amazing! 👍

  • skierpage


    26 dager siden

    How is it "iconic"? It looks utterly generic from the side, like the Honda Accord coupe.

  • Alex
    AlexMåned siden

    Nice watch! ;)

  • Newton Cazzaro
    Newton CazzaroMåned siden

    Yikes, 1080p. 2021 people still not uploading in 4k lol

  • TEM
    TEMMåned siden


  • TheAnonymous One
    TheAnonymous OneMåned siden

    It's actually a very basic-looking car. They didn't even give it the latest n greatest in their headlight technology.

  • monkey slut
    monkey slutMåned siden

    In my opinion I wouldn't invest on an EV until they implement the solid state batteries

  • smikee
    smikeeMåned siden

    why is the juice booster any different to the supplied charger?

  • Atanas Daskalov
    Atanas DaskalovMåned siden

    no way audi change the Porsche:}

  • mathew bertenshaw
    mathew bertenshawMåned siden

    Is this a sneek peak of the shmuseam

  • Maxski
    MaxskiMåned siden

    Car is really nice but you're right about those horrendous wheels. Noticed those hideous things as soon as the video started.

  • Richard S
    Richard SMåned siden

    Hi Tim, you showed us the Juice Booster but never explained exactly what it does or the % charge after charging- can it charge more quickly than you would normally get from a home power socket or is this just a cable to allow home charging because Audi doesn’t provide one?

  • DocToxic TF2
    DocToxic TF2Måned siden

    As i know, this car has 2 electric motors, not 3.

  • Shaun _
    Shaun _Måned siden

    Sorry Tim, I did not managed to focus on the way of charging u show instead of a sneak peak of your museum

  • Thierry A
    Thierry AMåned siden

    Such an amazing car but shmee focuses 10 min on advertisement the juice booster, which has been promoted by every car yt already. Really sad and tbh not what I expect from shmee.

  • Terry Breedlove
    Terry BreedloveMåned siden

    Damn already how many miles did you put on the Porsche ?

  • Buddy Fritz
    Buddy FritzMåned siden

    My Tesla Model 3 LR will blow its doors off!

  • Oogie Padoogie
    Oogie PadoogieMåned siden

    Let’s just take a moment and appreciate that Tim daily wears a white dial ceramic Dayton. These things are through the roof in price at the moment. I’d be so paranoid traveling the world wearing that thing.

  • John Lougheed
    John LougheedMåned siden

    Overpriced golf carts.

  • Objective See
    Objective SeeMåned siden

    Terrible design. All the space taken up to create a long bonnet for an engine that doesn't exist has compromised the space for back seat passengers. Audi have lost the plot.

  • Zain Haider
    Zain HaiderMåned siden

    I wonder how long tyres last on an ev car compared to the average petrol car. and over the life of the cars how many tyres are used and what this means from energy usage.

  • Zain Haider
    Zain HaiderMåned siden

    Is that cable locked to the car when charging. I wouldn't want to charge it overnight and find that the cable has been stolen the following day. These cables are not cheap.

  • paulo-magum
    paulo-magumMåned siden

    Taycan every day over this nice car- Porsche is Porsche.......if you trade taycan for are imature and crazy

  • Aqua dero
    Aqua deroMåned siden

    "Look how simple this is" takes 5 minutes to explain it

  • SteveDrillit
    SteveDrillitMåned siden

    Will stick to RS7 as need the boot space and charging cables seem to fill it

  • trinisuprazee
    trinisuprazeeMåned siden

    drop the Taycan!

  • Dave Pyne
    Dave PyneMåned siden

    I think you politely avoided the question Tim but I think you prefer your Taycan. Thank you for being the first person on you tube to call out those wheels. Ever since Audi released official press shots I've not been able to understand this design of wheel on such a sports focused product. I think the great think about EVs as it's not about the top speed but how you get there and you can enjoy the acceleration of an EV without breaking the law. Personally if my numbers came up I'd go for the taycan cross turismo for driving fun and taking my family and hounds wherever I needed to go. Cant believe how much content you are putting out these days Tim and it's all quality too. Thanks

  • AidanM94
    AidanM94Måned siden

    Very cool to see you filming in my local area and driving roads I drive daily!

  • Sean
    SeanMåned siden

    Saw one on the A-Bahn today, at least it looked like it. I know it was an E car because no exhaust pipes...awesome looking car. Too bad it’s electric and not a bad azz V8, 10 or 12.

  • THE-mad -CYLIST
    THE-mad -CYLISTMåned siden

    SHMEE 150 I think this guy is loosing the plot Porsche and AUDI are the same CAR you already have this CAR

  • Its Fun
    Its FunMåned siden

    5% off really ?

  • Warren
    WarrenMåned siden

    These electric cars will be obsolete when lithium metal batteries make there way into electric cars

  • Kieran OPC
    Kieran OPCMåned siden

    Sorry EV just aint for me what so ever, the daily driver has to have a noisey exhaust let alone my other toys

  • William Roger Cummings
    William Roger CummingsMåned siden

    Very valueable information on the Juice Booster 2. I also appreciated the opportunity to get to know an EV daily driver from a respected brand.

  • 5280LFE
    5280LFEMåned siden

    Looks like a 4 door TT🤮🤮