A Day in My Life Managing a Car Collection!

It's not going to be long now until my cars are all living under one roof at The Shmuseum, but in the meantime it's an errand day with some updates on the cars, movements and more. The Shmuseum behind the scenes content is coming: noprojects.info

Getting started in the garage at home, we've got the Toyota GR Yaris which is soon to be heading for the next round of updates, and the BMW M3 Competition which I'm taking over to Duntbarn to check on some things. After my recent drive with the Ford GT, it has since been to Ford for an alignment and as such I was keen to get it back on the roads for a spin to see if things are correctly straightened out and I'm pleased to report they are.

Leaving the M3 there, next it's out with the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to bring it back home while collecting the Taycan Turbo S from Acton Coachworks who have carried out the slight repairs to the front and replaced the carbon after the recent mysterious mishap that took place in my absence while away.

Most excitingly, it's now only a month or so now until we can see The Shmuseum and I cannot wait! With the team that's involved in the project, we're going to be bringing you behind the scenes content building my dream garage and plenty more going forwards all on the dedicated channel, along with even more updates with the Shmeemobiles. noprojects.info

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:02 GR Yaris
01:35 BMW M3
02:29 M3 Drive Thoughts
04:00 Storage
04:27 Outside Lineup
05:15 AMG G63
05:27 Ford GT Update
07:43 McLaren Senna
08:50 718 GT4
10:04 Taycan Repair
11:32 Taycan Drive
15:28 Full Garage Update
18:01 Wrap Up

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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Måned siden

    It's an errand day with the Shmeemobiles but it's also not long now until The Shmsueum is happening! Behind the scenes updates, the build of my dream garage, and plenty more will be on the dedicated Shmuseum channel: noprojects.info



    Måned siden

    @Hellcat Dreamin Josh yes but he buyed a laferrari but it is not in the video 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    @VISHARAD JOSHI You're probably thinking of Savage Garage



    Måned siden

    Where is your laferrari

  • Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Måned siden

    Shmee150 Great Video I'm glad you had a day moving the Cars around and I can't wait to see the Shmuseum and I'm glad your Taycan Turbo S is fixed

  • Timborghini Tube

    Timborghini Tube

    Måned siden

    mannnn.... that 718 is real purdy! I've driven so far a Cayman 4S, just about every variation of Cayenne, and 2 different Panameras. I must say.... probably my fav vehicles I've driven so far. Also got to drive one of the very first RS Q8's to arrive in Canada like 5-6 months ago. Just took it from dealership to dealership for a company I was transporting for. Great videos! Great quality... I can't stop watching your Gemera video and staring at the perfect Carbon Fiber details

  • Agustin Cruz
    Agustin Cruz2 dager siden

    He’s the best I need some gear

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    Weird taste

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    I regonised you drove past Dansfield House in the Ford GT, and through Hurst in the Cayman

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    Philly Cheese23 dager siden

    What does this guy do for a living??

  • Affinity
    Affinity24 dager siden

    I'm a nobody to give you any advice or suggestions, but I think something cool to see in the Shmuseum would be a profile video for each car you own, sort of like a review but just a video about the car (specs), history of ownership (like when'd you get it, what you did with it, any cool stories with that car), and things of that nature. That'd be something cool to see

  • cameron dumsday
    cameron dumsday28 dager siden

    Where's he got all his money from for all these cars?

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    Habib Hussaini28 dager siden

    Rich peoples problem: "i wish i could be 2 persons at the same time so i could drive 2 of my cars simultaneously"

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    Douglas Brinkman29 dager siden

    my "car collection" consists on one chevy truck that i drive on a regular basis. it needs a good wash someday. and an oil change. and new trans fluid.

  • L4WNY
    L4WNYMåned siden

    The 30mph average speed camera's on the A40 don't work. 🤗

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    Gabriel BlancheMåned siden

    Is this dude the CEO of 10 companies like wtf lmao 😂

  • Gabriel Blanche
    Gabriel BlancheMåned siden

    This young lad has done very well for himself! God damn tf !!?

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    Do a video about the horrific depreciation u must be experiencing on your fleet as a whole

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    Great to see part of the collection. Also good to see how is your day

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    Man if I could live a day in Tim’s life 🙏🏽

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    Kyle FlemingMåned siden

    So this is the second video I have watched from Schmee, I have noticed that his microphone on his camera is really bad. He needs some sort of audio solution that has background noise cancellation and echo suppression. At first I thought it was my laptop speakers, then I checked the same video on my desktop speakers and now my headphones and they all sound pretty bad. Otherwise I really like the videos and have subbed because cars are cool and I wanna see more of them

  • Alex Dag
    Alex DagMåned siden

    thats why i dont have a Taycan , the screen doesnt work? thaaaanks i will keep my Toyota . 🤣

  • Jimmy, Making it work
    Jimmy, Making it workMåned siden

    “A duck could go paddling”.....rofl.

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    knowledge and gear channelMåned siden

    Please make a video on your whole car collection showing all of your cars

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    It really sucks that not one of your cars fit in a damn parking spot. Smh

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    Ratnakirti PaudelMåned siden

    First when you got in the taycan I got confused if you are in your old gtc4lusso but I dis not hear the v12 so I knew that it's the taycan and it's tycan or taycan.

  • Phila Ngundze
    Phila NgundzeMåned siden

    I can't help but be happy for this gentleman. He's must've put in some terrifying work to have this collection, I feel motivated.

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    There's a E46 m3 in the background? It would be a great addition to the garage!

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    Where has the SLS gone? Is it *still* having the sound system installed?!

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    Bigphils WheelsMåned siden

    Loved the video as usual, however I'm amazed how for some reason, when a Porsche has an electrical issue, it's just a glitch. But when it's a Mclaren or a JLR product, it's major quality issue, that gets scorned upon. Anyway, keep up the good work. Cheeeeers!

  • Steve B
    Steve BMåned siden

    I think Tim has reached that point that a lot of people do (myself included) where you have had enough of living in London. Looking forward to seeing the new garage.

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    Hi I'm new to this channel, how do u afford such an incredible garage? Cheers

    MARTY BRAZILLMåned siden

    Ford GT or Senna: If you could only own one, which would it be?

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    If you pay close attention at start of video, you can notice there is a BMW, behind that grill.

  • Private Person
    Private PersonMåned siden

    Who the fuck designs or passes measurements for the width of car park spaces? When all spaces are occupied it must be a magnet for supermarket knocks on expensive or inexpensive car doors.

  • THE-mad -CYLIST
    THE-mad -CYLISTMåned siden

    SHMEE 150 NEWS ive sold my BMW M3 competition as ive had it almost a week now , also Sold my Porches GTS that I bought last week as its got a few Miles on now and ive just bought the NEW Ferrari 812 ,, Ill be showing you the Build on the production line being done , but im already think of selling this car rather than Driver it What does my viewers thing please comment !!!!! on what I should do with my New ordered Ferrari SELL it

  • THE-mad -CYLIST
    THE-mad -CYLISTMåned siden

    SHMEE 150 NEWS ive sold my BMW M3 competition as ive had it almost a week now , also Sold my Porches GTS that I bought last week as its got a few Miles on now and ive just bought the NEW Ferrari 812 ,, Ill be showing you the Build on the production line being done , but im already think of selling this car rather than Driver it What does my viewers thing please comment !!!!! on what I should do with my New ordered Ferrari SELL it

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