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  • Adi
    Adi17 timer siden

    @shmee150 Watch ain't bad either 👍

  • Problematic Turner
    Problematic Turner18 timer siden

    I would keep it And sell the roadster

  • Sterling Marshel
    Sterling Marshel18 timer siden

    motor trend is the fake news as usual - SSC just showed up and ran fast - they DIDN'T control the reporting -- it will run over 300 soon

  • Yyaann
    Yyaann18 timer siden

    I'm sorry but I just hate that red one, still hurts till this day.

  • Ryan Calogero
    Ryan Calogero19 timer siden

    c8 is very out of place haha

  • Ryan Calogero
    Ryan Calogero19 timer siden

    Doesn't look remotely as good as the concept. From the most beautiful car I've ever seen to just another car that looks like any other car I've seen.

  • GamingwithADRIAN
    GamingwithADRIAN19 timer siden

    Who else came here after Logan’s new adventador?

  • onoyoudont
    onoyoudont19 timer siden

    Can you do some coverage on the highly anticipated 083 / hybrid / WTF / who really gives a sh.. anymore / now we can’t do anything without p..s..g off a blue haired activist with $200k never to be repaid student debt from a corporation calling itself an educational institution / Pista

  • Thomas Helgesen
    Thomas Helgesen19 timer siden

    Drag race, a car that weighs 1300 kg and does 0-60 in 2.7 sec against one that weighs 1900 kg and does 0-60 in 3.6 sec.. Seriously?

  • serz1885
    serz188520 timer siden

    just buying all cars who do same, sound loud drives quick in 30miles an hour zone, kinda stupid now

  • Forsaken Life
    Forsaken Life20 timer siden

    The yellow is over done.

  • Robert W
    Robert W20 timer siden

    Great car congradulations

  • Spiral Gaming
    Spiral Gaming21 time siden


  • BillY2KFRC
    BillY2KFRC21 time siden

    How much louder is the STO exhaust over the Evo RWD? Would you say the STO exhaust would be worth spec'ing on an Evo for $10k +? Or better to go aftermarket?

  • s ga
    s ga22 timer siden

    Thanks for posting. You did great job with your interview.

  • Kara Dale
    Kara Dale22 timer siden

    This is nothing compared to flying a fighter jet!

  • politicians and doctors are LIARS
    politicians and doctors are LIARS22 timer siden

    What is the point of these type of cars? Unusable in cities, horrendous to insure. So just very expensive toys.

  • Gordon Steen
    Gordon Steen23 timer siden

    Dont know what your doing getting rid of the best looking car you have. Really dont know what direction your headed but it certainly doesnt seem to be forward

  • Pfeen
    Pfeen23 timer siden

    The yellow on grey looks amazing on the STO, but on the front and back it should be bit more subtle imo

  • Anon Legit
    Anon LegitDag siden

    Lowkey the green ugly throw some red on that bad boy.... 🙌🏻💯

  • sNt
    sNtDag siden

    buy some RS6!

  • Daniel Sutton
    Daniel SuttonDag siden

    I want to know the cost of that STO 'key' to unlock the bodywork... bet it's AT LEAST three figures !

  • Mr. T
    Mr. TDag siden

    i want doug to review this

  • levelUp_
    levelUp_Dag siden

    Only slightly painful experience watching the use of that AC ecotricity machine

    SAVAGEDag siden

    The patterns en STO stickers make it look funky imo

  • John G
    John GDag siden

    zap map and ABRP apps will tell you what chargers are available. Shell are converting one of their petrol forecourts in Fulham to electric only right now so it should be ready any time soon. I cant charge at home, I'm in London with no driveway and I use 7kw BPPulse chargers on the street to recharge - 7.85 per month for all the juise I can use.

  • Peter Linde
    Peter LindeDag siden

    As an EV driver of quite some time now, I can say the following: 1: You can easily have an EV in the city, without being able to charge at night, but ONLY if your country has propper spaced super chargers and regular chargers. Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy all have enought coverage (in my opinion), and those are the only countries I have driven to atm. 2: If you can charge at night, then you have an amazing vehicle. I charge my Audi at night, at every morning its fully charged. I can reach almost all of Denmark without charging, and we have superchargers along the freeways, so no biggy.

  • Khaizuran K-Man
    Khaizuran K-ManDag siden

    I like this car and cannot wait for huracan STO to arrive at shmuseum

  • DG Bourdon
    DG BourdonDag siden

    What a tool! Not a fan of that colour combo, but I wouldn't say no! 😉

  • sf2372
    sf2372Dag siden

    Love it. cant wait to see yours

  • Shabab Saadman
    Shabab SaadmanDag siden

    This spec just makes me angry for some reason. Feels like sacrilege.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya SinghDag siden

    Love to see a v12 straight pipe Ferrari 812 GTS from Novitec or a SVJ

  • Circahh H
    Circahh HDag siden

    Not a fan of the scheme but each to their own

  • Adam Gold
    Adam GoldDag siden

    шык бермес шыгайбай дима

  • Ben Lewis Edwards
    Ben Lewis EdwardsDag siden

    Just don’t get the sticker pack on yours!

  • mufi4444
    mufi4444Dag siden

    Next one SL65 AMG?

  • Times Six
    Times SixDag siden

    Agree with what others said, thanks for mentioning the situation in SW Germany.

  • Atalay Ant
    Atalay AntDag siden

    Still no scissors doors for this model? Damn...

  • Pete Sam
    Pete SamDag siden

    Thanks for sharing. You just saved me a fortune not buying a Porsche EV and sticking with petrol.

  • Wilbur Mcbride
    Wilbur McbrideDag siden

    Is this New Emira a 4+4 like the former Evora or it's a 2 seater?

  • G0ddEity
    G0ddEityDag siden

    Sounds better than urus with ipe exhaust

  • Laith J.
    Laith J.Dag siden

    those stickers are awful

    MANVIT YADAVDag siden


  • William mitchell
    William mitchellDag siden

    The people in the Mazda weren't even looking

  • Anon Two
    Anon TwoDag siden

    I don’t know what ppl are complaining about I think it looks great 👍

  • Darren Coleman
    Darren ColemanDag siden

    The engine sounds amazing! I hope the sound system is optional. You don't want to waste money on that.

  • wilcoh3
    wilcoh3Dag siden

    I feel like he doesn’t love it and is underwhelmed with the final product.

  • Superhero Blends
    Superhero BlendsDag siden

    7 years… no product

  • WattPlays
    WattPlaysDag siden

    This is the true definition of peak performance! 💪🏼🔥

  • MEET 9612
    MEET 9612Dag siden

    Shmee you have very few BMW maybe you should have M5 cs

  • WattPlays
    WattPlaysDag siden

    I have been waiting for the moment! Congratulations Tim you deserve this. 🥳🥳

  • Lawrence Misheal
    Lawrence MishealDag siden

    The shmeemuseum already paying for it self with car companies able to safely and reliable leave their car with a very good reviewer!

  • Pavan Hegde
    Pavan HegdeDag siden

    Are you not allowed to take your GT8 to circuits in UK then? If they have strict sound regulation? Cuz it sounds so dramatic 😃

  • sarmand777
    sarmand777Dag siden

    It’s annoying, if not dangerous, how he’s distracted by every car that overtakes him.

  • Leomar Tacbobo
    Leomar TacboboDag siden

    is that a Styrofoam at 24:28?

  • footballcoreano
    footballcoreanoDag siden

    Oh i want to buy a new lamborghini huracan!

  • Sarimah Harun
    Sarimah HarunDag siden

    Hello guys Im ferrari...nice to meet you for today😀

  • 1 fine bull
    1 fine bullDag siden

    Ferrari seem to be keeping the general silhouette of the 458 italia with slight variations...

  • Dabid Moon
    Dabid MoonDag siden

    Tycans passenger door looks dented into the frame. Maybe it part of the design or the way the lights hitting it. Either way keep up the amazing videos. One day I’ll have a collection like this but all electric cars.

  • Captain Win
    Captain WinDag siden

    Me! Me! Me!

  • MadeByMark
    MadeByMarkDag siden

    Doesn’t lift switch to press engine start button, not once! BUT TWICE!!!!!! Triggered.